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Pairing: Avengers X Reader

Prompt: Could you do a story where you have to babysit a niece/nephew and the avengers think the kid is yours and either they are all adorable buying things teaching things or jealous on who the dad is. That would be amazing. If not that’s cool too

Warning: Nasty diapers




He was crying again, that seemed to be the only thing that this child ever did. Honestly, you had no idea how your brother dealt with him all the time.

Of course, you loved your nephew dearly, however, you could only take so much crying before your head threatened to explode.

Remember his binky.

You recalled your brother telling you that bit of advice, among other things, as he handed the child over to you hours ago. At the time you weren’t all that worried because he was asleep in your arms, but now…well, let’s just say that you were slowly loosing your sanity.

Digging through the diaper bag, you pulled out his blue and pink stripped binky and popped it in his mouth, silencing him.

“What was that horrid noise?” You heard Tony say as he, along with the rest of the team, entered the common room where you had dumped all of your stuff for the moment.

You yourself had within the hour gotten back to the tower with the baby after your brother and his wife were dropped off at the airport for their trip. The team had been on a small-scale mission, one that they didn’t need you for, and they looked beat. But, their frowns turned upside down when they saw the baby.

Well, most of them at least.

Pretty much everyone crowded around you and gazed at the child with wide, playful eyes as they made faces at him. Tony didn’t seem to be interested in the baby all that much, not really his thing.

“What is the baby’s name?” Wanda cooed, stroking his hair with her polished black fingertips.

“Kenji.” You responded, holding the baby out to her and making her crimson eyes go wide.

“I…I can hold him?” She asked, curling her fingers around his armpits and holding him into he air, but still an arm’s distance away.

“Aw, look at him!” Pietro grinned over his sister’s shoulder, making silly faces at Kenji and making him giggle. “He is so cute, just like Y/N!”

You chuckled and stood up from the couch (something that you hadn’t been able to do in the past forty minutes) and stretched your back and arms while Kenji was in the other Avenger’s hands.

“Is anyone going to ask who the daddy is?” Tony grunted, coming up behind you and looking at the baby with cautious eyes.

“LADY Y/N, WHO DID YOU CREATE THIS CHILD WITH?” Thor asked in response to Tony’s comment, scooping the baby up in his arms and twirling him around.

A rosy red blush crawled up your cheeks. “Well, Kenji isn’t–”

“What is he doing?” Nat asked, inching her head away from the baby as he began to make faces. She looked around frantically. “Clint!

“What?” He answered, confused.

“The kid is…he is stinky.” She moaned, knowing full well that the issue rested in his diaper. “You’re a dad, fix it!”

Clint let out a chuckle and took the now-crying child from her arms as you snatched a fresh diaper and the rest of the needed supplies from the diaper bag.

Clint set him on the floor over a towel as you handed him the supplies, you figured that you might as well leave the baby stuff to the professional.

Pietro went pale, Nat turned around, Steve hid the view with his shield, and you swore that you saw Bruce’s face go green (and it wasn’t the “other guy” causing it).

“Forget what I said earlier, that baby isn’t cute. Not at all.” Pietro gagged at the sight of the soiled diaper. “Babies are disgusting.”

You rolled your eyes and tried to help Clint out with the diaper, but you found yourself even beginning to feel sick. Whatever came out of the baby was straight up vile.

Once the horrid scene was covered up and disposed of (by Clint mostly), everyone looked a bit shaken. You would take a mission any day over that.

“What I as going to say before,” You began, rubbing your temples with your fingers. “was that Kenji isn’t my kid, he’s my brother’s. I am just watching him for the week.”

“We have to go through a week of more diaper changes?” Pietro moaned, banging his head against the wall.

Wanda shook her head and shoved her twin’s shoulders lightly, telling him how ridiculous he was.

“So, who’s ready for dinner?” Tony said with a devious grin, clapping his hands together. “I heard that dessert is going to be chocolate pudding!”

By the time dinner rolled around, not a single person ate.

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