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YOU ALL! YOU ALL are to blame with your drawings and talking about Momo dancing, singing, listening to some songs, etc… XDD And then BAM. Lady Gaga’s Telephone hit me like a freight train. She holds a sandwich in the video, so… XD This ist trash over 9000, but here you have it, this was so fun, hahaha. Pls don’t take this serious. *grins*

Soooo. Imagine Momo getting angry over He Tian, starts shouting at his picture, ends up singing and accidentally presses “call” (Honestly, boy, what did you smoke to not realize that you’re the one telephoning him). He Tian’s like “WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCKING. FUCK.” But listening in sheer awe, until Guanshan runs out of breath from all the rampage and… BONER ALERT. (I know, I know, I officially went nuts XD)

Guanshan’s Mom saves the day and He Tian can’t stay mad.


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Guys please watch this, this is the best thing ever

Spring Day Theory (Sewol tragedy)

After reading some people’s comments saying that it is a tribute to the people who died in the Sewol ferry accident. I feel that this makes the most sense and I have so much more respect for BTS for doing this (if this is true). Here are some of my thoughts on it, hope it somewhat makes sense.

The pile of clothes
This would be a representation of life, memories - of the victims of the Sewol tragedy - together with death. This takes on same idea as Christian Boltanski’s art exhibition called ‘Personnes’. Also presented in a mountain of clothes, representing the memories and identities that the dead has left behind, in his case it’s the victims of the Holocaust.

This is a utopian society where everyone is happy without any worries but to preserve this happiness, a child’s happiness and life is being sacrificed - in this case, it’s the people who died in the tragedy - this symbolises (perhaps is criticising) how people in Korea and the Korean government choose to turn a blind eye and consider it taboo. (There are articles about how the government is to blame for this tragedy that could’ve been prevented)

Essentially, I believe (one of the) underlying messages BTS is trying to convey is that we must confront and talk about these 'taboo’ issues in order to move on and so that history does not repeat itself. Thus, linking in with the book: we must all leave Omelas together and not indulge in this feigned happiness that is only preserved because of someone else’s suffering.

Ah there, it’s good to get this off of my chest lol