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Alternate PJO Character Names

Percy: Salty Boy

Annabeth: A walking brain teaser

Grover: portable support goat

Nico: emo extremo

Coach Hedge: Smashie McSmasher

Reyna: Murder machine #1

Thalia: Murder machine #2

Piper: the Ultimate Wing Gal

Jason: Eagle of Justice

Frank: a panda bear

Hazel: Lil Goldie

Leo: Human Torch

Will: A gay neon sign

Clarisse: Plus One Biceps

Chiron: A fortune cookie

Oracle: A bad fortune cookie

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I can't resist, but top 5 Mordeson moments???? ;D

♥♥♥Omg! Another hard one~! *ahahahaha

Like, I had to sit down, look @ a list of episodes and really think about what I wanted to include for my top 5 OTP moments~! And with that being said, I decided to leave out OT3 moments and only focus on interaction that happens between Benson and Mordecai exclusively~! Oh yeah, and I also decided to leave out stuff that borders on Head Canon territory and conjectures (e.g. how Mordecai knew Benson had a clock in his room during “Saving Time” *lmao) 

So, now that that’s out of the way- let’s get down to business~! Starting with #5 and counting down to #1~! ♥♥♥

5) The Temple Scene from “Sandwich of Death”

Like, even though this might be considered an OT3 moment, throughout the entire temple scene Mordecai takes on quite a protective role when it comes to Benson~! Case in point:

Maybe it’s b/c he knows that Rigby isn’t strong or tall enough to be a proper bodyguard for Benson, but still- they spent most of this episode practically glued to each other and as a Mordeson fangirl, I can’t help but admit that I was more than a little pleased *lmao

I’m glad that things ended well and Benson got better by the end of the episode, but still- so much OTP interaction and physical contact~! Ah! So awesome~! *lmao ♥♥♥

[The rest is under a Read-more to spare everyone’s dash]

[Also- like the last top 5 post I made- this one is pretty gif and image heavy so be warned]

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A Little Cheering Up

Title: A little cheering up
Author: reallytiredofyourshit
Rating: T for Teen, I guess

Word Count: 1 220

Imagine: that FF just came to my mind but I honestly don’t know if it relates to any “Imagine” … 

Notes: (summary: reader’s first day at the FBI headquarter … She meets Reid at the elevator and he tries to comfort her a little )Guys, this is my first FF ever, so please be gentle. My english is probably the worst ever, sorry for that. English isn’t my mother tongue and I learned it as my third second language (hahaha, I learned Latin as my fist foreign language … that really helps me much in everyday life XD)

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