bad custom content


Hey, Guys!

This is a little bit of a PSA for my queue from now on! 

I had a massive glitch where my lots wouldn’t load, the sims wouldn’t load and I couldn’t save the game. The whole of my old perfect sim challenge save had corrupted. (Which is ironically the second time it has happened). I spent a couple of weeks rebuilding the whole challenge from the ground up, and also got rid of a good chunk of my old/bad custom content.

Lots of things have changed appearance wise with sims - as well as houses! You will see some new townies as well! 

I’m not going to try and come up with an explanation for it, but I just wanted to share the reasoning behind a lot of the changes! :3

Thanks for listening, folks! :3



Here is my first hair recolour in my own palette, which I’ll probably change every other week because I’m indecisive.

♦ Available in the 16 colours shown above
♦ Young Adult - Elder, Male and Female
♦ If you find any issues, please message me and I’ll try to fix it
♦  All credit goes to mintyowls for the mesh, thank you!


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