bad dads art show



Drawing digitally is hard. I’ve really only drawn digitally a handful of times. But I’m loving it and excited! It’s coming along and here’s the progress :’D. Slowly but surely. I’m almost done with the first page of this little tale, and I’ll probably post them page by page as I finish with links connecting to next, previous and first pages.

Original sketches can be found here.

Also I group and name layers according to characters. So far I have:

Space Dad

Pretty Boy

Big Man

Angry Alien Bae.

More to come (the first page isn’t even finished yet). Whenever I find the time between school and work >:/

No rest for the wip-ed!  Here’s another look at my take on Ash from Wes Anderson ’s Fantastic Mr Fox coming together for @spoke_art Bad Dads Art Show opening Oct 28th! I start adding texture with patches of lighter and darker colors where his fur’s about to get real fluffy.