bad girls 7

Full list of the Hamilton cast + their appearance on crime shows

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note: this isn’t all Law & Order though.

Renée Elise Goldsberry

Law & Order: SVU (as Martha Marron)

  • Season 14, Episode 11: Beautful Frame
  • Season 15, Episode 10: Psycho/Therapist
  • Season 15, Episode 20: Beast’s Obsession

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Murder Spree | A Warfstache Playlist

1.Rose-Colored Boy / Paramore 2. Bubblegum Bitch / Marina and the Diamonds 3. Alphabet Boy / Melanie Martinez 4. Young and Beautiful / Lana Del Rey 5. Control / Halsey 6. Party Poison / My Chemical Romance 7. Bad Girl / Avril Lavigne w/ Marilyn Manson 8. Let’s Kill Tonight / Panic! At the Disco 9. Million Dollar Bills/ Lorde 10. Money / That Poppy 

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Bad Girl Ch 7: Past and Future

This Chapter contains forced situations

“Come on little one,” Xiumin coos. “I just want to see you again, come on, just a little peek.”

“Get out right now,” Haneul yells.

“Babe calm down, I think you are over reacting,” Taemin tries to calm her but she pushes him away.

“Just go wait in the living room for a few minutes so I can find her without these guys around. I think they scared her last time.”

“Haneul,” Taemin starts but someone cuts him off.

“We can wait in the other room, whatever makes her more comfortable,” Tao’s warm voice rings in my ears.

“Thank you Tao, now if all of you could scram that would be great,” I’m so thankful for Hanuel as she literally kicks them out of the room. When she is sure that they are settled in the other room she squats down to find me. “How’s it going buttercup?”

“Are there any chances of me being able to get upstairs without them seeing me?” I whisper.

“If you book it you should be good,” She guesses casting the living room doorway a glance.

I nod and quickly scramble out from under the table and run with all of my might back toward the entry way to the stair case. I’ve never climbed stairs faster than that in my whole life. I’m standing in Haneul’s bedroom faster than I ever thought possible, my chest is heaving and I’m completely out of breath.

“That was actually pretty impressive,” Haneul whistles when she comes in five minutes later with a full of food in her hands. We move to the sitting area in the corner of the room and get comfortable in the large chairs. “So is the party the real reason you hid from them or is there something more?”

I sigh as I pick up my chop sticks, “As you said, our love stories are for a different time.” I don’t look at her once the words are out of my mouth.

“So it is you,” She hums. “The girl Yixing would tell me about, his baby.”

“I’m a completely different person from that girl.”

She snickers but doesn’t say anything for a little while. We eat in silence, my hands are shaking at the thought of them down stairs right now, so close. I think about the three younger, are Sehun and Kai here too? I wonder how they are doing, I almost ask Haneul about them when she finally begins speaking again.

“I was a waitress at a bar Yixing and his friends would frequent. They brought Taemin in one time and we started arguing and I called him Princess and things got pretty bad there for a while. After a good amount of time of arguing and fighting one thing lead to another and I saw a side to him that many people don’t even know about. It explained so much for me, why he was such a hard ass usually and I kind of loved him after that. I know it isn’t the best love story but look where it got me, I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. Now your turn.”

I stare at her for a moment, “That wasn’t what I was expecting. That is a lot nicer,” I admit.

She chuckles, “I mean I did leave out all of the sex, drugs, and drunken calls. Not to mention all the fights after we got together, that was a hot mess.”

“I know a lot about hot messes. To keep my story down to a sentence: I entered a relationship with twelve men, Taemin’s cousins, we lived together for about nine or ten months but they abandoned me and now I’m with the love of my life Jiyong.”

“All twelve?” Her jaw drops.

I nod, “All twelve, and it was as difficult managing them as you would imagine.”

She hums, “I’m kind of jealous, they are pretty hot. What do you mean they abandoned you?”

“I was kidnapped and they didn’t even try to save me, that was at the time they left for America.”

“Do you want me to beat them up? What fucking assholes!” Haneul is on her feet and I can see her considering running for the door but I grab her hand to stop her.

“I’m done with them, or at least I’m trying to be, they just won’t give it up though.”

“I thought Taemin and I had an interesting meeting but you definitely take the cake girly. But when you were with them, did you ever think about what your future with them would be?”

“Death. I honestly thought that I would die, there were so many times where I thought this could be my last day or my last moment. Is planning for the summer hoping for too much? But I couldn’t get myself to leave them, I really loved them, so much it hurt.”

“Did they ever mention anything about the future?”

I sigh as a small smile spreads across my face at the sad memory, “On Sehun’s birthday he asked me if I wanted kids and I told him yes, I wanted four. He then told me that as long as one out of four were his, he didn’t care.”

“Have you and Jiyong had the baby conversation?”

That makes me full on grin, “Yes we have, he wants more than four, he wants how ever many we can make.”

“You are happy with him?”

“Yes, as heart broken as I was when they left me, I’m happy they did. I’m where I am right now because of them.”

“So you aren’t a copy,” She hums to herself.

“A copy?”

She shakes her head and gives me a smile, “Nothing, nothing.”

“I have to use the restroom,” I hop to my feet.

“This one isn’t working, you are going to have to use the one down the hall.”

I nod and head out of the room down the hall. It is easy to find I slip inside and lock the door. After my business is done I take a deep breath and look at myself in the mirror. I feel like I’ve aged 100 years in just an hour. My mind goes to Haneul in the other room, I wonder what she is going to do with this new information I gave her. She is close with Lay, will she take his side in all of this? I push those thoughts out of my head and leave the bathroom. Just as I shut the door and begin to walk I run into someone and my heart stops.

Pale hands grab my shoulders and hold me to his body, “My baby,” He murmurs softly into my hair.

“Let go of me!” I push out of his grip and back up into a tan man’s embrace.

“Don’t scare her Sehun, we have to be gentle with her, remember?” Kai scolds the younger playfully.

“I’m sorry Hyung, I’ll be nicer, just let me hold her a little longer,” Sehun comes closer to take me back but stops when I begin struggling in the others grip. Kai easily controls me, his hands hold mine and warp them around me with his own, locking me in my own embrace.

“How have you been my baby? I’ve missed you so much,” He purrs in my ear, he begins placing kisses down my neck.

“I am not your baby!” I scream and try my hardest to break away but he’s just to strong. “Let go of me! Haneul! Haneul!”

Kai chuckles, “Noona went down stairs, you are stuck with us for now.”

Sehun comes closer again cupping my face in his hands, making me look up at him, “So beautiful, you are just so beautiful, I don’t know how I’ve gone over a year without seeing this face. My whole heart shattered, my poor baby.”

I open my mouth to scream again allowing him access to my mouth which he quickly abuses. His tongue tastes every inch of my cavern like he never has before, like it’s a drug that he has been aching for. For a dumbstruck moment I let him explore my mouth again, enjoying his familiar taste and experienced tongue but than I remember what is really going on and bite down on his tongue making him pull a way with a whine.

“I guess there is a difference, this one has teeth,” Sehun snickers.

Kai grins as I continue to shake, “But how about the taste brother, does she taste the same?”

“Exactly the same,” Sehun groans as he closes his eyes and licks his lips. Kai tries to twist me around, it gives me an opening that I quickly take and kick him right in the crotch. He lets me go for just a moment, sadly not enough time for me to get away. His hand catches my wrist and the next thing I know I’m being pinned against the wall with Kai grinding against me.

“I want to taste,” He purrs into my ear as he moves lower to my jaw line.

I whimper, “Kai please stop, please.”

Another whisper escapes my lips as he grinds against me just right, “I love when you beg for me.” His lips finally find my lips. “You don’t know what you do to me. This face, this pretty little face destroys me more than you will ever know. I feel like my heart is getting ripped out every single time I remember you aren’t here, you aren’t my baby, you are just her shell.”

His words do the same to me, is he blaming me for all of this? Is he really saying I was nothing before I was his baby? Is my little side all that exists in this shell? No matter how hard I try to deny his advances I’m completely helpless. I feel disgusting. Why are they doing this to me? His tongue is in my mouth and like Sehun’s it has the same desperation. For a brief minute I consider just giving up and giving in to his familiar pleasurable touches but a picture of Jiyong pops into my head.

What am I doing? How could I let something like this happen?

“Get away from me!” I scream the moment he pulls away for air. I use all of my strength to push him away and I’m actually able to. My chest is heaving, tears are now streaming down my face and my heart is shattered once again. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I scream, “I told you! I am not your fucking baby! I am completely different from that little girl, I am not weak, I will not sit there and take whatever comes out of your fucking mouth! That little girl you all love so much is dead! She died the moment you abandoned her and left her to die, so don’t stand there looking hurt when she is the only victim.”

I push pass Sehun and run down the hall to the stairs. It is hard to see through the tears clouding my view causing me to trip on the stairs and send my flying down the last few. My body tenses, ready for anything, nothing can feel as bad as my chest does right now. A blow to the head might actually make things better at this point, make me forget all the hell I’ve been through. But of course my wish is not granted in fact it is rubbed in my face for making such a stupid suggestion.

Someone catches me.

“Well look what we have here, a little kitten just fell into my arms,” Baekhyun muses happily.

The taller of the two looks completely dumbstruck at the sight of me, his jaw drops, “She looks so much like-“ Chanyeol starts but Baekhyun cuts him off.

“I know, we all know. But looks like someone was having a little rough fun with our younger brothers, how unfair! I know Xiumin hyung would be very jealous. I’m even a little jealous, I want to play,” His grip on me tightens when I begin to squirm. “But my playing won’t be as gentle as theirs, how about we take a trip? To our place? I have a lovely room in our home that I’ve been dying to show you, maybe you’ve heard of it, it’s called the dungeon.”

“No, no, no, Baekhyun let me go!” I scream, why can’t Haneul hear me?

“You aren’t going anywhere. You don’t know what you are doing to my family with this pretty face of yours, I have to pay back all the pain you’ve been causing us. It only seems fair, right Chanyeol?” He looks to the younger for some kind of support but the other shakes his head.

“I don’t know if I can do it Hyung, with those eyes staring at me, I can’t.”

“Than how about I take those out first, huh? Would that make things better?”

“Hyung! Put her down!” Sehun demands as he comes down the stairs with Kai behind him.

“Don’t tell me you fell for this fake,” Baekhyun snickers.

Kai shakes his head, “I just know I can’t hurt her.”

“Why not? She isn’t our baby! She is some disgusting Jiyong dressed up, she is nothing. She is just a face. A face I would happily skin and give to you.”

“It would be therapeutic, sort of,” Chanyeol suggests, I look at him with disgust but he wouldn’t even look in my direction anymore.

“That’s right think of it as therapy! We are relieving all our built up stress, not mention the thought that if we get rid of her, Jiyong can’t have her either. It’s a win win.”

I kick at them, “You guys are sick! Get your hand off me! I’m getting out of her!”

“Oh no baby, the only place you are going is the dungeon so prepare yourself. Also think of a few sappy things to tell your husband. Nothing is more fun than giving the love of your life a video to watch later on to relive it again and again. I told you I was showing you your future that night, are you ready for it?”


Our overall view on this album is that it lacks cohesiveness, it often contradicts Fifth Harmony’s feminist views, the solo distribution is disgusting in many of the songs and Camila’s screechy voice is very prevalent. All in all, I was expecting so much better. Oh well. Overall this album gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 stars). 

TRACK 1: That’s My Girl

L - A catchy, upbeat song, not my favourite but amazing that it’s on the Rio Olympics ad. 4/10

V - Very upbeat, I like the whole message. Not much I can say about this song other than its one of my favorites. 8/10

TRACK 2: Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

L - Why does Camila over do her runs in every live performance? I skip this every time I hear it.. not great. It’s repetitive and boring. The music video is fire tho. 3/10

V - So overplayed. But definitely a step up from worth it. 5/10.

TRACK 3: The Life

L - An okay song but don’t make it a single! Camila sings basically every verse in this song, so it sucks overall. Lyrically, it’s okay. 2/10

V - Very underrated. Only people with high intelligence would understand this song, overlooking the fact that Camila leads, 15/10.

TRACK 4: Write On Me

L - I liked this song when I first heard it but really? Camila acted like this was lyrically the strongest song on the album when in reality, I have no idea why I’d want someone to write on me. The music video was very pretty and visually appealing, nothing special tho. 2/10

V - Cute song, but boring and makes no sense. It has a shitty metaphor, or wasn’t delivered properly. -10/10.

TRACK 5: I Lied

L - Everything about this song is pretty amazing. MAKE IT A SINGLE PLEASE. 10/10

V - Normani did a high note. Enough said. 20/10.

TRACK 6: All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap 

L - I liked the live performance at the BBMA’s of this song and I’m happy that it’s lead by Dinah, but it’s nothing special or outstanding. 6/10

V - This song is shit without fetty wap. Lauren saves it with the pre chorus. 9/10.

TRACK 7: Squeeze

L - I love the message of this song, it’s catchy and cute, but every time I hear the word “squeeze” I cant help but feel like theyre talking about squeezing (choking) me to death, lol. 9/10

V - Okay. Its average, nothing special but I kind of liked it. 7/10.

TRACK 8: Gonna Get Better

L - Beautiful song, well done fifth harmony! And Ally slayed on this track. 11/10

V - I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Not bad. Dinah lifted this song up to the heavens after effortlessly singing her high note at the end. 10/10.

TRACK 9: Scared Of Happy

L - The beat in the song is lit, but the message of the song is dumb, lol, lyrically it makes 0 sense. 3/10

V - This song makes no sense. How the fuck can you be scared of happy??? Next. -10/10.

TRACK 10: Not That Kinda Girl ft. Missy Elliot

L - This track sucks. 0/10

V - This is the slightly better version of “NO” except it sucks because it slut shames. Even the title suggests the misogynistic phrase “Not like the other girls” like bitch please. -100/10.

TRACK 11: Dope

L - Probably one of the best songs on this album, in my opinion. I don’t know what else to say but this song is pretty fucking dope. (pun intended) 10/10

V - Best song off of this god forsaken album. My ears healed hearing this after all the other songs. The chorus is fucking everything. 100/10.

TRACK 12: No Way

L - I vibed quite well with this song and I don’t skip it. Lyrically it is good, the tune is okay, but I can’t see this song getting big.. 8/10

V - Couldn’t find myself getting into it, sorry. 2/10.

TRACK 13: Worth It - No Rap

L - So they obviously wanted to revel in their most successful song and were unable to let it go. I feel as if including Worth It on their new album was a sign of weakness, perhaps an indication that they thought that their new songs wouldn’t reach the success that Worth It attained. -1/10

V - Can’t believe the girls had the DISRESPECT to bring this repetitive ass song and its horrible ass memories along with it. -20/10.

BONUS TRACK: 1000 Hands

This song should have definitely been on the actual album. Lyrically very good although I dont get why’d you want 1000 hands on you…. 

BONUS TRACK: Big Bad Wolf 

Again, should have been on the album, although it’s slightly misogynistic and cringe worthy. A catchy tune, nonetheless.

Wanted - Jungkook scenario (angst/fluffy/slight smut) - PART 2

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A/N: Send me your thoughts on this! Thank youuu ^^

: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2752

Nails dig into his back as he went harder, faster. His ears were filled with loud moaning of his name. He just wanted to hear her voice shouting his name, moans escaping her lips.
Bed creaking, bed’s headboard slamming against the wall.

Last trust and she came. He pressed his lips against hers for last time. He kept breathing heavy, looking at her eyes and finally moves himself off her and lays next to her, sheet covering his lower body… She smiled, laying on his chest with Jungkook’s arm around her.

“Jungkook you’re just fucking amazing.” She bit her lip looking up at him
He smiled
“Oh I know” he moved, coming on top of her again, leaving kisses on her neck, she chuckles, putting her hands on his chest.
“I need to get home.” Jungkook stares at her for a moment
“Right” he nods his head getting off

She stood up, outing on her stuff.
“When you want to meet up again?” Jungkook puts his hands behind his head
“I will be busy for few days”
“And what is that?” he raises an eyebrow
“School. I’m sorry” she throws her T-shirt over her head
“Okay.” He simply said
“Did you do anything fun when I went home?”
“At the party? Nah”
“Just kept thinking about fucking you when I get away from the party” he added
She smiled
“And you got your wish… Bye Jungkook” she kisses his cheek and walks out of his room

Jungkook took his phone, looking at the clock it was 3AM.
“Good night baby” his girlfriend sent him a text. He just ignores it, throwing his phone and falling asleep.

“What are you going to do with a fact you fucked another girl?” Taehyung asked Jungkook
“Maybe like a second choice?” he looks to the side at him
Taehyung goes shook by his words.
“You never done that”
“I think Y/N won’t be easy, you know?” Jungkook said noticing you walking into the classroom
“I think you need to talk to her” Taehyung whispers and taps is shoulder

You sat down, just feeling weird, like lot of attention is on you.
You could feel eyes staring at you from the back.
“Not even a look?” Jungkook leans forwards, his palm resting on side of his cheek as he kept looking at you.
You didn’t turn around or said anything. You just wanted to be alone. You know what you done yesterday. Yeah it felt good, actually amazing, but still you feel guilty. Like as if you were just a one night stand to him, but not fully on that term.
It just didn’t felt right. You know he’s a fuckboy. One and only thing you don’t want to be is a toy. Side chick.

Jungkook leans back as he notices you won’t even move. His head turns towards Taehyung and Jimin.
They just raised their shoulders.

Bell went off. Again, quickly you took your stuff
“Miss Y/N. Can you please stay for a minute?” your teacher asked and you nod your head, walking up to her.

Jungkook looked up and down at you and walked out.
“Coming?” Jimin asked
“I’ll catch up. Maybe miss a class” Jungkook smiled and stood by the door

“So can you please work harder. I know you can do that. Your grades are bit low.” Your teacher explains
“Yeah, I guess I’ll try” you nod your head
“You are free to go now”
“Thanks, bye” you said and walked out

You kept on walking, didn’t even notice Jungkook who was standing near the door.
He rushes up to catch you.
“So Y/N.” he said
“What do you want?” you look up
“Damn the attitude of yours. It’s actually sexy” he smiled
“Can you please leave me alone?” you stop and he stands in front of you
He leans in, closer to you.
“After yesterday, I don’t think I can” he whispered
“You. Have a girlfriend”
“DO you think she means anything to me?”
“You are using her. You will use me.” You simply said and started to walk way.

Strong grip pulls you back.
“But I bet you used to imagine me fucking you. Now that I did, you try to be all strong, but you are weak as soon as I touch you” he smirks and let’s go of you
“Say what you want, but we know that is true baby.” He smiled and walked away

You almost punched yourself in the face, how you hated, but loved the way he speaks. What he says.
You roll your eyes, turning around Taehyung and you bump into each other.
Taehyung looks at your eyes and lips, looking back to your eyes he steps back.
“Sorry. My fault.” He had a smile on his face
“It’s fine” you smile
“And yeah sorry about something the other day. The way I acted.” He rubs back of his neck
“Why sudden all the apologies? It’s fine Taehyung” you laugh and tap his shoulder walking pass him

As you walked away, it was something that just told you to turn around. At the same time Taehyung and you turn around, looking at each other. He smirks and turns his head, walking away.
“Fuck.” You said to yourself

Rose runs up to you being very excited.
“Y/N. Y/N!” she shouts
“What’s up with you girl?” you laughed
“Sooo… We aree gonna hang out at Troy’s place”
“I don’t wanna be a third wheel. Like I feel awkward-“
“Noo not just you, Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook” she points out Jungkook’s name with a smile on her face
“Don’t smile like that. It’s creepy” you laughed
“Soo what’s happening with Jungkook now?” Rose and you walked together
“Nothing. He has a girlfriend” you sigh
“Honestly. I think what happened yesterday was I don’t even know. But like I don’t want you to get attached more and more to him. You know he is a player.” Rose looks at you with a serious expression on her face. You nod your head in agreement.
“Even it felt good, still it’s a dangerous game” you said

You stop walking, Rose looks at you.
“I have an idea” you smiled biting your lip
“What is the idea?” Rose smiles
“Since Jungkook’s all over me. Wanting me again and such. Why not make it harder for him?”
“Y/N you want to be a bad girll… Uuuu” Rose smiled widely

On lunch break. Taehyung and you been locking eyes, smiling at each other.
Jungkook noticed how you don’t look at him that much. How your eyes are falling on Taehyung all the time.
He wasn’t that much bothered with it. But still he felt like something is wrong.

Let the game begin.

You stood up, you smiled walking pass him and his crew towards the library.
Bell went off and his girl goes to class, but he follows you. Trying to find you. In the huge library he notices you looking around the shelfs for books. Not much people were in here.

You look up to see him. Your heart skip a beat and you walk down. Still searching for book you’re looking for. Jungkook kept on following you. He kept staring up and down at you.
“Y/N stop running away” he thought as if you’re driving him crazy
You turn around and smile, turning to a section where your book was at. You walk all the way down, feeling nervous. On the end was a wall, with no way to turn or walk away.
You turn around standing between tall and wide books shelfs, Jungkook stood there. He bit his lip and walked up to you.
You stared as he stood in front of you, his body close to yours..
“Are you playing hard to get?” he laughs quietly
“Why did you follow me?” you raise an eyebrow
“Because of this” Jungkook said, pushing you against the wall. Crashing his lips against yours, his hands on your hips pulling you closer to his body.

You smile under the kiss, and kiss back more passionately. He licks your bottom lip for permission, within a second you let him in. His tongue explored your mouth.
You wanted more and more as you felt his lips are so amazing. How his hands slowly move up and down your body.
His hand slowly goes down, he starts to unbutton your pants, but you put your hand on his and he pulls away looking at you in confusion.
“We’re in school” you whisper
“So what?” he pressed his lips against your neck
You wanted, but you can’t. You put your hands on his chest and move him away.
Jungkook stares at you, like he’s getting pissed off.
“Fine.” He finally spoke and puts his hands in the air, stepping away
“Jungkook you need to-“
“You don’t have to say anything.” He cuts you off
“Why don’t you try building a friendship?” he looks up in shock at you
“Are you serious right now?” he laughs pointing at you
“That’s a good one” he added smiling
“If only girls knew how weak actually you are” you said and walked pass him
“You said what?!” he followed you quickly
“SHHHHHH” some girl said and looks away rolling her eyes
“I am talking to you Y/N.” Jungkook grabs your arm
“You heard me.” You look up and down at him and move your arm from his hold and walk away.
“SHHHHH” again same girl said
“OH SHHHH you” Jungkook looks at her and shuts the library door.

— Later that day —

You were laying on Troy’s couch in his living room. Casually being on your phone.
You get a text from unknown number.

Unknown number, 7:08PM: Hey Y/N.
Unknown number, 7:08PM: You are probably wondering who is this. It’s Taehyung. Yea I asked Rose for it.
Unknown number, 7:09PM: I don’t want you to think I am like Jungkook. So probably by this you can tell I like you. I don’t know how, but you’re too damn beautiful.

Your heartbeat was fast, you smiled.

You, 7:09PM: I like you too. Somethin bout you is just making me feel this way. But I don’t know you that well and that fucks me up.

You add Taehyung’s number to your contact list.

Tae, 7:10PM: You look so innocent and I know you’re not and that gets me weak asf.
You, 7:10PM: You know that hm?

Taehyung bit his lip and smiled reading your message.
“Tae let’s go!” Jungkook said taking his phone and putting it in his pocket
“Yeah, just a second” he said looking back at his phone

Tae, 7:12PM: Such a bad girl you are.
You, 7:12PM: You are also bad boy Tae.

“Taehyung I swear to God if you don’t come right now, I am not gonna let you in my car” Jungkook said one more time. Taehyung looks up at him. Turning his phone off and walking off with Jungkook to his car.
“Need to pick up Jimin” Taehyung said
“I know. Who are you texting that much that you can’t even do anything?” Jungkook looks at him
“Nobody.” Taehyung smiled and Jungkook starts his car

You bit your lip just thinking about Taehyung. He’s just too perfect for this. Jungkook’s friend. All you needed was him.
But you don’t want to seem like an liar, but you have to play for a while just to see if Jungkook will do anything or even try.

“We in da HOUSE!” Jimin shouts laughing
“Whats good everybody!” Rose smiled and stood up
You smiled widely
“Hi” you said
“Hey Y/N” Jimin walks over to you and awkwardly goes for a hug, you just wanted to tap his shoulder.
“Oh s-sorry” he said and two of you laugh and you just simply wrap your arms around him and give him a short hug
“Whoah Jimin, hugging Y/N?” Troy smiled
“Just a friend hug” Jimin runs his fingers through his hair and sits down

Jungkook and you just look at each other. You did same with Taehyung.
You were sitting on big couch, in the corner, with Rose and Troy next to you. On the right side Jimin and Taehyung sat together and in an arm chair was Jungkook.

“Y/N come and help me with the drinks” Troy said
You stood up and walked away with Troy.
Taehyung and Jungkook kept observing you from the back.
“So… I wanted to ask you something Jungkook” Rose leans back on the couch, lifting her feet up on the couch.
Jungkook raises his eyebrows, his palm resting under his chin.
“If you didn’t have you girlfriend. Would you be with Y/N?”
“What kind of question is that?” he laughs
“So that is a yes. But why?”
“Why would I be with her? Because she’s fucking hot”
“Ah right… Don’t you know if you only think about that, you’ll never have her” Rose looks at him
“She would fall for me” Jungkook said
“Don’t think that high” she smiled

Troy and you walk in and leave the drinks on the coffee table.
“Cheers” Troy said and all of you lift your glasses in the air and drink

As time passed, you didn’t even bother looking a Jungkook, even thinking he’s in the room.
You had to play strong, but sexy. So it kills him.

Tae, 8:49PM: Why you do this to me?

You look up at Taehyung and he was just looking at you.

You, 8:49PM: What am I doing to you?
Tae, 8:50PM: Just, everything about you turns me on.
Tae, 8:50PM: I will gladly slam you against the wall and make out with you.

You smiled. He smiled licking his lips and then looks away.
Jungkook noticed how two of you keep looking at each other. All this time he was thinking what you said today to him. He was still pissed off about that and now two of you are flirting and sharing looks. It was slowly pissing him off.

“Let’s play video games” Troy said
“To thee GAME ROOM” he stands up

Game room looked very similar to living room, just that it has a huge flat screen TV.
All of you sat around. Taehyung this time find his way and sat next to you.
Jungkook looks to the side and sighs looking away.
Feeling of your skin was locked into his head, your touch and lips. Lips who kissed his like that they are made just for him.
It was just those 7 minutes. 7 fucking minutes did this to him.
Your body was like summer, any guy would want someone like you. Just the same he wants you.

He wants to hear your voice again. You moaning, moaning his name. Grabbing and digging your nails into his back, arms.
He wants to feel that pleasure again with you.

It was just a feeling this strong addiction towards you. He couldn’t get you out of his head.

“I gotta go.” Jungkook said
“What?! Already? Like you only got here” Troy said
“Yeah stay man” Jimin spoke
“Need to clear my head. Bye guys” he said and walked out
“Is there something wrong?” Rose asked looking at Jimin and Taehyung
“He didn’t tell us anything” Taehyung raised his shoulders

“OH great now we have to walk home” Jimin throws his hands in the air
Rose and Troy laugh following him

Taehyung and you walked together.
“Which way you going?” he asked
“Jimin and I are going same way. Let’s walk together” he smiled
Smiling you nod your head. You hug Rose and Troy and three of you walk down the street.
“I can’t fucking believe he left. I’ll kill him” Jimin kept bragging about Jungkook and him leaving so early

“I swear to God I am calling a taxi right now. You can walk if you want. But I want to get home early” Jimin said taking his phone out, calling a taxi to pick him up
“I’ll take Y/N home, since it’s really late” Taehyung said
“Okay, see you both tomorrow” Jimin smiled and waved
“Yeah, taxi? PLEASE get here as fast you can” he spoke as the driver answered

You laughed at him and kept on walking.
“Well this is my house” you smiled turning towards Taehyung.
“Nice house” he smiled
Taehyung stepped closer to you, his hand on your cheek, he leans forwards closing a gap between you two.
“Goodnight.” He said kissing your cheek and leaves.


Unknown number, 4:34AM: Why am I even doing this?


BGC Girls Natalie, Sarah, and Judi remake Beyonce’s 7/11


[Preview 따끈 예고] 20170603 Bad Thief Good Thief 도둑놈 도둑님 - EP.7