bad girls club atl

We gotta wait 2 weeks? -____-

Soooo we gotta wait two weeks for Rocky to get revenge on Alicia’s ass. After they had us wait for the last eight minutes of the past episode for a fight. ✋ Unacceptable oxygen. Unacceptable. But if Nancy is going to beat up Rocky for calling her ratchet and laughing then Valentina and Alicia should get messed up too. And why is Alicia all of a sudden jumping in and shit. And WHEN IS VALENTINA GOING HOME? I thought it was this episode so I got excited for nothing. And why is everyone afraid of her? Everyone in the house is bigger than her (except Stephanie). But I’m exited for next episode needless to say. Alicia is gonna get what’s coming for her.

Karma Powers…activated🌟💫

Bad Girls Club ATL

Idk episode five…..idk. I mean I’ve always been a fan of Paula and Stephanie. Those are my two main bitches hands down. Valentine cracks me up but she irks my damn nerves. She just had to be from the damn DMV smh. Alicia……yeah she irritates me too. Jenniffer was cool at first but I’m starting to think that bitch crazy for no damn reason like ummmm boo I need you to have a seat in the first row because you are doing too much. I’ve never been a Shannon fan. She got these creepy ass dudes on her nuts and she think she bad….umm no boo boo. And yeah she tries to act strong but when they were all yelling at her I’m sure she was about to cry. She could probably whoop some ass though, but I’m just not a fan. Rocky…..I"m torn. Like she came in the house rude and then ate the fucking hot pocket.

Okay yes it’s just a hot pocket but I understand why Jenn got upset. When I’m drunk, I’m very territorial over my food. Shit I’m territorial over food regardless. So if I had gone to change and come back to my food being eaten I would’ve went the fuck off too! BITCH YOU DON’T EAT A DRUNK PERSON’S FOOD!!! We wouldn’t have fought but I would’ve cussed her out and went about my business.

I think Alicia and Jenn overreacted to Rocky at the little party. I mean she was having fun. It is what it is. BTW did ya’ll see my boo Stephanie popping her miniature ass lmao. I was like HEEEEEEEY BOOOOO.

The whole Jerry thing. I don’t think Shannon was trying to set her up and I do think she was trying to be nice HOWEVER putting an extremely drunk girl in bed with an old creepy ass man who was all over your housemates, feeling on them, tryna kiss and lick and all that shit on them is a big no no. She should’ve told Jerry to get on the floor or go sleep on the couch while she slept with Rocky, not left Rocky in the bed with him. I think it boils down to his creepy factor and his creepy factor was like 100 so I can totally get why Rocky was upset and why Paula was upset cause it’s like he could’ve done anything to her. And Shannon claims she knows him, but come on…..HE WAS CREEPY AS SHIT! The only reason you know this man is cause he throws money at your ass. Bottom line is she tried to do the nice thing, which I applaud her for, but she went about it the wrong way. 

Sidenote, Jenn talking about she feel bad for Rocky, but bitch she wouldn’t have had to even sleep in Shannon’s bed if you hadn’t thrown hers in the pool.

Anyway, now the whole house is ganging up on shannon I guess. Like I said I’m only really here for Stephanie and Paula….possibly Rocky if she stop eating people shit lmao

BGC10 Season Finale👎👍👎👍

Soo this week wasn’t that interesting except for Alicia’s attempt to go out with a bang. But it was hilarious after Alicia left, Valentina was being sooooo nice to Rocky and Shannon. But this week was all tears and emotions. But on May 7th, woooo! Shannon is gonna give Valentina a beating of a lifetime. She is finally putting her man muscles to use and whopping ass! I also feel like Jenn is gonna be that girl who isn’t getting enough attention at the reunion so starts drama for no reason. In other words, repeat what she did while living in the house. Alicia is bringing a doctors note ??? 😂😂. Really? She just don’t want Rocky to beat her up again.

Alicia’s Everyday life:

“I’m gonna whoop this bitch’s ass.”
“Shit she saw me, never mind.”

-until 2 weeks from now 😑✌

Valentina vs. her personal problems aaaaagain

Sooooo Valentina finally made Alicia see her true colors praise!!🙏 Even though they been there all damn season, I think Alicia was tired of her busting a vein on what Shannon and Rocky do. But if you really look at it, Alicia and Valentina the biggest flip flopping hoes in the house. I mean Alicia has apologized to Shannon like twice but then again come at her with a pimp and ho comment. Valentina changes from person one to person two within a duration of five minutes. Anyways, Nancy is a ho but at least she owns it and Alicia ain’t dating Yoson. Sooooo who gives a fuck. But next week seems crazy though. Rocky vs. Alicia and Nancy. Oh wait…..they playing leapfrog?….OHHHHHHH my bad its just Valentina jumping in.

Deuces ✌👊🙅

New Chick Nancy!🙈

She seemed real cool once she first walked in. But then she seemed like a real follower. She only started disliking Rocky and Shannon because everyone else did. Also, I am tired of Alicia being two faced though. She over here talking bout, “I feel bad for Shannon.” But the bitch be the first one to talk about her in front of Valentina. You see she twisted Rocky’s words around when she asked her what she said to Nancy and reported it back to Valentina. Also, who gives a fuck of Rocky said Valentina be jumping people because SHE DO. Especially when it is not her fight. But Shannon do try extra hard to be nice to the other bitches. Like damn if Rocky is your main bitch don’t sit around and smile to the other girls faces. Especially after they bullied you and shit stop kissing ass. I can’t wait til next week though when Nancy steals Alicia’s prospective guy lol. Annnnnd please I want Shannon and Rocky to fuck Valentina up buuuut that may not happen because sometimes the sneak peeks hype us up more than the actual episode.


Alicia no...just no ✋

So this week was kind of blah. Except for the previews of next week. Rocky won both challenges, got mad at Shannon. Valentina threw the challenge to look “cool” I guess but he ended looking like a dumbass for throwing away her chance for $500 dollars. NOW! Alicia wanna bet Rocky’s ass, which is okay. But she caught Rocky off guard but still managed to get on the floor ?? What?? By the looks of it all Alicia did was pull hair get a couple swings then tumble to the floor. Anyways not much to say about this week though. More hype for the finale next week and it looks like they are gonna wait til the last 10-20 minutes of the show to do it. Then we gotta watch the reunion (hopefully 3 parts) as long as they don’t take forever to get to the reunion like last season. That was stupid.

-waiting til next week 😴