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texting taeyong and hinting you want to spend the night with him and he catches on ☁️ • requested

there are some respects (especially as regards worldbuilding) in which LOTR is a lot more nuanced and detailed than many later users of the genre conventions it helped popularize and so there’s some stuff that Tolkienesque fantasy gets criticised for that Tolkien himself doesn’t actually tend to do

there’s obviously plenty to criticise in LOTR itself, but it’s not always what seems obvious based on later examples of the genre, and it’s fascinating to see how those tropes have mutated

The editing of Minho in the Who You team was so creepy to me…. like you could see an arm, a knee, a foot, some hair, his reflection in the mirror, and sometimes the others would talk and you just know they’re looking at him. Just like a ghost. It’s gonna haunt me forever (plus the fact he’s garbage)…

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the girls and their partner having a playfull argument about what to eat, who ever wins the staring contest can choose what to eat

As a reaction, right? I wasn’t sure, but I’ll just do it as a reaction :)

f(x) reacting to: a staring contest to decide what to eat!

Krystal: Would probably play bored and annoyed, but secretly takes the situation very seriously. She doesn’t share your taste in food at all, so why would she waste this opportunity?

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. This is so childish, (Y/N)” *still wins*

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Victoria: Intentionally loses, so you can decide what to eat. She’s a sweetheart afterall!

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Luna: Takes it WAY too seriously and stares into your eyes,  tears slowly running down her cheeks and eyes reddening, until you eventually give in, so she doesn’t hurt herself. She’s very competetive, you know…

“I won’t give up, (Y/N), not when I’m so close to winning!” (imagine this with epic music)

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Amber: Uses some foul tricks like subtlely blowing into face, so you lose. Still let’s you decide because she feels bad for cheating.

“Let’s just order pizza, right?”

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A new start, part 1

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 1856

Warnings: Language and a little angst

A/N:  This is set after the first Avengers movie, before the Winter Soldier.  An actress experiences betrayal from someone she loves. This is the story of her finding a new start. 

“I am headed out now. I promise I will meet you in Tennessee in a few days.  You know how the studio gets if I am late.  Love you babe.”  Your boyfriend, David, quickly ended the call as you drove towards his Los Angeles home. The whole reason for the call was let him know you had to stop at his house to grab one of your dresses and the script for the movie you were starting in a week.  You tried calling back but it went straight to voicemail.

“Ugh, fine.  I will just grab the stuff and head to the airport.” You were running behind but you could not leave without the script.  The producers would be pissed if they had to overnight you another copy right before you started filming.  The ride to his house was thankfully short, as you seemed to have scooted around most of the midday traffic.  When you pulled up you noticed his car was still in the driveway along with another one you did not recognize.  A bad feeling started creeping up your spine but you pulled out the key to his house and let yourself inside.  The first thing you heard was a female laugh coming from the kitchen.  Your stomach dropped.  As you entered, the kitchen you found a woman dressed only in what was probably one of David’s shirts with her legs wrapped around his hips, laughing as he kissed her neck.  You stood there for a moment in utter shock staring at the pair, before you could actually make a sound.

“Umm yeah sorry.  I think I came in at the wrong time.” David turned to look at you with horror all over his face.  He dropped the woman on the counter and walked towards you with his hands out in front of him, as if to keep you from hitting him.  It was then you saw he was only dressed in a pair of thin boxers.

“Oh my God, [Y/N]. What are you doing here?  I thought you were headed to the airport. This isn’t..”  You put your hand up stopping him.

“Don’t even try.  This is exactly what it looks like, asshole.  And I’m pretty sure she was on the cover of the last Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.” The woman piped up from behind David.

“It was the Victoria’s Secret spring catalog.”  You gave a short, fake laugh.

“Even better.  A Victoria’s Secret model.”  Rolling your eyes you turned around heading towards the stairs to his bedroom.  He followed you, begging you to listen to any of the half-assed excuses he could think of. You pulled out a bag you kept there for your clothes, filling it with every item you could find that belonged to you.  A few times, you had to step around her clothes that had been strewn about the room. After a few minutes of you ignoring him, he finally stopped trying to convince you otherwise of what he had done. He had pulled on a tee shirt and jeans before sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands.  As you finished packing the last of you things, you stopped to look at him, his back towards you.  Up until that moment, you had been fueled on pure shock and adrenaline. Now looking at the man who you had spent the last year loving, your heart broke.  The pressure in your chest leading to the tears that started falling down your cheeks.

“Goodbye, David.  I hope you find what makes you happy.  I know I am not it.”  Half way down the stairs, he came running.  You could hear the tears in his voice.

“[Y/N/N], please!  I am so sorry.  It was a huge mistake.  Let’s talk this out.  You mean so much to me.  Please.” You sniffed at the tears that were still falling from your eyes.  Shaking your head with a sad smile.

“This broke anything that was there of us.  You went out of your way to lie and deceive.  There isn’t a way back from that.”  With the bag over your shoulder, you walked out the front door with David standing there watching you leave.  The girl in his tee shirt forgotten for the moment.

As you drove away, you released the rest of the emotions that had been fighting to get out. Sobbing as you headed in the direction of the airport.  You weren’t even sure you would make it on time, but at this point, you didn’t care. Everything inside you hurt and all you wanted was to crawl in bed to sleep for a few days.  Or until some of the pain went away.  

You did make it to the airport on time.  The car was dropped off and you checked in for your flight.  Not bothering to take off your sunglasses as you showed your ticket and identification.  The ticket agent giving an oddly anxious look as she realized who you were.  “Oh Miss [Y/L/N] right this way.  We will make sure no one notices you.”  With the help of TSA and the ticket agent, you were seated quickly onto the plane.  You knew you must have looked awful with the red tear swollen eyes and no makeup.  It did not matter.  You just wanted to get back to the comfort and safety of home. The day needed to be over.

The days that followed only grew worse.  After the first two days of crying, feeling sorry for yourself, and venting to your best friend, the press got wind of the breakup.  Seems the model had a big mouth and told her story to anyone that would listen. She was proud of the fact that she had stolen away the popular actor from his actress girlfriend.  David was being portrayed as a man whore, who broke your heart.  Your publicist was going crazy because you refused to comment on any of it.   The phone never seemed to stop ringing or alerting with texts messages.  Your parents, your manager, friends, even David would not stop trying to call or text.  David, you simply ignored every time, deleted all his texts without reading. Everyone else pretty much got a short dry answer that would have to do for the moment.

You weren’t ready for someone to knock on your front door.  Though you should have known, it was coming.  Your dad stood there in the doorway waiting for you to let him in. You hadn’t said a word, just standing there biting on your lower lip trying to keep the tears at bay.  When he opened his arms, you lost it.  You moved close and felt him envelop you just as he always had when you needed him.  “Oh, daddy…”

“It’s okay, sugar. You are going to be just fine in a little while.  You will find someone who is worthy of your time and your heart.  I promise you.”  He held onto you, as if his life depended on it.  After the tears had finally stopped he pulled back to look down at you.  “Better baby?”  You nodded wiping the wetness from your cheeks.  “Good, how about some coffee and we can talk?”

The two of you talked for a while.  The whole sad story coming out.  You father grumbled a bit through the worst parts of it, threatening to kill David and hide the body somewhere on his extensive property.  You laughed for the first time in days, telling him it wasn’t worth the effort but you appreciated the sentiment.  Before too long he left for home, which was only a half mile away around the pond.  The rest of the week, you kept yourself busy with packing, working your lines and trying to keep your mind off everything that had happened.  It was difficult, but you tried.  You rode your horses and fed the goats.  Took your truck for a ride through the mud a few times just to have a little fun.  Kaley, your assistant and close friend came over several times for coffee and business, making sure the two of you did not fall into that hole of talking about certain people.

When the end of the week came and it was time to head to North Carolina for your new movie. You were still sad but you were no longer crying all day.  The movie was set in the early 40’s during World War II and was about a couple who fall in love and are ultimately separated when he goes off to fight. You liked the part that the story was narrated by the couple’s granddaughter as she was reading the love letters sent between them during the war.  Telling the stories of growing up together, falling in love, marrying against their parents’ wishes and bringing their son into the world.  Right now, you thought the movie was exactly what you needed to help you get over David.  There had been a last minute recast for the character of Thomas, your character’s love interest.  The original actor had to drop because of a previous commitment.  Your new costar was Chris Evans.  Of course, the entire world knew who he was, but you had never personally met him.  The hope was that he was going to be easy to work with and you wouldn’t have to stress making this movie.

You left the rented beach house early in the morning to make sure you were on set on time.  This morning was costume fitting, and then meeting the hair and makeup staff to ensure the right styles and colors were used for your skin tone.  A rather sweet and brightly styled woman was measuring your inseam when you heard a knock on the open trailer door.  A male’s voice calling out, “Hope I’m in the right place.  I was told this is where I needed to get my measurements done.”  You turned to see short blond hair and bright blue eyes.  He stopped short in the doorway once he saw you standing there with Marion at your feet. A wide beautiful smile crossed his lips. “Oh sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Marion looked up from the floor.  

“You didn’t sweetie. Go over there and take a seat.  Me and [Y/N] here are almost done.”  Chris did not take a seat.  He walked towards you will that smile firmly in place.  He held his hand out to you as he spoke.  

“I’m Chris, seems we are going to be falling in love here.  I mean…Our characters are going to fall in love here. For the movie.  Yeah the movie. Wow, I’m an asshole. I am sorry.” You shook his hand laughing.  He was cute and goofy and he had made you laugh. Especially now that was welcome.

“I’m [Y/N].  It’s nice to meet you Chris.  You aren’t an asshole.  Everyone has times where their minds and mouths don’t talk to each other before something silly comes out.”  He grinned though you thought you could see a blush on his cheeks.

“[Y/N], I think we are going to get along just fine.”

Part 2

EXO Reaction: Telling Them You’re Pregnant


(These are so cute and cheesy awh I’m proud about writing these lol)


You heard the front door of the apartment shut as you sat on the toilet seat, chewing on your nails nervously. You had been waking up with morning sickness for the past week and you knew what that could mean. While Xiumin was out with the boys you went to the local drug store and bought two pregnancy tests and took them about fifteen minutes before Minseok returned home. You picked up the tests off the counter and couldn’t stop the tears and the wide smile as you looked at the small plus sign displayed across both of them. You hurried out of the bathroom with the sticks in your hands, hugging Minseok before shyly handing him the tests.

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Hey, hey. Can you write a fanfic about jughead. He takes drugs and betty learns about it and wants to help him? (Sorry if i wrote something wrong, English is not my language)

Absolutely! Thank you for the ask.

Warnings: Underage drinking, drugs.

Whisky And Molly

Jughead heard about Reggie Mantle’s party earlier in the day. He had never been to one, but tonight that was going to change.

He had one thing in mind the entire day - he needed to feel better, higher, good about himself.

The highs he had gotten from Betty were amazing - he was sure nothing could come close. The only thing was, they didn’t last. When he was with her, he felt like a different person - a better person. When he was away from her, his mood would slowly alter, with each step further from Betty, his mood worsened.

He wanted to find something that could make him feel better when he was away from her.

He opened the front door to the party, dodging kids he didn’t know, keeping his head down.

It was already crowded in the house, several kegs strewn throughout the room, red solo cups in everybody’s hands.

Archie wasn’t there - no surprise, since he was writing new songs tonight - and neither was Betty, thank God. She didn’t go to parties too often.

Cheryl Blossom was there, sitting in the living room next to Josie McCoy, leaning close and whispering into her ear.

Kevin and Moose were talking in a corner - close, but not too close, away from Moose’s football buddies.

“Hey Beetlejuice! I’ve never seen you at one of my parties before!” Reggie called loudly, walking up to Jughead.

“Well, Reggie, I’m here to get fucked up. Are you going to stop me?” Jughead cocked an eyebrow.

Reggie was surprised by Jughead’s honesty. He smirked. “Be my guest,” He said, waving his hands to his side as if showing off the showcase on a game show.

“You want a shot, Beetlejuice?”

“Sure, to start. I’m looking for something a bit stronger tonight.”

“Hey, you might be alright after all, you know that?” Reggie laughed and slapped him on the shoulder.

Jughead didn’t say anything, just kept walking towards the kitchen.

“So, what’s your poison? Vodka? Rum? Whisky? We got beer if you’re a pussy.” Reggie laughed.

“Hey!” Chuck protested, swigging his beer as he did so.

“You got Track practice in the morning, dude, it’s different,” Reggie waved his hand dismisively.

Jughead ignored them and reached out for the whiskey, pouring himself a shot.

“Yo Donnie Darko, I didn’t kick you out but you still have to be gracious to the host. Pour me one, too.”

“Sorry,” Jughead mumbled, pouring Reggie a shot.

They clinked their glasses together and downed their shots, wincing as they did so.

Reggie gripped Jughead’s shoulder, turning him back out towards the living room. “Care for a bong?” Reggie asked, pointing towards a corner with a football kid smoking out of a blue bong. There were a few joints rolled around him, too, and a girl smoking out of a pipe in the corner.

Jughead shook his head. He had smoked weed before, more times than he would care to admit, but that’s not what he came to the party for. Weed was more of a mellow drug. A downer, even, compared to what he was looking for.

“Got any uppers?” Jughead said quietly.

Reggie started to laugh. “You know, I thought you were some goody-goody freak, but you’re alright.”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

Reggie shook his head in disbelief. “Yeah, dude. Right this way.”

He led Jughead through the living room, up the stairs, and into his bedroom. “First one’s free, rules of the house. After that, ten bucks a pill. Got it?” He unlocked a box, took out a baggie, and shook two colorful pills into his hand.

“Got it,” Jughead said, sticking his hand out for a pill.

“Keep your shit together, okay? I don’t let just anyone up here for this.”

Jughead popped the pink pill in his mouth, letting it dissolve for a moment, then swallowed.

“I always knew you liked me, Reggie, deep down.”

Reggie rolled his eyes and locked the box, swallowing his own pill.

“So where’s Elle Woods tonight?” Reggie asked, shutting the door to his bedroom and steering Jughead back towards the party.

Jughead laughed, “You mean Betty? She’s at home studying, working on the paper or something, I don’t know.”

“She’s your girlfriend, shouldn’t you know?”

“She’s not my girlfriend, Biff.” Jughead muttered.

“Biff?” Reggie asked, walking through the halls.

“Back to the Future?” Jughead  scowled. “Come on dude, you’re the one with all the pop-culture references.” He shook his head.

“Well if she’s not your girlfriend,” Reggie continued, ignoring him. “You better lock that down fast. She’s always kissing you in the halls and shit. If you don’t start hitting that soon, someone else will.”

Jughead just nodded, heading towards the whisky again.

“You’re really going to do another shot?” Reggie asked in awe.

“Yeah?” Jughead laughed. “This shit doesn’t kick in for another twenty or so minutes. Gotta do something while I wait.”

“Your funeral. Don’t puke in my house.” Reggie turned and walked away from Jughead, through the crowd in his living room to find his friends.

About an hour later, Jughead was feeling good.

He wove through the crowd, talking to people he knew from school but who he’d never talked to before. They were smiling back at him, making conversation.

This was working, he thought. Any bad thoughts he felt creeping in vanished before he could linger on them. He felt happy. He felt as though he and Betty could work out. He thought his father would deliver on his promises. He thought maybe this novel thing would work out.  He felt good.

“Yo Chuckie Finster!” He heard from behind him. “Look who I found!”

Jughead spun around, finding his… whatever she was standing before him, Archie and Veronica by her side.

“Betty!” He smiled, grabbed her face, and kissed her in front of everyone.

“Well, hello to you too,” She laughed lightly as they broke apart.

“God you look good,” Jughead murmured to Betty.

She blushed, looking down at her feet.

“Arch,” Jughead said, embracing him. “Ronnie,” He smiled, hugging her too.

“Okay what is up with you?” Betty asked cautiously.

“Nothing, nothing,” Jughead shook his head.

“Beetlejuice made friends with Molly tonight,” Reggie smiled from behind Jughead.

“You did what?” Betty asked quietly, shocked.

“It’s no big deal, Bets.” Jughead murmured, turning to say hello to somebody who walked by.

“Yes, Jughead, it is.” Archie piped up from beside Betty.

“Well who asked you, dude?” Jughead laughed. “You forgot about me for half the summer, so you don’t get to play Mr. Caring Best Friend right now, okay?” He said lightly.

He would’ve sounded harsh, of course, if not for the drugs. But the drugs did their job, making him feel a sense of euphoria, self-confidence and sociability.

“Dude, I’m sorry.” Archie mumbled quietly. “But drugs aren’t cool.”

“Well nobody’s making you do them, pal.” Jughead laughed, walking into the kitchen to take another shot.

“Hey, Jug?” Betty said as she followed him into the kitchen. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Yes!” Jughead agreed happily, grabbing for Betty’s hand. “Just let me get something first.”

“Get what, Juggie?” Betty asked, reaching to brush a piece of Jughead’s hair back.

“Nothing to worry about, Bets.”

“If you’re getting another pill, get me one, too.” Betty whispered into Jughead’s ear..

“What?” Jughead pulled back, looking at Betty dead-on. “No,” He laughed.

“What do you mean?” Betty asked, faking innocence.

“You can’t do E. I won’t let you.” Jughead gripped Betty’s shoulders.

“If I can’t, why should you?” Betty asked quietly.

“I’ve got demons in me I need to kill,” Jughead whispered in Betty’s ear. “Or at least liven up. Make ‘em happy.”

Betty pulled back slightly, looking Jughead in the eyes. “Jughead…” She murmured sadly.

She grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the house, away from the party.

“What’s inside you that you need to kill?” She asked quietly once they were outside, alone.

They walked down the street, hand in hand.

“C’mon, Betty. You know about me. I didn’t have the best childhood… or teen-hood.”

“Okay, yes, Jughead, I know about your childhood. I know about all the awful things you’ve gone through. I know that your parents had it rough, that you didn’t have much money. But I also know that you have the best little sister in the world. Your parents might not be together, but they both love you. You work hard and do well in school. You just turned 16 and you’re already writing your own novel. And you’re good. And you’re smart. You’re kind. You try, Jughead, and that is worth so much in this world.”

“Betty, I-”

“I’m not done. I’m falling in love with you, Jughead, and that’s the biggest deal for me. I sympathize with you, and I know what you’re going through isn’t easy.  But you can’t depend on drugs, Juggie. You’re going to ruin your chances of getting into NYU if you’re not careful. I would do anything for you, but I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself. I know it’s hard, but I’m here to help you. And I know Archie fucked up this summer, but he’s here to help you, too. So is Veronica. And Kevin. So, please, Juggie -”

“You’re falling in love with me?” Jughead stopped walking and turned towards Betty, gripping her hands tighter.

“Yes, Jughead, I’m falling in love with you. But you can’t just start fucking up your life and expect me to watch and -”

“I’m falling in love with you, too, Betty. But you don’t get it. When I’m near you, Bets, everything is fine. I’m happy. I’m carefree. I think about our future and it’s fine, it’s great! I can think about things easily, think about how I’ll make it to NYU and become a writer and not think about my parents or where things went wrong. But when I’m away from you -”

He started walking, pulling Betty with him. “-It’s like the world and my thoughts come crashing down around me. How my mom didn’t even care enough to bring me with her and Jellybean. How my dad would rather join a gang than actually father me. How I had to move out and make a home of my own at 15 years old.”

He took a deep breath. The drugs were still working, so he was speaking without feeling. “I just feel like shit when I’m not with you, Bets. I wanted to feel happy for the night, you know? I think too much when I’m alone.”

“Jughead, I had no idea. I’m so sorry,” Betty murmured, glancing at him as they continued their walk home. “But next time you feel like the world is on your shoulders, talk to me. I’d rather talk to you all day, every day and you feel okay than you think you have to resort to MDMA, okay?”

Jughead shook his head. “I couldn’t ask you to do that, though. That’s too much of a burden.”

Betty laughed. “Are you kidding? You heard me say I’m falling in love with you, right? I want to talk to you all day, every day. Your burdens are my burdens. Your problems are my problems. I want you to know how loved you are, Jughead. You’re mine and I’m yours and I want it to stay that way.”

“God, how did I get so lucky?” Jughead laughed, pulling Betty toward him and planting a soft kiss on her mouth.

“Are you going to remember any of this tomorrow?”  She asked as she broke the kiss.

“Yeah, I think so,” Jughead shrugged. “I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve ever done E.”

“And this is the last time, right?” Betty asked, concerned.

“Yes, Bets. I promise. You’ll be my drug from now on.”

Accidental Admissions

John Laurens x Reader

Note: sooooo I decided to push this up on the queue because of two reasons 1) it was an easy and fun fic to write when I was in a crappy mood and 2) it’s my girl Lou at @hamilsquadxreader birthday!!!! and I wanted to give her some fresh Laurens material for her day ❤️

Request: Can you do some Laurens fluff like maybe a college au where everyone teases Laurens about his crush on the reader and like the reader finds out. I really adore your writing. 💖 

Word Count: 651

Originally posted by shyymoob

“Would you two just shut up?” John grumbles as he feels his cheeks flush with heat. 

He knew that telling the guys about his crush on Y/N would be a mistake, but after a few shots at the end of a long week of classes it was hard to keep anything a secret. 

“You knew what you were getting into when you told us” Hercules says with a smug grin. 

John just glares at his friends as Lafayette throws an arm around his shoulders, they’re on their way back to Lafayette and Hercules’ dorm ready for a night of pizza and ignoring their responsibilities. 

“Ami, you should tell Y/N how you feel!” He exclaims, John shakes his head as he drives his elbow hard into his friends side. “OW! That hurt John” he complains as he pulls away and rubs his side. 

“I am not telling her. I shouldn’t have even told you guys” John mutters, his arms crossed over his chest. 

“Come on John we’re just teasing. But really maybe you should think about telling her, you never know she could feel the same way” Alex points out.

“No she doesn’t so just leave it alone” 

“Relax John, why don’t you ask around and see if anyone knows how she feels about you?” Alex asks.

John shoves his hands in his pockets and sighs. “Leave it alone, she’s probably not interested” He mutters. 

“You could ask Eliza! She’s close with her I bet she’d know if she li-” John turns and glares at him.

“Stop. Just stop talking about it” John says moving away from him and standing on the other side of Lafayette. 

“But you said you like her!” Alex says with a frown.

John attempts not to groan out loud as his friend keeps trying, trying way too hard. 

“Oh fuck off Alex. What do you want from me? You want me to stand up on the bench and yell about how much I like Y/N? Fine” with a final glare at his friends John climbs on top of the bench behind them and yells. “I, John Laurens, like Y/N L/N. There are you happy?” 

To his surprise instead of his friends all laughing at him he looks to find them staring past him, their mouths open in shock. A bad feeling creeps into his stomach as he realizes the only reason why his loud mouth friends would be so quiet after something like that. 

“She’s standing right behind me isn’t she?” John asks, his voice soft, before he hears a quiet laugh from behind him. 

“I’ve never seen you four so still and… quiet before” Y/N points out. 

John takes a deep breath and ignores the fear building up in his stomach as he turns to face her. 

“So ah, you like me huh?” she asks, a small smile on her face as she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. 

“Um… well I-I uh” John stammers, still perched on top of the bench. Hercules steps forward and grins at her. 

“That means yes” Herc shoves the pizza into John’s hands and gives him a look. “Why don’t you two take this and go talk?” he suggests. 

John glances from the pizza in his hands, to Hercules then to Y/N and takes a breath. “Would you um… would you like to go somewhere and have this?” He asks, managing to finally put a proper sentence together. 

“I’d love to” 

John feels the fear in his stomach ease as he jumps down off the bench and walks over to her. He gives Hercules a grin and throws a glare at both Lafayette and Alex, hoping they won’t say anything to embarrass him even more, before walking away with Y/N.

“Okay that was cute but why the fuck did you give away our pizza?” Alex grumbles as the three of them watch John and Y/N walk away together. 

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Can you tag things you reblog with comments from roachpatrol? (Like the neural network color post) because their a pedophile and I don't like seeing them on my dashboard.

Ok so here’s the deal: 

  • I don’t know who you are and I have literally NO idea who that is. 
  • I personally don’t mind blocking this person. I hope you also have them blocked. 
  • I can also blacklist them as far as desktop
  • I’m totally willing to tag post-based stuff such as epilepsy-unsafe gifs, nazi mention, csa mentions, etc. Basically if the issue is defined/mentioned in a single post I can tag it. 
  • but that is the extent of what I’m willing to do based on the accusation of someone who I don’t know and owe nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m anti-CSA in all it’s forms but I do not have the time or energy to do a full tumblr dot com background check on every person in a reblog chain for a post about a computer calling colors ‘snowbonk’.

This is my personal blog that I use explicitly for my own enjoyment. I’m not doing this for y’all. I woke up at 4AM this morning, drove to another state so that I could fly to another state to talk to people about survey metrics. I got home and reblogged a funny post about neural networks because it made ME smile. 

I don’t get paid to babysit my followers.

Yes, this IS babysitting. This is me tiptoeing around my own personal space for people I don’t know because if I don’t then what?

I’m a bad person?

I’m a creep? 

Do not attempt to put the onus on me for the content of your dashboard. There are at least a billion different callout scandals going on this site at any given time. Even if I had the emotional energy to follow this type of stuff closely I couldn’t feasibly keep up.

I am not God. 

I’m a millenial with a bird icon.

You are in charge of your own dashboard. 

I’m not curating a museum here, and I’m not in the business of hand holding.

If you don’t like this, manage your dashboard by hitting ye-olde unfollow button. 

I will block this person but I just gotta ask:

Why am I the one who has to do all of this comprehensive background check and post tagging on MY blog?

You don’t seem to regularly tag your posts.

What about your  followers?