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Kiss Challenge #4: Kiss on the Forehead

words: 1282

“Elliot, I need you.”

Those words had interrupted yet another evening of Elliot tucked away in his apartment with Flipper. It was nearly eleven o'clock in the evening and, after an exhausting day of listening to Gideon ramble about how All Safe was going to crash and burn, he was unloading his mind. He had been scrolling through your Instagram and facebook feed looking for any updates surrounding your evening events, but no updates.

The phone call was also the reason he was standing on Coney Island, shivering from the ocean breeze. As he tugged his zipper further up, Elliot couldn’t help but think he should have worn something bigger.

He remained where he was wondering if it was the right time to disrupt your thoughts. You were seated in the damp sand, as close to the water you could be without the tide reaching past your toes. He spent the entire train ride over mind racing, trying to figure out any possible scenario that might have unfolded during the evening to warrant your phone call. Taking a seat alongside you, Elliot watched as you wiped at your nose before resting your cheek against your knees.

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