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Coming Soon : TD Fandom Bad Girls Club All-Stars Battle! Featuring all your favorites like Chef Hatchet, anti total drama populars, autistic dawn, TD Fandom Advice, zoey bloody luv, and many more! See them fight it out with drama like Character's Sexuality, Down With Cis, Ship Shaming, Defacing Art, Trans Erasure,Fresh and many more! Tears will be shed, shitstorms will happen, followers will be lost! Syndicate by TD Blogs of Tumblr. Soundtrack provided by Phoebe and the Heterophobes. Stay tuned!

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i’m done with BGC/Oxygen/Bunim-Murray

idk if anyone will read this because i don’t usually blog and don’t really have followers, but i really need to get this off of my chest. i have watched every season of bad girls club, love game, and bad girls all star battle. i have been a huge fan for over five years. however, i started to get annoyed with it after season 10 with the jumping and the cattiness, and last night’s episode was the last straw. yes, people have thrown girl’s stuff outside before, yes mattresses and pictures have been removed. however, Rocky said on twitter that producers only allowed this when the girls were in the house. so, for them to let girls not only throw their stuff out, but pee on it, pour water, food, and paint on it, all while clerminah was gone and have no way to defend themselves or their belongings.  i don’t even particularly like them, but no one deserves that to happen to them. in addition, it is hella sketchy how they got the paint. i think producers played some role in it, possibly giving them the paint. in addition, none of the girls seemed like they really wanted to do it expect for Wannabe Judi. another thing is they showed so little of what actually happened. they hyped up this fight since episode one, but the actual fight was like five minutes. there were many parts from the trailer they excluded- one of the twins with a knife, talking to the police, and more damaged stuff. they only showed a tiny bit of what was really damaged- and when i saw some of the parts not shown on twitter and instagram (you can see them @bgctea) i literally got chills. and if that wasn’t enough, the producers defend the four who did this, but do nothing to help clerminah, and kick them out for simply yelling at the four, and then ban the twins from the reunion. in addition, they don’t reimburse them for the tens of thousands of dollars of possessions damaged. after this episode, i will not be watching bad girls club anymore, and i hope other people do the same. i hope clerminah sues them and that bgc gets cancelled. the seasons have gotten whacker and whacker after ten,  but this takes the cake. i am sickened.