bad dad's

When I actually got into Good Robert (slept w him first NOT KNOWING had to fix it) I could not stop laughing about the idea of what a fuckboi Robert COULD have messaged Dadsona w Amanda RIGHT THERE

“What you doing, Dad. DUH. Send back "just chillin.” NO G, Dad. THATS LAME.“

She’s standing behind her socially inept father when Robert sends back a

"cool…. what are u wearing ;)”

She’s stunned silent. Horrified. And she’s not sure if her dad answering with a “??? My clothes??? You saw me this morning at the grocery store?” is better or worse bc it means HE DIDNT GET IT HOW DID HE NOT GET IT THERE WAS A WINKY FACE THATS A CLASSIC SEXT STARTER AND HOLY SHIT HER DAD HAS NEVER ONCE HAD SEX NOT EVER NOT ONCE THATS N O T ALLOWED

you’ve heard of an all nighter now get ready for

all mighter

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