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(A little side note yes i get she is just a character in a cartoon show and yeah it’s silly being this fired up about it, still it makes me kind of sad some label her as “Evil” just beacuse she is a Diamond or judge her from that moment where she was gonna shatter Ruby, it’s unfair to assume she is bad from just that, she had her reason.)

(EDIT: You know…from seeing all those angry reblogs from you toxic lot, i’m not suprised, but really relating all this to vile nazis and dictators? It has nothing to do with it! Like why bring that into it when thats just stupid! And telling me to choke or die or whatever other cruel stuff as some of you lot have commented is just mean guys, come on don’t be so harsh.) (EXTRA EDIT: Just on the topic of the “Human Zoo” and all that, i can totally see in many ways how it’s kinda messed up but in the episode they were happy and content, Greg even pointed it out to Steven in the episode, like realisticlly the “Zoo” could work as a neat way for humans to live if Gems can make a whole place for them to live, they if a deal could be stuck with Gems they can use earth while humans live in “Zoos” since they would get everything they need and Gems don’t need to supervise the other current “Zoo” humans like they do as of now and can get the materials they need, win-win really, but i can also understand how it may not work and seem kinda cruel.)

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Like what that anon just said. I'm curious if you think that if someone was abused by a black person or person of color does that justify them being scared of all black people?

Okay I’m white so like, I feel really uncomfy commenting on this.

But what Id say is there’s a big difference between been scared of a certain group and saying they’re all scary. It’s not at all their fault if their traumatised brain made a strong association between fear (from their abuse) and a trait of the person who caused that fear (in this case a person of colour), so they now feel fear when they’re exposed to that trait. So, it’s valid if they’re scared- that’s not their fault, and i would say they shouldn’t feel guilty for something that their abuse caused as they have no control over it.

Ofc, if they went on to say that all black people are scary, people should be scared of them etc, that would be bad as it maintains a very harmful and dangerous stereotype. There’s a big difference between “im scared of X because of a past history of abuse” and “X is scary”

EDIT: I have apologised for this post several times and will continue to do so. This post was racist of me to make. I had 0 right to speak on this topic and will not do so again in the future. I genuinely apologise and fully understand why people did/are judging me for making it. 

when will they stop using robert sugdens character as a plot device and like….. be interesting about it

because like you’ve got the bisexual son of a farmer who lost both of his parents by time he was 23 and the show has like… barely touched on how he copes with being a literal orphan with a step mother who has always favoured his other siblings more

he’s a character who’s got a bit of a ~ shady ~ past and has spent a year actively trying to be better and do better for the person he loves but is still willing to go to extreme ends to protect his family

you’ve got a missing ten years of his life you could fill with So Much and like… you’ve decided a cheating storyline is your best route to go down?

I’ve always found robert a compelling character - he literally watched his mother die in a fire, he grew up feeling as though his father preferred andy and that’s got to just Fuck you up, and his father sent him away when he was 19 and told him to never come back

why waste a character with so much history and struggle in his life on… a cheating plot at this point it’s not even just bad writing to me it’s honestly boring writing

~Not trying to fall in love because you know that voltage boys got your back♡~

Other people: *Involves in a romantically relationship; being all lovey-dovey everyday* “You should try to fall in love again sweetheart, being in love is great!”

Me: *spine shivers, shakes her head vigorously, rolls eyes, stick the middle finger at them, and scream “fx#$ y@$”* “I loathe love, who needs love when you got voltage boys that makes you happy. I ain’t going to waste my talent just for some ridiculous fairy tale fantasies. I AIN’T DESPERATE LIKE YOU SWEETIE. I’m different…”

~Also, don’t make fun of my boys, they make me happy in a way that you can’t!~

♤{***This is my own opinion. You might have a different opinion, and I won’t judge that, so please don’t judge mine. We’re all different***}♤

It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants Part 2

(OR: Mace Windu Unfucks The Timeline) 

Part 1 Part 3

“I have absolutely no clue if this even fits in with anyone’s personalities or characters, but funnily enough I don’t give a shit.”  -lily, who might again be concussed judging by her misspent time these past two days.

This whole time travel thing is apparently really bad for Mace’s reputation.  I mean, it’s only a matter of time before he gets caught doing something ridiculous, right?

Many thanks to @royalpinkzeppelin for betaing and talking me through this one and hanging on when I was typing out loud and making strange metaphors.  Also, the pun on Mace’s name is his.


Edit: some paragraph breaks added where I just noticed they were missing x.x

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Gerard Way  //  I’m only human

This one was really hard for me to make but i really wanted to do it. I love Gerard more than anything and it breaks me to see him like this. I rather not watch these kinds of videos but you know what, i regret nothing for making this edit. Give me your opinion about it, good or bad xx

// created by me

Oh I love Sebastian Stan!

I was having a bad day, one of those days where you don’t want to leave your bed,you over think every little thing and make yourself feel like utter crap :( past couple of weeks I’ve been in a pretty bad place. I don’t know how to describe what’s going on in my head all I know Is I’m scared and don’t know who to turn too with out feeling like a bother. I feel like the people of Tumblr will understand me and not judge me :) For some reason whenever I’m having a bad say all I have to do is look at this adorable dork and he always brings a smile to my face! No matter what character he plays I am hopelessly in love with him and I am not ashamed at all ❤ I hope that people understand what I’ve tired to say!

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  • My new Artwork
  • Personal piece
  • My idea (not taken from anywhere else, but my head)
  • The character is fictional, but based on real life event
  • Graphite on paper (I DIDN’T do any editing over original, just pencils)

Terribly disturbed watching film-documentary “India’s Daughter” that attempts to tell the story of the brutal rape and murder in 2012 of a twenty-three-year-old female medical student in Delhi. After watching and reading the facts I think something in me broke down…I’m bad in words, so everything I want to tell is through my art.

I dedicate this artwork not only to the girl who’s lost her life in Delhi but to all females all around the world who suffered of rape or discrimination.

Don’t keep silence! MAKE A CHANGE! 

       ps: don’t judge the artist, but the art

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What do you think is worse in a video, bad audio or bad editing?

Mostly bad editing.

A principle one of my staff sergeants told me is “people listen with their eyes.”

You could be playing the greatest music ever and skillfully land each note, but if you’re marching like garbage, it doesn’t matter, because that’s what people will remember and how they will judge your performance.

I think the principle is the same for video editing. Many people have gotten by on crappy mics, but the presentation far outweighed that and you’re able to just ignore it.

There are exceptions. Mr. Enter’s videos aren’t the most flashy things around editing-wise (Like your videos dude, and I understand that you have limited footage to work with, but repeating footage is one of editing’s mortal sins and it bugs the crap out of me), but his audio control, scripting, and delivery more than make up for that.

I think it depends which is worse, but I’d say in most cases, it’s bad editing.