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Emma Swan, pretty in pink?

This is a rare foray into Storybrooke clothing for this blog, but it was custom-made. This dress, you guys… I’m going to get myself in trouble for saying this, but this dress is ridiculous.

I’m not going to get into whether this dress is in character or anything. It’s not a style anyone on the show had ever worn before, but whether you think it’s in character is dependent on your interpretation of the character. So I’m going to stick to something more objective.

This dress doesn’t fit. At all.

I’ve talked before about fit, specifically how wrinkles in a garment often indicate fit problems. This one has wrinkles absolutely everywhere. On the back—and I apologize for the out-of-focus shot, but you can still see what’s going on—a plethora of horizontal lines indicate that it’s riding up because it’s too tight. There is bunching under the arms because the armholes are too high. The fabric is pulling every which way under the bust because nothing is in the right place. The neckline is gaping badly, and the double darts are insane. Darts are supposed to stop below the bust apex (or outside, if they’re side darts). Those are going at least an inch above the apex! What is this I don’t even.

I’m about 85% certain that this dress was actually made from a vintage pattern. As in, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this pattern somewhere, although I haven’t found it again. I have no problem with them having used a vintage pattern or copied a vintage garment. However, you can’t do an exact reproduction and expect it to fit a modern figure with modern undergarments. The darts on this are a dead giveaway. It was intended to be worn with a bra that gives much more lift. Many of the obvious fit problems just cascade from there.

I also feel like the whole thing just needed about an inch more ease. She looks like she can’t take a deep breath.

And I find it weird that the bodice, skirt, and belt are also slightly different shades of pink, but not different enough to look like it was done intentionally.


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood



I’ve been meaning to say thank you so much for the nickname. Oh yeah, glad you like it. It was super easy to come up with. Father Joseph, Father Broseph, Father Bro, Father Brah. Bam! I mean attendance has shot through the roof since you did that.

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

Reposting my own arts, cause I’m back in this ship, and its so bad dude. I’m telling you, all I think about is them, then I saw this, the only art I save from all of my drawings of them. But hereee loook at it this two cuties again.

I Wonder...
  • ENTJ: I wonder if our response to smiling is instinctive, or conditioned from birth like our concept of beauty?
  • INTJ: Yeah. For example if you were to take a brand new baby and love it, speak endearingly, and care for it but replace every smile you would give with a scowl, would he or she grow up scowling when pleased?
  • ENTJ: Exactly!
  • ENFP: ...
  • ENFP: I am legitimately concerned for the well being of any child that enters your care...