bad girls club 10

Bad Girls Club 10 Review 

At this point, I am so over this season and its nonsense drama. This show has influenced me a lot, good and bad. This season is just so wack and extra. I feel like they seem to neglect the true meaning of being a bad girl. There’s a difference between being bad and being a bully. Yes, obviously we already know. A bad girl is someone who truly learns from her mistake and pick up herself when she hits rock bottom. A bad girl is someone who doesn’t give two flying fucks about anybody talking shit about them. These are just some of the definitions from my point of view. These girls took the “bad” into another whole level of bullying, and that’s definitely not the definition of “bad” at all.

All the fights within this season are so stupid. From fights over eating each other’s hot pocket, to claiming each others talking shit, or even to fights over showing a little piece of underwear at the club. The fights became so dumb which made this season probably the worst season yet. So I’m gonna go into what I think about each of the girls currently in the show. 

Stephanie: I seriously don’t know why she’s still on the show. She is so irrelevant that it is kind of sad. Her confessions and opinions are so extra. She is probably the prettiest bad girl in the BGC history, beside Morgan from season 5. 

Alicia: All she has is her big mouth running around stating how she’s real and bad. Talking ain’t shit until you prove it. Her actions and words are lame as hell. She can’t handle her own fight for god sake. 

Paula: I actually have a little respect for this girl because she has her own voice, but she’s a big follower. After she fought Shannon, it was nice of her to realize that it was wrong and she did apologized, which is good. However, she has no self control and she follows everyone around. 

Shannon: I like her and I hate her at the same time. I don’t get her. She complains about how they’re always bullying her and she’s like 10000x stronger than most of the girls, yet, she can’t handle her own fight. She might be physically strong, but she is definitely mentally weak. 

Valentina: I don’t even know what to say about her. She needs to send her own ass into the mental hospital. I think she doesn’t realized that she’s possessed. 

Raquel: She might be the replacement, but she’s definitely running the house, which is kind of sad, because she’s a replacement for crying out loud. I give her props for handling her shit properly. True definition of a bad girl, even though she’s a little slut. 

Nancy: This bitch just needs to go back to Alabama and milk some cows, so fucking extra and mentally weak. 

I can’t believe I just wrote all of that …