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Possible Side Effects (Harry Styles Smut)

Summary: You tell yourself that you won’t come back, but you always do. He is addicting, the way he makes your feel is addicting.

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Warnings: player Harry, smut, dominance, fingering, begging

A/N: I began writing this a few days ago before people starting send in requests which I will be working on in the next few days.

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Possible Side Effects (Harry Styles Smut)

“I thought you said you weren’t coming back?”  Harry said smirking.

No matter how many times you tried to quit him, you always came back.  You always told yourself and him that, that ‘this’ would be the last time.  That you wouldn’t come back to him.  But now you find yourself at his doorstep with him looking at you with amusement because you are weak again.

“I knew you would come back, you always do.” He states smirking at you because you both know it’s true.

“Shut up, and let’s just do this” you say pushing him into his house, pressing your lips hard against his.  Harry doesn’t take a lot a time to respond, and two begin to make out.  He closes the door behind you by backing you into it.  Now you are pinned against the door frame, which is strong body against you.  But you don’t care, you want him, no you feel a need for him.  You knew it was wrong, you knew that you would end up getting yourself hurt in the end like you always do, but you didn’t care.  

You try to shake these thoughts out of your head by focusing on the way he is making you feel.  You love the way his hands travel up and down the body, almost like he can’t get enough of it.  His hands move from your sides to your ass.  He squeezes your ass, causing you to moan against his mouth.  His hands continues to knead, as his lips travels down to your neck.  Leaving marks as he goes, he’s dominant, so he likes to show what is his.  And right now, your body is his.  As he kisses down, find your sweet spot that makes you grip his biceps.  

“Found it” He says smirking against your neck.  He then begins kissing your collar bones, biting slightly making you moan, and grab at his hair.

“Harry, bed, now.” You moan out.  Harry picks you up that you are straddling his front side.  As he carries you, his lips do not leave your neck.  It makes him hard when girls praise him for how good he makes them feel.  

When you get to his bedroom, he lays you on the bed, and kisses you hard.  He then lifts his shirt over his head throwing it across the room.  You kick of your shoes, and sit up to take off your shirt.  You throw your shirt off the side of the bed, and lay back knowing Harry loves undressing you.  

Harry leans over you and kisses you again, but begins to travel down, unclipping your bra, and putting it with your shirt on the floor.  He begins to work on your breasts, kissing down between them and then taking a nipple into his mouth biting on it lightly, and sucking on it.  Your fingers tangle in his hair, slightly pulling when he tugs.

Slowly, Harry kisses down your body, and swiftly pulls off your leggings and underwear at the same time.  He then opens your legs, and runs his finger down your slit.

“So wet for me baby. No wonder why you keep coming back.  Who made you this wet?”  Harry asks smirking up at you.

You don’t respond, but push his head down signaling him to go down.  Harry doesn’t hesitate and goes down.  He first takes his tongue flat and licks up your slit, and moans at your taste. The vibrations from his moaning adding more pleasure.  

“Mhm, Harry.”  You moan as his tongue pushes near your entrance.  As Harry tongue pushes his tongue in and out.  After, Harry began to focus on your clit.

He sucked it on and pulled at it, causing you to find your hands pulling at his hair.  Harry loves the roughness when you pull at his hair.  You then feel Harry’s two fingers push into you.  His thick fingers push in and out.  You loved Harry’s hands and how they could make you feel.

“You like that baby girl?”  Harry asks, not looking at you but watching his fingers move in and out of you.  He is mesmerized by how his thick fingers seem to disappear and appear covered in your wetness.

“Yes, oh yes.” You say your voice getting louder as her curls his fingers hitting your g-spot.

“Yes Harry, yes, yes, yes”  You yell grabbing the bed sheets, with your hips lifting up wanting to intensify the feeling.

“Cum baby girl, I want to taste you.”  Harry commands, pumping his fingers fast.

As you cum, your hands grab Harry’s hair, pulling it, but pushing his face down, and pushing your hips up against his mouth, not wanting to lose the feeling.
After you are finished cumming, Harry sits up, and grabs a condom and pumps his hard cock a few times.

“How bad do you want my cock?”  He asks pumping his cock right near your entrance.  

“So bad, Harry, please” You beg as he begins to take the tip of his cock and rubbing it on your clit, knowing what it does to you.

“You want it?”  Harry says pushing just his head into your entrance teasing you.  “Beg for it.”

“Harry, please fuck me.  Fuck me with your hard, big cock.  Fill me up-“ You beg, and before you can finish, Harry slams into you.  Then, he pulls out, not completely, keeping his head still in, and then slams back in.

“You hear that?”  Harry whispers in your ear.  When you listen, you can hear the wetness of him slamming in and out of.

“You hear how wet you are?  And how my thick cock fills you up.  You like how I fill you up?”  He growls, loving being praised.

“Yes, I love how you fill me up.”  You moan.

“No one will make you feel this good.  Only me.”  Harry demands being possessive.

Harry feels your pussy start to pulse around him, knowing you’re close.

“You’re close baby girl, I can feel your tight pussy pulsing around me.  You close?”  He breathes in your ear.

“Mhm, yes. Please let me cum, please” You beg.

“Cum for me, I want to feel you cum around me.  Cum.”  He orders slamming into you harder, and bringing his hand down to press circles your clit.

“Yes, yes.  Harry, Harry, yes.”  You scream out cumming.

“Scream, tell everyone who is making you feel this good.”  Harry says, still thrusting in and out of you through your orgasm.  Moments later Harry fills you with his hot cum, filling up the condom.

After staying in you for a few moments, not wanting to lose the warm and tight contact, he finally rolls off, throwing out the condom.

Harry lays down, next to you with both of his arms under his head.  

You get up and start to put on your clothes, and as you are putting on your shoes and walking out the door, you hear Harry says,

“I’ll see you in a few days.”

“We’ll see.” You say, knowing that you will be coming back.

“Yeah” He laughs, “We’ll see.”

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Doctor, Meet Newt - DW/FBAWTFT Crossover pt.1

Requested By : @sweetdreamcollectorposts Part 2 should be posted in a week or so

Summary : Doctor and Reader get into an argument, what happens when Reader has a run in with a sneaky niffler?

Word Count : 1,685

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Teach Me - Preview

Pairing: Suga(BTS)/You, Jungkook(BTS)/You

Summary: You grew up in a world of privilege and show. Min Yoongi grew up in a world of hard-work and strife. Two polar opposites - drawn together by coincidence - may have a lot more to teach each other than anyone could have guessed.

Content: Angsty & Of Course Smutty College AU 

Notes: I don’t post enough for you lovely bananas, so have a preview for a new thing. 

The pull of mystery was too strong and you had always been more curious than wise. When you finally lost your battle not to look at him again, you found him watching you too. His eyes we’re hooded yet narrowed somehow. Annoyance and judgement we’re plain as day on his delicately masculine features.That dark gaze had your face heating and your shoulders slumping in something akin to guilt. You immediately panned around the room for something - anything - to focus on other than Yoongi. 

Of course he didn’t approve of the world you came from just as it didn’t approve of him. You really shouldn’t even care what he thought - you barely even knew him - but the thought had your head swimming with exhausting inner monologue.

Am I reading too far into things?

How can he judge me when he doesn’t even know me?

Why do I even care when I have hardly even said two words to the man during the entire half a year we have spent in the same class?

Your inner tirade was brought to halt by a deep whisper of your name into your ear. Jungkook was leaning into you, a teasing smile topped with perfectly shaped raised brows gracing his face. For the second time in the last half hour, you felt another wave of guilt, much shorter lived than the first. You had forgotten that he was even sitting next to you. 

A single large hand came to rest on your knee - his shit eating-grin growing even wider as the warmth of it traveled slowly up the bare flesh of your thighs. His progress halted when he reached the end of your short skirt to play absently with the hem. It was a familiar gesture - one that you had been on the receiving end of many times. Jungkook had always been a touchy person no matter the situation or potential audience. You were simply grateful for what little cover the desk two of you shared provided. “You never answered my question,” he stated as his grin fell to form a halfhearted frown.  

You sheepishly glanced at your phone sticking out of your purse. The notification light blinked with unread messages. In hindsight, maybe you should have felt bad for being so entranced by some strange man that you hadn’t even noticed your boyfriend had texted you, but you didn’t.

"You Are Mine" (Charles Xavier Smut)

“Charles?” You yell.
“Yes darling.” He says from behind you.
“Are you ready?” You ask putting the finishing touches on your outfit.
“Yes I am. You look stunning.” He says.
You were going to dinner with a bunch of very important people. You were wearing a black dress with (y/f/c) shoes.
“Thank you. But we need to go.” You say walking towards the door.
“Alright. Let’s go.” He says.
There was only old men at this party. They were disgusting. They would tap your ass as you walked by, starred at your breasts. You were very uncomfortable. Charles was pissed.
“We’re leaving.” Charles said through his teeth.
“Umm alright.” You said. But you were pretty relived.
Charles made the excuse that he was not feeling well. So we left.
We got back to the mansion and Charles kissed you angrily.
“You are mine and only mine.” He said unzipping your dress leaving you in your black bra and matching underwear.
“You look so sexy.” He said.
You took off his shirt and his pants so we were both half naked.
“What do you want me to do Professor?” You ask seductively.
“Suck darling.” He said.
Of course you did what he asked you. You pull down his boxers and put his whole length in your mouth. He groans as you bob your head up and down.
He reached down and un-clasped your bra.
He had you go faster by tangling his hand in your hair.
“Darling stop.” He said.
He slid your underwear down your legs and lined himself up at your entrance.
“How bad do you need me?” He says smirking
“Charles I need you so bad. Please fuck me.” You begged.
He slammed into you. You screamed his name.
“Yes Y/N. Scream louder. Let everyone know that you are mine.” He said.
He flipped over so you were on top. You bounced faster and faster.
You feel the familiar pit inside your stomach.
“I’m gonna come.” You said.
“Me too.” He says.
He puts his hands on your hips and pushes you up and down even faster.
“Let go.” He says and like that you came undone. You rode out your highs and you laid next to him.
“You are mine. Those guys disgusted me. How they touched you…” Charles said.
“It’s okay. Charles I love you.” I said.


i keep imagining her
calling out my name
in the dark
as we are lost in the woods
and i can hear the twigs crunching
beneath her feet but
i cant see her

all i can see are the trees
or rather
i can feel them
and watch their shadows
in the moonlight
i wonder if i would recognize
her shadow or if
she would blend in with the trees
her arms always swayed like the branches

then i feel bad for becoming
entranced in my own wonderings
and i start searching again
but her voice is more distant now
and the sun has begun to rise
and the deer are coming out
and their eyes remind me of hers
and i can’t bear that

so i freeze and just
stand there
and then her screaming stops
and then another screaming starts
but this time
it comes from my own vocal chords

“Well this is a nice surprise...”

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A/N: @iknowyoufeelme wanted me to use ^that gif. I don’t know where she found it…

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Calum thought he was imagining things, the sounds echoing around the nearly quiet house and making its way into his ears. He shook his head and went back to fiddling with the strings of his bass guitar. It wasn’t until Calum had heard the sound again, louder this time that he decided to investigate. The sounds were all too familiar, but Calum could have sworn you weren’t home. He made his way to your shared bedroom, stopping short when he spotted you through the crack in the door. “Oh fuck,” Calum hissed, eyebrows furrowing and an amusing smile making its way onto his face. He was positive you had left out for work, but clearly he was wrong. You were laid out on the bed, legs spread wide open, vibrator in hand as you worked on pleasuring yourself. The sight alone left Calum breathless and blood rushing to his cock. He stood there in shock for a moment and then slowly pushed the door open. The sound of the door creaking open is what stopped your actions. Your eyes were wide as you spotted Calum leaning against the door frame a grin on his face. “Well this is a nice surprise…” he said, words trailing off. 

“W-What are you doing here?” you questioned breathlessly. You switched the speed of the vibrations, biting onto your bottom lip, and staring at Calum with lust filled eyes. The two of you were never shy when it came to sex.

“I thought you were at work,” Calum replied, avoiding your question. “Also what are you doing masturbating in the middle of the day?” You rolled your eyes at his question, turning your vibrator off and tossing it to the side. 

“Well I was horny so ya know…wanna join me!?!” you excitedly asked, scrambling up onto your knees. “Come play with me,” you pouted, reaching out with grabby hands. You smirked, pointing your finger at Calum and then making a “come here” motion.

“Hmm I don’t know, you might-you might have to beg,” Calum said, crossing his arms. His eyes scanned over your body, cock pressed up hard against his sweatpants and pulsating with desire. Your smirk turned into a frown, a huff leaving your lips. You knew he wasn’t going to wait long. You climbed off the bed, slowly walking towards him. Calum swallowed hard when you grabbed his clothed cock; palming his bulge. He wanted you to beg, but you weren’t in a begging mood.

“When’s the last time I gave you head?” you innocently asked, hearing Calum curse under his breath. You didn’t give him a chance to reply. Sinking down to your knees and pulling down his sweats in the process. Calum’s mouth parted when he felt your kiss along side his cock. His breathing becoming irregular as he watched you. You stuck your tongue out, slowly rolling it around the head of his cock. Calum’s cock was throbbing, the head red and precum sliding around as you sucked it. He loved when you gave head, always being a good girl for him. You hollowed your cheeks, taking his cock down your throat. Calum moaned, collecting your hair up into a ponytail and resting his head back. You began to bob your head up and down, hand working at the parts that weren’t in your mouth. Saliva was dribbling out the corners of your mouth, coating Calum’s cock. You went down too far, gagging a bit and lifting up to catch your breath. Calum began to take control, plunging his cock back inside and beginning to fuck your mouth. You moaned around his cock, already feeling your own juices leak down your thigh. 

“Get up Princess,” Calum hummed, knowing you wanted him just as bad as he wanted you. The fact that you were pleasuring yourself without him in the first place made Calum jealous. You pulled away, a string of precum following your movements. The minute you stood, Calum’s lips were on yours in a feverish kiss. He backed you up towards the bed, hands sliding over your soft skin. Your giggles filled the air, Calum pushing you back onto the bed. “I can’t wait to eat you for lunch,” he hummed into your neck, teeth sinking into your skin. His hand slid between your legs and squeezed at your inner thigh. 

“Later. Just fuck me,” you moaned, clit waiting to be touched. You could still faintly feel the vibrations from earlier. Calum smiled at your words, licking his lips and pushing off the bed to look for a condom. You waited breathlessly, licking at your fingers and sliding your hand down to rub at your clit. 

“Who said you could touch yourself,” Calum growled, slapping your hand away and replacing it with his own. “Turn over and let me see that ass,” he demanded, hitting your thigh. You knew he was just teasing now, but you still flipped over. His hands gripped at your cheeks and squeezed them. Calum stroked his cock a few times, sliding the condom on and lining up at your entrance. “How bad do you want it?” he whispered, lips brushing over you back. You pushed back against him, the head of his cock slipping inside. To your dismay, Calum pulled out. Rubbing the tip between your folds to tease you even more. 

“Please,” you whimpered, becoming impatient to his teasing. “Fuck me please,” you whined out. A moan followed your words as Calum plunged in deep. Your thighs shaking in adrenaline. You would let Calum take you any and everywhere if he wanted to. His thrusts started off slow, making you feel every inch of his cock. You moaned, face buried into the pillow as he began to work into you. The sounds of his hips snapping against yours at a fast pace. Your body jolting forward each time he pushed into you. A strangled moan left your lips as Calum’s hand came down hard against your ass. “Fuck that’s the spot.” you gasped, hands gripping at the sheets as the head of his cock hit against your g-spot. You began to thrust back into him, switching the angle. 

“So fucking wet,” Calum said, spreading your ass cheeks apart and massaging your clit. Only he could make you this wet and it made Calum proud. He was the one that got you so worked up and made you a withering mess. He pulled out, sitting down beside you and stroking at his cock. You knew what he wanted, already getting into reverse cowgirl position and sitting down until his cock filled you to the brim. You squatted, beginning to grind down on him in figure eights. This position wasn’t your favorite. Your legs always ended up feeling numb halfway through, but Calum loved it and the angle had his tip hitting at your g-spot every time. Finally, you began to ride Calum at a steady pace. Calum spanked you again, watching as your ass jiggled. Hands landing on your hips and starting to control the pace. His strokes became long and you slid your hands over your body, playing with your nipples. The added stimulation had your legs shaking, and you began to clench around Calum’s cock. You were close and from the way you were clenching around him Calum was soon ready to release. His hand snaked around your body, tilting your head to the side to give you a passionate kiss. His tongue slipped into your mouth, battling yours for dominance. Your moaned into the kiss, slowing down the pleasure to milk your orgasm out of you. Cries of pleasure left your lips as you came, Calum rubbing at your clit and intensifying your release. Not long after he came, thrusts erratic and sloppy. Seconds later you got up, heading to the bathroom to pee while Calum discarded the condom.

“You should call off more often,” Calum smiled lazily as you walked back into the room. He was laid back against the pillows, forearm rested over his face. You nodded sliding into bed next to him and resting your head on his chest. 

“Let’s nap for a bit, wake up, eat, and do round two later,” you hummed. Knowing exactly what Calum wanted to eat.