bad day poem

Falling in love is like a car crash.
It takes two to happen at the right place, at the right time. 
And suddenly you wonder how this possibly happened?
If only I didn’t take the long way home. 
If only I wasn’t driving 71 mph instead of 70.
If only I didn’t take that extra minute to find the right song to play on the radio.
Could all this been avoided?

That’s how falling in love can be. 
You find someone without actually looking. 
You crash into them and all of a sudden, you realize every single choice you made in your entire life, whether bad or good, led up to this moment. 
This moment where the love of your life is standing right in front of you. 
And as you look into their eyes, everything just makes sense.

—  what does falling in love feel like? | Patreon | Instagram
I hate getting lied to yet I lie to myself every fucking day of my life.
—  The story of a hypocrite // Late night thoughts #60

You deserve to be looked at as if you were the most precious thing in this world. Because you are.


Valentine - George Weasley

Pairing: George Weasley x reader

Warnings: some embarrassing bad poetry

Words: 798

As soon as you had found out what Valentine’s Day was all about, you had hated it. Mostly because your older sister had a boyfriend and was all lovey-dovey on this day but you had no one. However, this year it was different. Only some weeks ago you had started dating your classmate George Weasley. Now you somehow understood what would be so special about that day, having a boyfriend made it suddenly appear as very important.

This year was a special Valentine’s Day in Hogwarts. Professor decorated the Great Hall and wore fitting pink robes. You didn’t find it lovely because it was just too much. And you weren’t the only one who thought that. Also the other professors weren’t fond of Lockhart’s idea, probably mostly because he suggested that they could teach you things like love potions or similar charms today. You, as well as others buried your face in your hands and whished the day would just be over, although you had waited for it quite some time now.

The day proved to be even worse than you thought that morning. Because Lockhart also had dwarfs that were delivering Valentines to students, even in your classes. But it seemed as if these creatures were forced to do this rather than by free will since they did not look very pleased in their costumes. You pitied them. That, however, changed when after the lunchbreak one of the dwarves hurried towards you before you got to your first class in the afternoon.

“Oh no” you breathed as you heard him call your name. Of course, a rather large group of students was gathering around you immediately, eager to hear your message. But you decided to ignore all of it and tried to run away, but unfortunately both of the Weasley twins stopped you, pushing you back in the middle. “You’re dead, Weasley! Both of you!” you growled at your boyfriend and his brother. “And if that message is from either of you, you will rue this day!” For a second you considered covering your ears but somehow you also were a little excited for the Valentine. If it hadn’t been for the others surrounding you, you might have even found it cute. The only good thing was that if the message would turn out to be someone else’s than George’s he’d most likely make the dwarf shut up. Luckily, the message the dwarf was about to deliver to you wasn’t a singing but a poem.

“(Y/N), you are so beautiful
Thanks for being with be despite I’m a numbskull
Darling, you are so clever
I won’t forget you ever
I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day
because without you I’m astray
If only you had become my girlfriend before
But I’m happy if you’re with me forevermore
When I’m without you I feel like I have the flu
because (Y/N) I really, really love you!

Like everyone else you started to giggle and despite it wasn’t very good poetry, you found it quite cute. But as it seemed, the dwarf wasn’t finished. 

“I admit, the poem wasn’t very good
But I hope I’m not misunderstood

And then, the little creature took its leave. And you too started to move and walked over to the twins, smacking George in the face, before pulling him into a kiss. Now most of the others started going away as well, but Fred stayed of course.

“At least I know what you’ve been scribbling so enthusiastically in History of Magic” you kissed his cheek “But I would have expected a little more. I mean some rhymes really are… questionable.” Fred snorted with laughter.

“You should’ve seen the first drafts. If I hadn’t stepped in, one line would have been:
I fell in love with you and I don’t know how
Maybe because don’t look like a cow
” You buried your face in your hands and then turned to your boyfriend.

“Honestly? Because I’m not cow?”

“Hey, try to find a rhyme for ‘how’ yourself first”

“Err let me think… now…. slow… show… know. And there are many more” you grinned and hugged him tight “Well, thank you anyway. It was cute, although that proves you’re the worst poet ever. And if you were a good or a cheesy one, you wouldn’t be my George anymore. Thus I wouldn’t love you.”

“Oh come “one” Fred grunted “Who’s being cheesy now?”

“You’d better shut up” you warned him “and get yourself a girlfriend” Obviously your friend didn’t like to hear that because he left as well. George and you glanced after him.

“You know” George started “I thought we could write another poem for my dear brother. But this time a really embarrassing one. At least I know some very bad rhymes.”

“I’m in”


I did a Valentine’s Day post already, but here’s a Malex one for kicks and giggles. From five things you know and one thing you don’t, insp.

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75/100 days of productivity

  • worked for a few hours (I have a student job at an organisation that helps children who can’t live with their families because of abuse or addictions, etc.)
  • brought back some books to the library
  • bought some gifts (late Christmas gifts for people I’ll only see in January)
  • bought a new bujo for 2019 and started to set it up
  • saw a Hungarian movie in cinema called Bad poems - it was very relatable and funny but it’s VERY Hungarian… 😀
  • read Orlando from Virginia Woolf (I know, I haven’t read it for weeks… )

this is a reminder
to you

that you have made
a difference
to me

that you can achieve
what you are setting
out in the coming days
to do

that you are wonderful
and lovely, and so, so
very loved and special
and i’m thinking
of you


its raining so hard out 
that the 40 minute drive into town
was littered with Electric Company Cars,
the stoplights not blinking
just dark

and the sound is so heavy
it almost overwhelms the silence 
in my head

its a right Monday morning 
and “what you don’t know
won’t hurt you” still hurts
because I am never not knowing,
I know you from the inside out.

I am known,
and the burden of it all is
I would be duped again 
for the wellbeing of those I love 

it starts like this:
lying awake for 6 hours 
and staring at the bottom of your shower 
for what seems like eons

your sister pops her head into your room
to tell you about her day
her mouth is moving but you can’t seem to hear her 
when she leaves, it feels like weeks have passed

you’re doing fine, you whisper into the sheets
you’ve been through worse, this is nothing
get up
get out of bed, you tell yourself
it’s useless

‘this too shall pass’
reads the bible verse hanging in the kitchen
maybe it will
but for now,
let’s feel nothing but heavy
let’s take a restless nap
and pretend things can be solved

—  depressive episodes and other bad habits // hnl 2018