bad designer


just in time for valentine’s day, jojolion cards in good taste for you and your friends~

So I was just looking at the paladin armour and I noticed something. It’s made up of two parts, right, the white armour and the black bodysuit they wear underneath

So the black part in the middle…that’s the bodysuit. Yes? So basically the armour they’re wearing is a crop top and thigh highs


i mobstucked

i call this one ‘Ritsu has a sweet tooth and makes massive mistakes’

“Skunks don’t always stink” #Drawmybeast

Social media is an interesting thing, sometimes we have this stupid idea “if we don’t receive powerful attention in our post it means that our art is bad” and we forget it’s not about always winning, it’s about contrast and discipline, 1 o 1000 likes can’t tell you how good is your art, good feedback is like money, should be the result of hard work not the reason, so don’t worry many artist feel the same, just don’t stop!.


Feyre Cursebreaker 
Protector of the Rainbow
Huntress with an artist’s soul

Okay so I’m calling it right here right now you heard it here first my dude this lady is gonna be one of 4 things:

1 - Conventionally attractive but shallow love interest the main dude ditches for the alt punk girl in the 3rd act

2 - Smiley but secretly prejudiced stuck-up girl who devalues/gives the main an emotional beatdown about not fitting in as the “point of initiation/action” because of course she does and then is proven wrong at the end and has a snobby meltdown

3 - Dated 1980s valley girl role, an older variant of #2 but minimized with less emotional validity and played as a secondary antagonist or for laughs

4 - Pointless and stupid background bit character who might have a few scattered lines that they just slapped on a poster and that I am now pointlessly reading way too into