Imagine you had a bad day at your job, from rude customers to men giving you looks that made you feel uncomfortable in their presence. When you get to the apartment you share with Loki, you break into sobs. Hearing you from another room, Loki approaches you and asks you what is wrong, but you don’t say anything, not wanting to trouble him. Not knowing what to do, he tries to cheer you up that ends with Loki treating you like a queen and showers you from kisses to soft spoken words.

dont put too much pressure on yourself. everything will be okay.

To everybody needing it:
  • I’m really sorry to hear your day sucked
  • I’m not sure if tomorrow will be better for you, but it’ll be a reset
  • You’ll find the courage you need to do That Thing
  • You are perfectly okay. You’re doing just fine…more than just fine, even. There’s nothing wrong with you. 
  • Take care of yourself tonight. It’ll be okay.