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Back To Basics Pt. 15

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long. 
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A/N: This is kind of a short one. I really wanted to dedicate a whole chapter to just this conversation between them. The next chapter(s) will close things up.

Chapter 15 - “Better than you know yourself.”

His eyes pleaded with her to let him in. Not just in her room, but back into her heart. She studied his face through the thick glass window. He looked disheveled and distraught. His clothes were soaked. It wasn’t until she looked past him that she noticed the rain pouring down outside.

She leans over and unlocks the hatch, sliding open the window that he could barely fit through. They stand before each other, as he climbs inside dripping wet.  Everything was silent. All she could hear was the rain outside her window and the sound of her heart pounding in her chest. When he finally spoke, his words filled the air and left a bittersweet taste on her tongue.

“I’m in love with you.” He says calmly, looking into her eyes.

“No, you’re not.”

How could he love her? When you love someone you don’t give up on them. You fight. And he didn’t.

Although the same could be said for her. She just accepted it. He gave up on them but she walked away. They were both guilty of not trying hard enough. It was something she struggled with for months this past summer. She kept thinking to herself ‘if only I asked him not to go’ or ‘if only I told him we could make it work no matter what.’ In the end all she was left with was a bunch of ‘if only’s and a broken heart.

But this right here hurt more than anything. Hearing him say those words stung worse than when he left. She felt like the world was playing a cruel joke on her.

“Yes I am.” He insists, taking a step closer.

“You weren’t in love with me in March why should I believe you’re in love with me now, 6 months later?”

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okay BUT: a dramione AU where your emotions show up physically on your skin

• #draco and hermione getting in massive arguments #and their faces are both covered in angry red splatters #but then draco realizes how stupid and adorable hermione looks with big red patches on her cheeks and ‘OHNO THAT ONE LOOKS SORTA LIKE A HEART ITS SO CUTE’ #and so the red on his face just slowly gets infiltrated by pink swirly things #and ofc hermione knows what THAT means #so she starts getting pink stuff all over her face too and her arms and everything #and so commences the most awkward blushy fest ever

• #hermione getting really super excited about something like classic literature or arithmancy or whatever coz she’s a nerd and her skin just lighting up with happy orange and yellow speckles like sunshine #and all draco can think is ‘this sTUPID MORON IS THE MOST PERFeCT THING IVE EVER SEEN THIS IS NOT FAIR’

• #draco then proceeding to run away like an idiot bcuz he’s scared of his feelings and ‘FRCIK WAIT NO THIS IS HERMIONE GRANGER’ #‘NOT OKAY’ #‘NOT OKAY AT ALL’ #but then she finds him curled up with his arms around his knees in the library #his skin just covered in swirly grey and blue with a crap ton of other colors mixed in cause he’s conflicted as hell #and she asks what’s wrong #and he just panics and yells ’D'YOUWANNAGOONADATEWIMEGRANGER’ #which MORTIFIES him #but then MIRACLE OF MIRACLES SHE SAYS YES #AND THEY GO OUT TO THE LAKE #AND HIDE BEHIND A TREE SO NOBODY MAKES THEM GO INSIDE AFTER CURFEW #AND JUST STAY OUT THERE AND WATCH FHE SUN GO DOWN AND THE STARS COME OUT AND TALK THROUGH THEIR DIFFERENCES AND THEY REALIZE THEY AREN’t SO DIFFERENT AFTER ALL

• #hermione bringing up ron and draco’s ENTIRE BODY TURNS GREEN #but then she finishes by saying she never really liked him #and notices draco looks like a freakin peapod and tells him so #and he’s so embarrassed #but she actually thinks it’s cute as hell that he’s jealous

• #draco bein real depressed about the whole mission to assassinate dumbledore thing in sixth year and it shows cause he always has black fog misting around his skin #he says he’s okay but ofc he isn’t fooling anyone #and so hermione goes outside one day and he’s leaning against the wall staring up at the sky w dark blue droplets running along his neck and down his fingers #and she doesn’t even say anything #just hugs him #and he closes his eyes and hugs her back and it makes him feel so much better #and then eventually they talk through the whole thing #and draco realizes he does have a choice, he’s always had a choice #so he goes to dumbledore #who of course has a secure spot where narcissa and him can live in peace #but the only problem is he’d have to leave hermione #so he says no #his mother can go so she’ll be safe #but he’s gonna stay and fight #and as long as she’s fine and his dad’s “safe” in azkaban and hermione’s beside him then he’s got everything he needs #and there’s a new color on his skin #silver #because it’s the first time he’s ever shown real courage

• #the war ending and draco and hermione being so happy because ‘WE DID IT WE WON’ #and now they can settle down and have a life together #but wait settle down NO we don’t settle down we’re draco freaking malfoy and hermione damn granger #so they get married (obviously) and it’s the happiest day of their lives #but then it’s off to see the world #and they go try fancy chocolates in paris and swim the great barrier reef and visit charlie and the dragons in romania #and just live a life of romantic adventure and exploring #and it’s all they ever dreamed it would be #but then the first baby comes #and all the travelling just pales in comparison #suddenly there’s another new color for both of them #but this time it’s not silver #it’s gold #tattooing their skins with beautiful pictures and designs that no artist could ever capture #and they’re both just so in awe at this little life they created #especially draco #cause he never thought he could make something this perfect #he never knew what it was like to have a good father and he’s so terrified he’ll be a bad one #but he won’t #and hermione tells him so #because he’s not his father, he’s HIM, and who he is is a wonderful, caring man #not the horrible boy he once was #and gradually, he allows himself to believe her

• #they buy a little house back in England for a while until the baby’s a bit older #but they don’t mind the break from all the adventuring #because it doesn’t matter to them where they go or what they do, all that matters is that they’re together #and they really couldn’t ask for anything more #aAAND NOW I’VE GIVEN MYSELF FEELINGS AND I M SOBBING OKAY GOODbYE

Derek Hale: Cat Aficionado

Fandom: Teen Wolf
WC: 4k
Warnings: None, I don’t think. Excessive amounts of fluff. Oh, and there’s a kitten, too.


Derek deserves happiness. What he gets is a kitten.

The sound of a key turning in a lock is what wakes him up. For a moment, Derek blinks groggily at the ceiling of his loft, calculating his odds that it’s actually someone he likes. Not many people have a key to his place, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to get. He sighs, weighing the merits of actually clambering out of bed. It’s probably someone trying to kill him. Or torture him. Or emotionally manipulate him.

That tends to be the pattern in his life.

As the lock clicks open, he reluctantly slings his legs over the side of the bed, padding to the door with bare feet. He can hear noises on the other side as it starts to slide open, like a foot tapping anxiously, accompanied by two heartbeats pounding to different rhythms, one faster, more eccentric, the other also unusually fast, but relatively steady.

It’s Stiles. He isn’t sure why he’s surprised. The kid’s one of the few people with a legitimate key to the place. It was supposed to be for emergencies, of course, but judging by the teen’s look of surprise, he doubts that’s the case.

“Oh, hey, you’re home. That’s cool,” Stiles stammers, scratching at the back of his head with his free hand. The other one’s gripping the makeshift handle of a cardboard box, one with thumb-sized holes and the scrawled words Beacon Hills Animal Clinic written across the side.

Derek’s eyes stay on the box. “Stiles.”

The box mews.

Stiles gulps, laughing nervously. “Uh, I can explain.”

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