bad dreams is my favorite

Hold my hand in the car. Tell me about your dreams and the reason your mom cries. Hug me in the book section of the store and kiss my cheek while I read. Fall asleep with your head on my chest. Hold tightly to my arm while we watch movies. Kiss me quick and soft or long and hard but just kiss me. Call me to say goodnight and text me when you have a bad dream. Learn my favorite things and understand my different moods. God forbid though if you fall in love with me. Don’t be foolish because you know that’s not what you want. I am not what you want.
—  The two lovers that never loved
Self-Insert Weekend: Dreams

So, in the time I’ve been in love with Andrew, I’ve had three different Andrew related dreams that inspired me to draw them, almost exactly one year apart. As a result, they work as a pretty good artistic growth series? I completely blame @wlwbuffy and @darkwingdukat for encouraging me to post this. 

However, they are sappy and romantic and self-inserty, as one might expect…

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Armin x ocean

i’ll be honest with you, anon. this one hurts really bad.

armin’s dream for the ocean was one of my favorite things in snk, and i really feel robbed of it. the timeskip, among other things, cheapened the significance of this scene. armin was happy, but it felt so… empty. 

and i guess that’s a good thing in terms of the story… that even something they wanted so badly ended up being ultimately unfulfilling.

the one thing that really bothers me about it though is that i love eremin x ocean. i love how part of eren’s goals were apparently some of armin’s as well. something so simple and yet something everybody deserved–freedom from the walls. and armin helped eren see that.

but i hate how later we see eren say that he “forgot about the ocean in his own need of revenge”… where armin’s dream becomes a scapegoat for him to become irrational and to insubordinate against levi and hange. that he uses it to bring armin back when armin was ready to sacrifice it all so his friends, so humanity, could have a chance to live on.

so i guess it hurts… it hurts that eren doesn’t care, when part of armin’s love for the ocean is the idea of sharing the ocean with eren (and mikasa to an extent). and they get to the ocean and

he still wants revenge

the bob cut is in

also just look at all that girl power (and once again, asami designed the suits)

this is nothing but 4x the girl power

Remember when people would go ew Taylor Swift and the punch line would be don’t date Taylor she’ll write a song about you and, we’d defend her because we knew how great and kind and smart she is. Now people are finally starting to appreciate her after a long time and persuasion we finally changed their minds. Now that she has a fast selling number one album, slaying charts, wining all the awards,they are finally beginning to see what we’ve seen all along. They have finally moved passed using Taylor as a punch line in a cruel joke. I now go to school and people are not making fun of Taylor’s hair flips, they are talking about how amazing bad blood is and saying YASSS bad blood and oh widest dreams is my favorite. It warms my heart and makes me emotional Taylor is finally getting appreciation she deserved from the very beginning we have come so far!!

Reducing Taylor Swift’s Breakup To Fodder For Her Next Album Is The Wrong Reaction To Have

Reducing Taylor Swift’s Breakup To Fodder For Her Next Album Is The Wrong Reaction To Have

The news is still fresh, so I totally understand if it was painful for you to wake up and remember that the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup wasn’t just a bad dream. Although neither half of my (former) favorite celebrity couple has confirmed the news, People reports that after 15 beautiful months together, this adorable relationship is officially no more. After word got out, people immediately flocked to social media to talk about their feelings. I’m super bummed, so I’ve agreed with a lot of the reactions that fellow fans have had… except for one. Talking about how good Swift’s next album will be because of this breakup is the wrong reaction to have, regardless of what music this breakup inspires.

It’s not that I don’t understand why Swift’s music would come to mind at a time like this, because I do. Some of my favorite songs she’s ever written (like “All Too Well”) have been the product of the emotions she’s felt after the end of a relationship that was meaningful to her. But hearing people talk about how good her future music will be is just an echo of that time where people thought it was acceptable to shame her for writing songs about her past loves. Her breakup with Harris isn’t fodder for her next album, it’s a real life relationship that has come to an end.

It’s not OK to perpetuate the idea that Swift dates for her music, and that’s exactly what these types of comments are doing. I mean,“Blank Space” was a good music video, but it’s not real life. Swift doesn’t date for the express purpose of getting new material to write and sing about. That concept is too ridiculous to entertain, so it bothers me that people think that way. And I have a feeling it bothers her too, because she didn’t date for years after her love life became a punchline. In April, she told Vogue:

You know, I went out on a normal amount of dates in my early 20s, and I got absolutely slaughtered for it. And it took a lot of hard work and altering my decision-making. I didn’t date for two and a half years. Should I have had to do that? No.

Does this sound like someone who’s dating in order to get inspiration for her music? I don’t think so. Does she create awesome music after she’s worked through something really difficult? Yes. But the same thing happens to everyone who has ever been in a relationship ever. We may not all write music about it, but we do all process it in our own ways and we learn and grow from that experience. Let’s leave her career out of this, because it really shouldn’t have anything to do with her personal life — especially not as it’s happening in real time. Maybe she’ll decide to share the details in her music in the future. Maybe she won’t. It doesn’t matter. It’s her decision.

Swift and Harris were adorable together, and it was the first time she’s ever addressed a relationship this openly. Despite what the rampant rumors say, she usually keeps her relationships private, so the fact that she was willing to discuss Harris in interviews and share photos with him on Instagram tells me their relationship had to have been pretty strong and was going really well for her to do that. Instead of thinking about her music, I’m thinking about how much it must suck for her that this is over. No matter how relationships end, it almost always sucks. And right now, I’d rather give her a hug than hear the songs that what she’s feeling right now could inspire.

If you ask me (and the Grammy association), Swift’s music has always been good, regardless of her relationship status. That is a given. I just hope right now she takes all the time she needs… and maybe stays of Twitter for now. And to the rest of you who are struggling like I am, take heed: Swift will love again someday, and eventually, the rest of us will be able to make piece with this awful news, too.