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since it’s always Jehanparnasse week in my house, depsite actually missing the last one, I’m gonna make this week Jehanparnasse Positivity Week on my blog and post lots of domestic goodness and fluff and general cuteness ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I used to get salty when my friends would say stuff like “how are u an honors student” but now I’m like…I have no idea either. I do everything last minute, I rarely study, sometimes I fuckin skip homework and bs my way thru class and I still pull all A’s like??? I have a shitty work ethic but the brain I was born with just so happens to retain information well and can logic it’s way thru a test it knows nothing about

I mean I take school v seriously!! I wanna do well and I’m actually thrilled to learn most of the time but like…why can’t I put the effort into it u kno? If it comes easy to me why aren’t I taking advantage of that and really excelling?? I guess that comes down to motivation but that’s really hard for me to find and it makes me feel shitty because others rlly struggle with school and they would kill to have it come easy…I know it’s not my fault or anything but I can’t help but feel guilty

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“my dearest hana,

oPEN YOUR EYES!” pbg wrote, thinking deeply about what he was going to say.

“open your eyes? try to remember. 100 years! open!”


he sealed the letter, heading to hana’s dorm to deliver it. on the way there, he saw luke.

“you’re the chosen one,” pbg said to him with a glare.

“huAA!” luke replied.

they arrived at hana’s dorm at the same time, both rushing to get there first. pbg made it and slid the note under the door, but luke still taped his letter to the dorm’s door.

“by solving intricate puzzles laced in perplexity,” luke grumbled as he left.

“to the rising sun.”

pbg went back to his dorm and fell asleep immediately. 


“wake up! wake! up!” hana said, jolting the prince awake.

“wh-what?” pbg said, confusion on his face.

“we’re under attack, austin.”

“what? by who?”



save him

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