bad era photo


MJ iPhone 5/5s/5c backgrounds | Bad era edition

Just Right Special USB Edition

Never before seen photo of almost naked Michael Jackson (!!!)

At the exhibition “Colorworks” in the Museum of Photography in Berlin, on December 3, 2015

To me, it looks more like an artwork/painting…. maybe because of the glass, the lighting, the angle…. But, it’s clearly written everywhere that it’s a photo taken by the photographer Greg Gorman in 1987, in Los Angeles.

Gorman: “It was an interesting story with Michael. I’d worked with him over the years and he really liked my pictures and I loved working with him, he was a real artist. He took photography very seriously and prior to our shoots and we’d talk for hours on the phone about what we were gonna do, how we’d go about it. He’d have ideas and we’d spring them together. He loved my female and male nudes and he wanted to shoot something provocative but obviously not a nude so that’s how it came about. It’s never been seen before. He was very easy to work with, never in a rush and always very direct.”

Translated from the German article:
“Above the entrance hangs similar to an altarpiece, to see for the first time in Germany, a photograph of Michael Jackson (1987) in Tänzerpose, in white tight outfit sitting on the floor - gracefully like a ballerina. For a whole day he was working at that time with the singer says Gorman that he worked with Michael for a whole day. "A hard worker.” You can see that also on the photo ….“