dont put too much pressure on yourself. everything will be okay.

To everybody needing it:
  • I’m really sorry to hear your day sucked
  • I’m not sure if tomorrow will be better for you, but it’ll be a reset
  • You’ll find the courage you need to do That Thing
  • You are perfectly okay. You’re doing just fine…more than just fine, even. There’s nothing wrong with you. 
  • Take care of yourself tonight. It’ll be okay.

you will have rough days full of sadness… BUT you are so strong and will be able to push through whatever you are going through :))

Life is going to upset you. You will be frustrated. You will be hurt. You are going to scream into the rain and collapse under stress and you will learn from it. And then you will be silenced and you will piece yourself together because you always have and you always will. Sometimes, your pieces find themselves right back where they started, only stronger. Other times, you are reconfigured; you have changed, and you are better for it. Be thankful you have endured.
—  Just in case you’re having a bad day