bad for your posture

Transmasculine People, Take Care of Your Spines!

I haven’t been answering asks because it’s going to be finals week soon, but I have something very important to tell everyone.

Don’t slouch to hide your chest.

That kind of slouching, shoulders really forwards, back scrunched down, and neck forwards can hurt your spine really badly. If you do this for years or even months, you can potentially have back/spinal issues and if you do it even longer, you could have that slouch be your default posture which is bad. There are other methods for hiding your chest, slouching is not a good method.


Uncommon OC questions!
  • 1. A little-known talent of your OC?
  • 2. What trait does your OC like best about themself? (Eyes, guitar skills, random bird facts, etc)
  • 3. How many pillows does your OC sleep with?
  • 4. Is your OC good at keeping secrets?
  • 5. Your OC's worst habit?
  • 6. Does your OC prefer tennis shoes/sneakers or flip flops?
  • 7. What is your OC's opinion on body modifications?
  • 8. Your OC is given a full-ride scholarship to any college they could want to go to. Where do they go and what do they major in?
  • 9. What chore does your OC hate the most?
  • 10. Would your OC prefer to live in the city, the suburbs, or the country?
  • 11. Is your OC a blanket hog?
  • 12. Would your OC play by the rules in a fight or take cheap shots?
  • 13. Does your OC have a widow 's peak?
  • 14. Happy birthday! What kind of present would your OC want?
  • 15. Something that grosses your OC out?
  • 16. Your OC is suddenly on an adventure! Where do they go and what do they do?
  • 17. Is there a real person that looks like your OC?
  • 18. Something that makes your OC laugh without fail?
  • 19. Something that makes your OC cry without fail?
  • 20. A obscure/ridiculous fear your OC has?
  • 21. Does your OC have any type of disability, whether it be mental, physical, etc?
  • 22. Does your OC get frustrated when people forget to close the door behind themselves?
  • 23. What is your OC's first memory?
  • 24. Something you like that your OC would hate?
  • 25. Your OC is going into battle/on a mission! What song is their anthem?
  • 26. Does your OC have good or bad posture?
  • 27. Most despicable thing your OC has ever done?
  • 28. Is your OC a conspiracy theorist?
  • 29. Someone does something awful in front of your OC. How do they handle it?
  • 30. What is your OC's favorite drink?
  • 31. Does your OC prefer to sleep in a warm or cool area?
  • 32. Would your OC like you if they met you?
  • 33. A song that reminds you of your OC?
  • 34. Is your OC a nail biter?
  • 35. What is your OC's favorite quote?
  • 36. Your OC's favorite fashion era? (20's, 70's, etc)
  • 37. Does your OC get excited when they get mail?
  • 38. Random thunderstorm! How does your OC react?
  • 39. A strange talent of your OC?
  • 40. Assuming your OC doesn't have them already, what superpower would they want? If they do already, would they change it, keep it, or get rid of it?
  • 41. Does your OC like/make puns?
  • 42. What kind of shampoo does your OC use?
  • 43. Your OC wakes up with a coin super glued to their forehead. How do they react?
  • 44. Can your OC sleep if there's any kind of light?
  • 45. What kind of self-esteem does your OC have?
  • 46. A word that your OC can't stand?
  • 47. Does your OC fold their clothes, hang them up, or just leave them in the basket/dryer?
  • 48. Would society call your OC a good guy or a bad guy? What would they say they are?
  • 49. Your OC's most prized possession?
  • 50. What is your OC's happy place?
need you / sirius black

anon request. the end of this is heart wrenching and i apologize in advance for the needy, sad sirius. my heart hurts why did i do this to myself

word count// 1,713

Christmas Eve had arrived and traditions were commencing in your half blooded household. The house smelt strongly of freshly baked cookies mingled with the pine wafting off the tree that was brightly lit and beautifully decorated. Your Mother had charmed wooden spoons to mix batter together whilst pans or bowls washed themselves in the sink and you couldn’t help but laugh when a spoon nearly hit your Muggle Father in the head as it flew to the soapy water to be washed. You watched with admiration as your Dad grabbed your Mom from behind and began to dance to Winter Wonderland, twirling and dipping her while she pretended to be annoyed, but you saw the pink in her cheeks and the budding smile.

The angelic sound of your mother’s giggles drifted into the living room where you were curled up on the sofa, a fuzzy blanket wrapped around you like a cocoon. The sight of your dad dipping her made your thoughts drift to your boyfriend, Sirius Black, whom you had been dating for a little over a year. His relationship with his parents didn’t come close to the bond you had with yours and merely thinking about the glum look on his face as he parted from you at the train station made tears gather in your eyes.. You curled the blanket tighter around yourself and rested your chin on your kneecaps, wanting nothing more than for Sirius to spend Christmas with you rather than in the cold Black household.

In bounded your father, flour in his hair and a gentle smile on his face. He sat beside you and brought you into his chest as if he knew what was bothering you. His head rested atop yours and you smiled ever so slightly at the feeling of being a little girl came over you again. “Why the long face, squirt?” He asked and a genuine smile formed on your face at the old nickname that he resurfaced.

Your head lifted from his shoulder, chest heaving as you sighed. “I’m just upset that I’m spending Christmas with family and Sirius is probably alone.”

“Ah,” He hummed knowingly and raked his fingers through your y/h/c tresses. “His family isn’t the nicest, are they?”

With a mere shake of the head, you pulled your legs closer to your chest and stared sadly at the glowing tree across the room. The small bulbs of light began to blur until a tear plummeted down your cheek. Your dad squeezed you to him and wiped your tears like he had done so many years ago. You mustered up the most pitiful of smiles as you looked into his warm and welcoming y/d/e/c irises and whispered shakily, “I just want him here with me. I want him to be happy and I know he’s not right now.”

The room grew silent for a few moments, only the sound of your oblivious mother singing to carols from the kitchen filling the barren space.  Your heart was physically aching for Sirius and all you wanted was for him to be where he belonged. He belonged with you and he deserved to have a joyous Christmas like you knew Lily, Remus, and James were having.

“Why don’t you bring him here then?”

Glancing up at your father in surprise, your mouth gaped open a bit. “I can’t just show up to his house!” You exclaimed.

“Why can’t you?” He smiled down at you gently, his aging face appearing youthful and happy. “I want you to be happy, squirt, and if bringing him here will do that then we sure as hell will do it.”

Salty tears dried in an instant and a smile quirked your lips into a smile. You wrapped your arms around your father’s neck and felt like crying tears of joy. “Thank you, Dad. You have no idea how much this means to me,” You whispered against his shirt and tried to hold back more waterworks.

He rubbed your back soothingly and chortled. “Go get him, kiddo.”

Standing in front of 12 Grimmauld Place had your nerves on edge. The building seemed to loom over you threateningly and the street’s dim glow only added to the frightening aspect of it. You found yourself wringing your hands anxiously for you knew what lie on the other side of the home before you and your heart skipped a beat when your eyes landed on the window belonging to Sirius’ bedroom. Never faltering from his window, you scrounged up the courage to stalk up to the front door and knock thrice. 

It was silent on the opposite side of the door and you wondered if they were even awake. The thought was forgotten as soon as the ebony colored door flung open and revealed a very stern looking Walburga Black. Your blood ran cold at the sight of her displeasured expression and you could feel yourself sweating despite the impeccably cold night air. It wasn’t the first time you’d met Sirius’ mother and she did not like you dating her son one bit seeing as how you mucked up the pure blood ideology she had drilled into her brain. You, however, were there for one thing only and that was to save your boyfriend of the horrid household. 

“Y/L/N,” She practically spat, her face contorting as if the name left a bad taste in her mouth. “What are you doing here?”

Straightening your posture and wiping your clammy palms on your leggings discreetly, you tilted your chin up as confidently as you could muster in front of such an intimidating woman. “I’m here to see Sirius. May I co–”

“Absolutely not. I suggest you go back home right now,” She retorted snootily.

You frowned, but refused to leave until Sirius was with you. “Please, Mrs. Black. Can’t I see him just for a moment?”

“I realize that Sirius associates himself with mudbloods in his own time at Hogwarts and such, but I will not allow it under my watch and certainly not in my house!”

“I am not a-a… mudblood, Mrs. Black,” You replied calmly. “I’m a halfblood.”

Her lip curled in distaste and snorted as if you had told a joke. “I’m afraid that’s no better, Y/L/N, now if you would please stop wasting my time. I have–”

“Whose at the door? I thought I heard Y/N,” Sirius called from inside the house and you grew exceptionally giddy at the sound of his footsteps drawing near.

“No one, Sirius,” She barked and tried to close the dark wooded door in your face, but he stepped into your line of sight before she could.

The surprise on his face made you smile, but you could see the underlying fatigue and sadness. Sirius shoved past his fuming mother and pulled your shivering body into the house, shutting the door behind you. His arms wrapped around your quivering frame and you melted into him, his incredible warmth radiating off and onto you. His chin rested on top of your head and he found himself sighing contentedly after days of being utterly miserable. 

“Sirius Orion Black,” His mother growled. “She needs to leave this instant. I will not have this in my house.”

You felt Sirius tuck you tighter into his chest and you buried your face into his shirt, breathing in the woodsy scent of him mingled with faint cigarette smoke. “If she leaves, I leave,” He spat bitterly.

“I assume you’ll be leaving then,” She said in the most tranquil tone of voice you had heard yet. 

“Gladly,” He growled and with a swish of Walburga Black’s wand, a bag of his things landed beside them.

Despite knowing how horrible his family was, you couldn’t help but feel a grief deep within you that he was leaving because of you. The Black lineage was certainly not the best, but they were still his flesh and blood. Therefore when Sirius tangled his fingers with yours and pulled you out into the snowy night, your heart sank a bit lower when his mother shouted out five more poisonous words before the door slammed shut. 

‘Don’t bother ever coming back.’

It was silent outside 12 Grimmauld Place. Snow drifted from the sky peacefully as if a storm hadn’t just brewed on the very same street. Fingers still intertwined with Sirius’, you looked up at him to see he was already looking down at you. The white flecks of snow landed in his dark hair and his heavy pants of air came out in clouds of fog and he looked ethereal. His cheeks were warm to the touch and with your free hand you cupped one of them, stroking the rosy skin delicately. Sirius despised his family, but you saw the tiny bit of sadness seeping through because the bond that family had was supposed to be forever. 

The bond between him and the Black’s had been broken for a very long time. 

“Are you okay, my love?” You whispered lowly, almost inaudible. 

His palms landed on your hips and he tilted his head further into your hand that laid on his cheek. “Of course I am,” He muttered and trained his attention on the snowflakes gathering in your hair. “I-I…”

A tear fell onto his cheek, landing near the spot your hand rested on his face. You kissed it away gingerly and heard Sirius whimper before more tears followed. Without a second thought, your arms wrapped around his neck and his went to your waist, crushing you into him.

“I know, love,” You hummed into his ear and raked your digits into his hair lightly. “It’s okay. I’m here, always.”

“Need you,” Sirius croaked in your neck. His voice shook and tears dripped onto your skin. “I love you so much, baby.”

You swore you could hear your heart crack even further. 

“I’m here, my love,” You repeated softly and kissed just under his ear. “I love you too, Sirius. More than you’ll ever know.”

Snow continued to fall as you cradled the boy you loved in your arms. You held him in the middle of a sidewalk on Christmas Eve and you’d continue to hold him and love him unconditionally until the end of time. Sirius Black deserved just that and more. 

anonymous asked:

Hanzo, McCree, and Gengi getting in a possessive/Protective state w/ their cinnamon roll s/o?


One look from his brother. That was all it took for the young Hanzo to drag his s/o out into the hall. He pressed them up against the wall and kissed them, reminding them and himself that they were his. If it had been anyone else, Hanzo wouldn’t have worried, but Genji was known for getting around, and he didn’t want you falling victim to his charms.

“Mm! H-Hanzo, what are you doing?” they squeaked.

“You are mine,” was the first thing that came to his mind and the first thing to come out of his mouth as he kissed their jawline.

“I-I know…” they whispered back, letting themself melt under him, gasping and moaning as he trailed his kisses down their neck.

His partner suddenly stiffened up when he suddenly bit their neck, letting out a possessive growl as he did. A dragon always marked his treasure. When he finally pulled away, his s/o breathless, he ran a finger over the bite mark.

“There,” he smirked, “Now you are safe. They will know you are mine.”

“Who…Who needs to know?” they breathed.

He couldn’t say it straight out. It was too embarrassing, instead he distracted them with more kisses to their jawline.

“Do not let my brother get too close to you,” he warned.

“Is this…Is this what this is about?” they asked.

Hanzo stopped kissing them and pulled back, refusing to meet their concerned gaze.

“He is coddled by our family and believes everything belongs to him. He’s never shown any restraint, especially–”

“Hanzo, Hanzo…” his s/o cooed softly, taking his chin and making him look at them, “You don’t need to worry about him. I’m yours.”

He was quiet for a few moments before his eyes darted back down to the mark he gave them.

“Yes…I know.”


McCree’s s/o didn’t seem to share his innate talent for shooting despite watching him practice numerous times. [Name] pouted as they yet again missed the cut-out deer popping up and down in the shooting gallery. Before, McCree got most of the shots for them, but they eventually said they wanted to do it on their own. It wasn’t really working out.

“Having trouble there, little lady?” a stranger asked as he sauntered over.

“Yeah, I can barely hit a single deer…” they sighed.

“How about I give you a hand,” he offered.

“Well I kind of want–”

But the stranger totally ignored them as he inserted some pocket change into the machine and started the game again. He hunched over, lining up his rifle almost perfectly with each shot. He didn’t miss a single deer and the “Player 2′s Score” went up and up. But for the bonus round, a red fox cut-out darted across the gallery, but both McCree’s s/o and the stranger couldn’t hit it.

“Ah well no one’s gotten the fox before,” the stranger shrugged, “But that’s how ya do shootin’ right.”

“That was pretty impressive!” McCree’s partner smiled.

“You’re not bad for a beginner,” the stranger lectured, “But it’s really your posture ya gotta fix…”

The stranger moved up against them, placing his hands on their shoulders, and trying to get them into the right position. At that point, Jesse had enough.

“Alright, that’s enough,” McCree groaned, stepping between the two, and giving the stranger a glare, “Lemmee show you how to really shoot.”

The stranger snorted and rolled his eyes as McCree started the game up again, settling in with the fake rifle. Jesse topped the stranger’s score, getting extra points for each deer by getting a headshot. Then when the fox darted out from behind the trees, he shot it right between its foxy eyes.

One of the arcade attendants brought over a big stuffed animal fox which Jesse happily gave to his s/o. He gave the stranger a cocky glare, making the stranger retreat with a scowl.

“Where’d that nice guy go?” his s/o asked.

“Ah don’t worry about him none,” Jesse chuckled, “He really needed to work on his aim.”

As they left the shooting gallery, his s/o yelped as he suddenly grabbed their ass.


“Genji, you flank as always, and [Name] will lead the main assault on the choke point with Hanzo and I,” McCree explained.

From behind his visor, Genji shot his brother a suspicious look.

“Why can’t [Name] come with me? The flank would be more effective with two,” he suggested.

“You always flank alone, brother,” his brother added, “Any attempt made to follow you ends in disaster. You remember the last time Angela followed you behind enemy lines?”

“That will not happen with, [Name],” Genji said, “You can trust me,”

“Can I?” Hanzo retorted.

The tension between the two thickened.

“Um…I’m ok going with them…” his s/o spoke up weakly, their voice falling on deaf ears.

“Are you worried we can’t look after them?” McCree asked, “They’ll be perfectly fine, I promise,”

“And you think I can’t I cannot keep them safe?” Genji turned to McCree.

“I didn’t say that, but–”

“[Name] will come with me,” Genji concluded, taking his partner’s hand, “Thank you for the offer, but I’m sure the two of you can manage the choke point on your own. They will be safe with me on the flank.”

With that, he led his s/o out of the spawn point, his metallic hand gripping their palm tightly.

Uncommon Sole Survivor Questions
  • 1. A little-known talent of your SS?

  • 2. What trait does your SS like best about themselves? (Eyes, guitar skills, random prewar facts, etc)

  • 3. Bedroll on the side of the road, or wait until a settlement to rest?

  • 4. Is your SS good at keeping secrets?

  • 5. Your SS’s worst habit?

  • 6. Does your SS wear light or heavy armour?

  • 7. What is your SS’s opinion on body modifications?

  • 8. Your prewar SS is given a full-ride scholarship to any college they could want to go to. Where do they go and what do they major in?

  • 9. What chore does your SS hate the most?

  • 10. Would your SS prefer to live in the Sanctuary Hills, Diamond City, or the on their own somewhere?

  • 11. Is your SS a blanket hog?

  • 12. Would your SS play by the rules in a fight or take cheap shots?

  • 13. Does your SS have a widow ’s peak?

  • 14. Happy birthday! What kind of present would your SS want prewar and postwar?

  • 15. Something that grosses your SS out?

  • 16. Your SS crawls out of the cryopod! Where do they go first and what do they do?

  • 17. Is there a real person that looks like your SS?

  • 18. Something that makes your SS laugh without fail?

  • 19. Something that makes your SS cry without fail?

  • 20. A obscure/ridiculous fear your SS has?

  • 21. Does your SS have any type of disability, whether it be mental, physical, etc?

  • 22. Does your SS get frustrated by peoples postwar manners? Or lack there of…

  • 23. What is your SS’s first memory?

  • 24. Something you like that your SS would hate?

  • 25. Your SS is setting up to take down some raider/supermutants/synths! What song is their anthem?

  • 26. Does your SS have good or bad posture?

  • 27. Most despicable thing your SS has ever done?

  • 28. Does your SS a believe any of what the Children of Atom tell them?

  • 29. Someone does something against their morals in front of your SS. How do they handle it?

  • 30. What is your SS’s favorite drink? Prewar and postwar! 

  • 31. Does your SS prefer to sleep in a inside shelter or under the stars?

  • 32. Would your SS like you if they met you?

  • 33. A song that reminds you of your SS?

  • 34. Is your SS a nail biter?

  • 35. What is your SS’s favorite prewar quote?

  • 36. Your SS’s favorite postwar clothing to wear?

  • 37. How does your SS react when they hear Raider gossip/stories?

  • 38. Random Radstorm! How does your SS react?

  • 39. A strange talent of your SS?

  • 40. What superpower would your SS want if they could have any? 

  • 41. Does your SS like/make puns?

  • 42. Does your SS try to stay clean? Or do they embrace the wasteland?

  • 43. Your SS wakes up with a cap wonder glued to their forehead. How do they react?

  • 44. Can your SS sleep if there’s any kind of light / noise?

  • 45. What kind of self-esteem does your SS have?

  • 46. A word that your SS can’t stand?

  • 47. Does your SS keep good care of their weapons? Clean them everyday or just replace em with a shiner version every once in a while?

  • 48. Would the Commonwealth call your SS a good guy or a bad guy? What would they say they are?

  • 49. Your SS’s most prized possession? Prewar and postwar!

  • 50. What is your SS’s postwar happy place?

Directly adapted from this post to be applicable to the Fallout Universe !!


Sugar babes are now, unfortunately, a dime a dozen. It’s still not completely publicly known but it’s gotten a lot more attention over the years through word of mouth. It’s position got promoted from prostitution and gold digger to companion and gold digger! Haha! It’s become something an individual may come to accept while it’s still taboo to the mass majority. Now you got sugar cubes runnin’ around thinkin’ they know what they’re doin’, and that they got it allllll figured out. 

Well good for them! Here’s a frickn’ gold-star sticker!

These days, it’s a little harder for SD’s to find the right SB’s, just like how it’s getting more difficult for us SB’s to find the right SD’s. The amount of salt and pepper has risen. The salty are cheap in all manners. The pepper…….well let’s just agree that they just don’t belong because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Something to help you along the way to bring your best to the bowl. My advice? Be gold!

And I don’t mean consider yourself to be the prize of the picking, the top of the top, best thing since sliced bread. That’s kind of just shy of being full of yourself. Be confident and classy, not entitled and trashy.

Did you know that gold, unlike other metals, are always cool to the touch. Gold is relatively un-reactive and the temperature of gold becomes unaffected by body heat when touched. 

When discovered it was considered, and probably still is considered, to be the perfect metal. Precious, rare, un-reactive, and, of course, pretty and shiny!

1. Be rare!

You want to be like a travelling show that only comes into town every three years. Of course, invest in your looks because that’s what will allow you to have the foot in the door from day 1. But looks will only get a girl so far into the game. Makeup has made it possible for almost any girl to look like a hot piece but what makes a girl rare is looks and brains. You have to keep in mind, SD’s aren’t sniveling 20-something year olds, complaining about how their manager put them on a double shift. No, SD’s are more than likely, well-educated, well-mannered and well off individuals. They know how to invest and increase their value by triple in the next two years. They know how to work the room and have an intelligent conversation with business partners and strike a deal at the end. Looks just won’t cut it. Invest in your own intelligence and know about the world and current events. Don’t just learn what you’re studying in school, know it. Intelligence will make you out to be that rare girl who has a bangin’ body but has the sexiest mind.

2. Be precious!

Just as much as you want to invest in your intellect, invest in your attitude and personality. No SD is going to want a SB that is negative with a sailor’s mouth. You want to be a babe that an SD feels the urge to want to take care of and provide for. Be sweet like the sugar babe you are! Be optimistic, because that’s what an SD will probably want to look forward to when he’s with his SB. Be that warm and inviting light that SD’s will have no choice but to flock to, like a moth to a fire. Be understanding and kind, so that your SD finds comfort in your company. Another thing I feel like I have to point out to those that are learning to be sugars, or are currently trying to find an SD, is check yourself out emotionally. Be emotionally secure with yourself, be genuinely happy for who you are as a person. Have an appreciation for the things you have in your life. Being a sugar babe is not easy. When it comes to the nitty-gritty it can be very difficult. If you can’t handle an email that has gone three days without a response back, then I suggest you work on your emotional mentality first. An SD is not going to want to deal with an SB’s emotional outbursts or issues. Be confident and radiate it like the sun! When an SD sees how precious you are, he’ll handle you with proper care and won’t ever want to damage or affect your radiant personality.

3. Be beautiful!

Looks are important and when you’re in an SB/SD you have to strive to always look your best when you’re on a date or together anywhere with your SD. Don’t bake your face and create a cake of makeup. Strive to make your appearances look effortless and natural but striking. You want your beauty to emanate from within and just enhance your outside appearance. When I say, be beautiful, I don’t mean only your looks. Of course make sure you go with a beauty routine and invest in your skin and makeup, but also invest on how you carry yourself. Nothing in this world is ever dependent on only one thing. It takes two to tango! Like I said before, any girl can look pretty and beautiful with makeup, but match your elegance with your beauty. I see lots of girls who are just beautiful, pretty face, fit body and great taste in clothes, but they walk down the street like a hunched over old grandpa. Carry yourself like you’re a million bucks. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Walk like a lady, have straight posture and know how to use a fork and knife. Stand up straight, shoulders back and head held level. Your body is the main piece, not clothes and makeup. Clothes and makeup should be considered accessories to complement your body and yourself to present the best you, you can display. 

4. Be mysterious!

When you do the job right, a sugar babe will always continue to create an air of mystery about them that seems unending. Be a mystery that no amount of education and intelligence can crack. SD’s are usually men who get what they want all the time because they have the ability and the finances to obtain it. You want to be the one thing that an SD can never obtain no matter what. You can let him look at you, feel you, and know you, but never let him have you. Golden Rule: Never break Alice’s looking glass. Don’t destroy the fantasy. Some examples of destroying the fantasy would be burping in front of your SD, slumping into a bad posture or wear sweatpants to a date and think you’ve been with one another long enough to be comfortable like this. This is not like a traditional relationship where you can get comfortable with one another and think that your flaws should be accepted by your SD because you’ve been together for a whole year. Once you break it, you can never go back and soon both you and your SD will fall back into reality and we all know reality bites. This is something that I feel every SB has to figure out on their own though because mystery can’t be explained. 

5. Be GOLD!

Be yourself! Gold is unique and special and you are too! Bring out that weird something that makes you different from the rest. Everybody has something within themselves that make them unique. Don’t think that you are better than all the rest of the sugars out there because in the sugar bowl we must support one another and we should strive to create a positive outlook for others looking in. Every babe has a little something extra that other babes can’t do. Show that little something to your SD and it’ll make you seem like one of a kind that he just can’t be without in his SB. Just like being mysterious, I can’t help you babes with this one either. Every babe should find out where their gold is within themselves and show it to the world! 

I hope this has helped out some of you girls out there! Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most, so keep with these fundamentals of a sugar baby and you’ll be golden and hopefully on your way to meeting a great SD! 

Ciao babes!

The Princess Diaries Sentence Meme
  • “Stop daydreaming. You’ll be late for school.”
  • “Just remember, when you make your speech, don’t’ look at people. Pick a spot on the back wall, don’t take your eyes off of it, and speak loudly.”
  • “As manager of the team, I really think you should be a part of the team.”
  • “You never saw two idiots exchange saliva before?”
  • “You know, for a second there, I thought you were going A-crowd on me.”
  • “I am never going to be a good public speaker.”
  • “Tea? She came all the way from Europe to have tea?”
  • “Why should I go see the snobby lady who ignores us?”
  • “Let me look at you. You look so…young.”
  • “Me? A princess?”
  • “Why would you pick me to be your princess?”
  • “Since your father died, you are the natural heir to the throne. That’s our law.”
  • “I’m royal by marriage.”
  • “You are royal by blood.”
  • “My expectation in life is to be invisible and I’m good at it.”
  • “In my wildest dreams, I never expected this to happen.”
  • “You are the legal heir, the only heir to the throne, and we will accept the challenge of helping you become the princess that you are.”
  • “You will study languages, history, art, political science.”
  • “I’m no princess.”
  • “I refuse to move to and rule a country.”
  • “I don’t want to be a princess.”
  • “For the time being, the child needs protection.”
  • “Can you see me walking one step behind someone for the rest of my life?”
  • “Just in case I’m not enough of a freak already, let’s add a tiara.”
  • “You are so lucky you don’t know who your parents are.”
  • “As always, this is as good as it’s gonna get.”
  • “Is there something else about me and my life I might want to know about?”
  • “That is not a sensible car for a princess.”
  • “The promise of tomorrow hung in the air.”
  • “I’m on the verge of becoming a nutcase and my parent’s think I need an attitude adjustment.”
  • “Does your bad posture affect your hearing?”
  • “When walking in a crowd, one is under scrutiny all the time.”
  • “Princesses never cross their legs in public.”
  • “I was watching you earlier and you’re very tense.”
  • “The quickest way to a Spanish heart is dance.”
  • “You’ve been wearing black too long.”
  • “Don’t always think you can get a ride with me.”
  • “You use to care more about what was inside your head instead of on it.”
  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
  • “Can you please pretend you have a life for just one moment?”
  • “I am so sick of you ragging on me all the time and always telling me what to do.”
  • “Are you really sure you can run a country? You can barely keep your goldfish alive for more than a couple of days.”
  • “It was pride and ego who drove me to know that royalty would see one day the beauty was mine.”
  • “Doesn’t anyone respect royalty anymore?”
  • “She has never been normal. She was born a royal.”
  • “I’ve made a list of all the reasons for you not to be a princess.”
  • “I don’t want to run my own country.”
  • “No one can quit being who they really are, not even a princess.”
  • “Well done. The worst is over.”
  • “Why don’t we cancel lessons for today and just have some fun?”
  • “Did my father always want to be a prince?”
  • “Chivalry isn’t dead, you know.”
  • “You are the coolest queen ever!”
  • “I think I might get my first real kiss.”
  • “There’s no one I’d rather be here with than you.”
  • “Just because you don’t to be our princess doesn’t mean we’re sending you into exile.”
  • “Is this the way a princess should act?”
  • “You’re saying that as a queen, I was too harsh on her.”
  • “I was critical of the person who could become the next ruler of my country.”
  • “You being a princess is kind of a miracle.”
  • “Wow is having the power to effect change, make people listen.”
  • “Someday I might grow out of that but you will never stop being a jerk.”
  • “The truth is, I think you’d make a very fine princess.”
  • “People think princesses are supposed to wear tiaras, marry the prince, always look pretty and live happily ever after but it’s so much more than that.”
  • “I couldn’t bear to disappoint you again.”
  • “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”
  • “The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”
  • “Their decision tonight will affect the queen, the court, and all the people of this small but proud country.”
  • “Normally I get so nervous that I faint or run away or sometimes I even get sick.”
  • “Earlier this evening I had ever intention of giving up my claim to the throne.”
  • “Probably all I ever do is think about myself.”
  • “If I were princess then my thoughts and the thoughts of people smarter than me would be much better heard and just maybe those thoughts could be turned into actions.”
  • “This was my very first tiara.”
  • “I recognize the same spirit in you as someone else I know. Me.”
  • “You saw me when I was invisible and just because I’m royal doesn’t mean I’m very different.”
  • “Everybody’s got pre-coronation jitters…including me.”

waffles-are-done  asked:

Not sure who to ask this towards but let's do... 2, 26, and 38

How about for Toinette? She needs some loving. 

2. What trait does your OC like best about themself?

Toinette loves how quiet she can be when sneaking around. 

26. Does your OC have good or bad posture?

She has very good posture. You don’t get raised by Ana and Soldier 76 and have bad posture. 

38. Random thunderstorm! How does your OC react?

She doesn’t mind it at all! Toinette loves to hear the booming sounds and watch the flashes of lightning through the window. 

5SOS’ Little Sister || Ashton Irwin

not really a dating one of the boys, but rather a cute and fluffy brotherly love from these 4 dorks xx

I M A G I N E 

“Fuck!” You exclaim quietly to yourself as a jolt of pain practically punched your lower stomach. Grabbing your phone, you text your older brother, Ashton, in hopes that he can help you get a few things to put your pain at ease. “Please respond quickly, Ash…” you mumble as you stare at the bright screen. 

You were suffering that time of the month again, too awful to even call it by its true name. The boys constantly joked around and called it “Time Who Can’t Be Said.” But they knew the awful pains you suffered and sympathized with you. Usually, they were always reachable but today they were out at a show in the hometown. 

Your phone suddenly rings and vibrates, having you weakly pick it up to see who texted. 

OlderBrubber: shit, it’s that time? 

OlderBrubber: we’ll be right there, just give us a sec xx

You sighed in little relief as you put down the phone and sprawled onto the floor. The pain seemed unbearable, as it was constantly giving you random spurts of awful pain. You wailed, knowing that as loud as you could be, nobody was going to hear. You were home alone, praying so badly to have someone to care for you, just for a few hours. 

Half an hour later, your phone was playing your ringtone, apparently receiving a call. You struggled to reach your phone from the floor, grabbing it and picking up. 

“Hello?” You croaked, having your other hand wrap around you stomach. 

“Open the door, baby sister,” Ashton said sweetly. Standing up, you trot out of your room and go to the front door. Slightly bent with bad posture, you open the door to see your four favorite lanky boys stood at the doorway. 

“Bless your souls,” you say quietly as you wrap your stomach tighter from the sudden pain that came. Ashton frowned at you as you grimace in pain. He quickly scooped you into his arms as he began to take you to your room. 

“C’mon lads, let’s take care of Y/N,” Ashton starts as they boys follow with bags in their hands. You smile weakly at the boys, who seem to be glowing happily at you. They were shiny with sweat, meaning they were still hype from the show. Making it to your room, Ashton gently placed you on your king-sized bed as you sighed. 

“I got us like, pints of ice cream and cookies,” Michael begins, raising one of the bags in the air. “The other has brownies and hair dye.” 

“Why the heck would I need hair dye?” You asked, giggling through your pain. 

“In case you wanna dye your mood on your hair,” Michael said simply, making you disgusted as the boys chuckle. 

“My gosh, Michael, gross!” You say as you swat Michael away. He laughs as he places the bags at the feet of your bed. 

“I mean, unless you want to use your bl–” Michael starts but you immediately interrupt him. 

“No!” You scold him, continuously causing him to laugh as he began to take out the ice cream. “What’d you boys bring?” 

“Well, while the boys went into the store to buy their stuff,” Luke started, stepping closer to you. “There was this like, machine with super cute and small penguin plushies. It was like, 50 cents a go so I played and got about 20 of these little fellas.” With that, Luke pours out 20 small penguins on your body, making you giggle. 

“Dude, you did not spent like, 10 bucks on this,” you laugh in disbelief. Luke flushed, making you laugh even harder. That little penguin boy was crazy, but you loved his consideration and adorable obsession with penguins. “Thanks, Lukey, this means a lot to me.” You say with a smile as you pick up the one with a guitar. 

“Oh, I claim that one,” Luke says before taking the plushie away from you shyly. You giggle and shake your head as he stuffs it away in his back pocket. 

“Hey Luke, maybe we can dye all these penguins instead,” Michael comments as Ashton leaves the room for a moment. Luke shoved his shoulder, shaking his head seriously. Penguins were no joke with this boy. 

“Guess it’s CalPals time to shine,” Calum said as he brought up his two bags on the bed. “I got you things you could actually use, such as Midol, water, lotion, some soothing candles, toaster stroodles, tea–”

“Calum, did you just say toaster stroodles?” You interrupt, giggling at what the Australian bought. 

“Oh, yeah,” Calum said simply. “Why?” You giggled at him for a moment, shrugging it off. 

“Nothing, really,” you say, watching as he gives you a cheeky smile. Calum sure was cute, especially when he felt as though he got you the most useful things for you. But all these boys got you things you needed/desired, making you feel loved. “Thanks you guys, these means the world to me.”

“No problem, Y/N,” Luke says as he takes his pint of ice cream and yours. He hands you yours while asking Michael to get spoons from the kitchen. As Michael left, Luke sat next to you on your right, taking off his shoes to rest his legs on the bed as well. “You’re like our little sister, too, you know. We love you, Y/N, and care about you just as much as Ashton.” 

“Yeah, ya dork,” Calum said as he ruffled your hair a bit. He grabs his pint, the cramp pills, and a bottle of water from the bag. He takes out a few pills and opens the water for you. “Drink these– the woman at the pharmacy said you’d feel better.” 

“These are the expensive kind,” you say with a bit of awe. “How’d you get them so easily? They’re usually out of stock.” You pop the pills in your mouth and down it with water.

“Let’s just say the pharmacist is a hug fan of bassists,” Calum says cockily, having you and Luke join him in laughter. Calum does the same as Luke but decides to cuddle you from your left. Michael comes back and notices all three of you on the bed. He sighs angrily before passing the spoons around. 

“Man, fuck you guys!” Michael says with a fake pout. “Already took the good seats!” Michael sasses as he takes his pint and finds himself next to Luke (A/N: I’m telling you, I’m Muke af you guys). Michael pops open his pints and begins to eat, having Luke start to steal from him. “Mine!” Michael exclaims as he moves his ice cream away. 

“Greedy!” Luke says as he sticks his tongue out at him. You still felt the pains but with these boys around, you couldn’t help but laugh and smile and have a good time. They always brought life wherever they want, completely oblivious to their lovely, uncanny ability to do so. 

Suddenly, your older brother came back, having himself freeze at your doorway. Ashton frowns angrily at the doorway, staring at you and the boys already comfortable and settles in their spots. Ashton held a series of movies and a large quilt.

“Are you guys serious?” Ashton says in fake anger. “I leave and come back to you guys already eating your ice cream while cuddling with my sister in the large bed. Shoes off and everything!” Ashton grumbles as he places Finding Nemo in the DVD player and turning on the TV. He takes off his shoes before joining you guys on the bed, going next to Calum (A/N: Also Cashton af). “In my house, too!” Ashton exclaims quietly as Michael passes him a spoon and his pint of ice cream. 

“Who’s got the remote?” You asked softly, having Luke sit up to uncover the remote.

“I was sat on it,” Luke says shyly, blushing a bit before offering it to you. You rolled your eyes and took it, playing the movie as you guys all snuggled up close. Ashton pulls on the quilt on everyone as you all ate your ice cream and mumbled jokes during the movie. 

“Thanks you guys,” you whisper, leaning your head on Luke’s shoulder, then Calum’s. “You guys are the best brothers a girl can have. Blood or not.” The boys say ‘aw’ in sync before squeezing you in their pushy embrace. 

found that motivation to write again, heeeeeey xx

Kyphosis Problems.
  • No sense of balance. 
  • Not being able to breathe while going up hills. 
  • Not being able to breathe while going down hills. 
  • Not being able to breathe if you get a bad respiratory infection and ending up at the ER in the middle of the night for breathing treatments/inhalers.  
  • Pain. 
  • Trying to find a comfortable position on beds, couches or most chairs. 
  • You sat down on the couch and now you can’t breathe. 
  • You laid down on the bed and now you can’t breathe. 
  • You slept wrong on the bed and now your neck is messes up. 
  • You need to crack your neck but can’t. 
  • Pain. 
  • Trying to look over your shoulder. 
  • Trying to do something that involves lifting your arms above your head. 
  • Rotator cuff problems. 
  • Knee problems. 
  • Arthritis at the age of 25. 
  • Pain.
  • Numbness in your hands and feet. 
  • Tension migraines. 
  • Never being sure if you’re being read as disabled or just having bad posture.  
  • People telling you you have kyphosis BECAUSE of your bad posture. 
  • Pain. 
  • No positive media representation.
  • Clothing hangs weird or doesn’t fit around your hump at all, even when it’s in a bigger size than you would otherwise wear. 
  • Bathing suits that don’t provide support, rest weird on your shoulders, and show your hump/fusion. 
  • Necklaces look bad and if they’re heavy they cause pain. 
  • God forbid you have a double chin/waddle bc it’s going to look so bad if your neck is curved outward/if you can’t hold your head up. 
  • Ppl make fun of you when you try to smoke cigarettes/hookah/weed bc you can’t inhale very deeply.
  • Can’t stretch out, no matter how much you want to. 
  • If you have a fusion you can’t curl up either. 
  • You look shorter than you are supposed to be. 
  • Pretty much any sort of activity, including sitting or laying down results in pain. 
  • The feeling that you have no freedom inside of your own body.
  • Pain.
  • Pretty much no one else will understand any of the above. 

anonymous asked:

do you have any practice tips? whenever I try to practice I feel like I don't improve at all.

-get your instrument ready. properly tune it, maybe clean it, find a comfortable place to practice, and mentally prepare yourself

-warm up. do scales, finger exercises, mouth exercises–whatever is necessary to get yourself physically ready to play things with agility

-use a metronome. don’t start at the speed that you can currently play it. start a little bit slower than that and really take time to think about each note carefully. from there, gradually increase speed, and make sure that you can play everything accurately at the speed you play

-practice with a tuner. this is especially helpful for instruments like the violin where intonation is always just a really complex guessing game. sometimes it helps to play certain passages (like anything written in 8va) an octave lower, just to get the right sound in your ear. unless you have perfect pitch, in which case, frick you

-practice using different rhythms. if it’s written as quarter notes, play eighth notes. throw in some dotted rhythms. play every note as a whole note. do whatever you need to to get some muscle memory and understand the piece a bit better

-sometimes, things just don’t work. you can practice a piece for hours and get nowhere with it. in this case, make a video of yourself playing through the piece. analyze things that you need to do differently. is your posture bad? fix it. are you using a bad fingering? change it. are you using too much bow/breath? use less. are you not using enough? use more. 

hope this helps a little

  • What happened to you was not a result of bad posture
  • Your hunchback, scar, or anything you have as a result of a curved spine does not make you any less beautiful.
  • I know the pain you’re going through be it a back brace or recovering from spinal fusion.
  • You don’t have to sit up straight for anyone, especially when it’s damn near physically impossible to do that.
  • You’re stronger than you or anyone else may think. Going through such a condition is far from easy.
  • You don’t need people who put you down for your condition.
  • I hope you make a full recovery from whatever you’re going through be it physical therapy, a back brace, or surgery.
Cas X Reader

Request: Hi! I love your blog and I was wondering if you could do one for me… I’m not far into the show, but I love it regardless. I know Cas is clueless. Can you make one for me where Cas likes the reader but doesn’t know how to flirt so asks the brothers to coach him and they prank him by telling him to do stupid things and embarrass him, but the reader likes him anyway so its really cute? Please?! Thank you!!

Request: I really love this blog so much! It’s the best I’ve found so far! Can I request a Cas x reader one-shot? I would really like to see one that goes along with the lyrics of “Half of My Heart” by John Mayer. Keep up the good work! :)

Request: I know you are busy but can i pls get some castiel oneshot.Fluff pls Castiel takes an intrest in a hunter who thinks shes ugly cause her nose is crooked She is tall and skinny and hates herself. Dean and Sam make fun of her shyness all the time.💝u!

Warning: Some body image issues

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{I want to fall asleep while being held by everyone…}
Oikawa: First of all, have you stopped yet, Iwa-chan? With that bad sleeping posture of yours, a hug can become a sleeper hold at some point, so generally sharing a futon with you means in the end having to suffer pro wrestling moves.
Iwaizumi: I already apologized for that!
Matsukawa: There’s really no reason to get between you two…