bad enough you don't trust him

Should You Fight Them: Clone Wars
  • Palpatine: Dewwit
  • Anakin: He would would kick your ass but to say you got your shiny butt kicked by that ass wipe is an honer
  • Obi-Wan: Leave him alone he has had enough
  • Ahsoka: She can kick my ass any day ;)
  • Hondo: He deserves a good ass kicking, fight him.
  • Mace: No don't, he will hand your ass on a fancy dinner plate
  • Yoda: He may be old but he will beat you to the ground
  • Kit Fisto: Don't hurt his amazing smile
  • Rex: Touch him and I swear to god
  • Pong Krell: Yell at him from a safe distance
  • Barriss: Fight that bitch, she betrayed all our trust
  • Luminara: Don't hurt mommy
  • Savage: Stay away, nope. Bad. Scary.
  • Maul: My brain says no but my heart says yes
  • Fives: You know what, don't touch any of the clones they don't deserve this
  • Lux: If you don't do it then I will
  • Saw: Nah
  • Steela: Noooo :(
  • Cad Bane: Fight the space cowboy
  • Sorry I know this has been done already
  • Kyle: listen Heidi, being with Cartman is a bad idea. I know him. He'll just fuck you over in the end.
  • Heidi: Really? To me he just seems misunderstood.
  • Kyle: that's just what he wants you to think! This is good advice. If I were you I'd stay away.
  • Heidi: ok, but how come you get to hang out with him?
  • Kyle: that's different, ok. I know what I'm doing.
  • Heidi: I've been Cartman's friend too. I know that he really cares about me-
  • Kyle: NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HIM LIKE I DO! Trust me, I've thought about him enough to know he's a bad person, so stop flirting with him.
  • Heidi: I'm not even flirting with him. I'm literally doing the same shit you guys do together all the time.
  • Kyle: BUT I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT'S ALOUD TO- I mean- trust me Heidi. This is for your own good.

anonymous asked:

How do you deal with long distance when you don't see Arden for longer than a month? How do you overcome insecurity and jealousy? I know it's all about trust, but still when someone is insecure, trusting one another isn't enough. I've been long distance with my bf for over a year now and I haven't seen him for a month now and I always have such a bad time, I don't know what to do to overcome this insecurity and jealousy.

Yeah it’s super rough. We spend a lot of time together too so its weird when we’re so far apart. I think its probably perfectly normal to feel some jealously. Like if she’s out having fun, ill be jealous because I’m missing out. Not in a angry way, just in a kind of ‘i miss you’ way. Try and hang out with friends to take your time off it and make a time to talk everyday. Also stuff like whatsapp makes it so easy to stay in touch. We FaceTime lots too. There’s also this thing you can turn on in your iPhone which shares your location with that person. So if you’re ever feeling lonely you can just see what they’re up to. Being able to see their location sometimes makes things tangible. I dunno, fun stuff like that helps.