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Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


So the joke is going around that this character in the new MLP movie has “Bad OC” syndrome, and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I’m just like ???

FFS people, just because she’s redish and dark doesn’t mean she’s a black and red Mary Sue God-Alicorn. I mean first off, she’s maroon, fuscia, and purple with a seaform green accent; that a very good color scheme.

Sure, she’s got a broken horn and scar, but this is THE pony movie, so of course the stakes are gonna be a bit higher and that’ll be reflected in a new character design. And I mean, are characters NEVER allowed to look badass? It’s not like she has an edgy-grim dark demeanor or anything. She just looks like a cool action girl whose been in a major scrap or two–scarcely different than than the future designs from the S5 finale that so many people loved.

And guarantee you that was way darker and edgy than the movie will ever be.

I don’t know man. I get the impression people are over-reacting to a false perception, because this character’s design is vaguely peripheral to the much maligned black-red OC.

I’m a professional artist (or at least an aspiring one), and I’ve seen some bad OCs designs, most of which don’t have any black or red in them; Black-Red OCs are frankly a small minority, only made infamous by being the single largest category (while others follow no particular grouping).

And on the inverse, I guarantee you that I and just about every other aspiring professional artist who draws ponies could made a pretty awesome OC using mostly or only black and red.

My point is, don’t mistake a common symptom of bad character design (black red colors) for the actually underlying problem of bad character design (which is usually far more varied).

Tempest Shadow’s design is just fine–stop being a bunch of tryhard cynics and lighten up already.

(EDIT: I get that some people are more light-hearted in their derision of this character, but I still find it annoying since there are people who definitely fully mean it)


A Guide to Stash Yarn

Yarn in a stash can be split into generally four categories.

  1. Expendables:

    This is the yarn that you don’t necessarily want but can still prove itself useful. There’s the crappy acrylic that your friend gave to you because you knit, or are too frugal to pass up, the bad color combos that you can never pair with anything, usually also gifts or sales.
    It’s often kind of scratchy or acrylic back when acrylic yarn was a new thing and very stiff.

    Good for practice yarn, charity knitting, knitting on a budget

  2. Staple Stash:

    This yarn is probably what you actually want when you go to a craft store. It’s probably still washable and mostly acrylic but it’s soft and in nice colors. It’s the cereal part of your marshmallow cereal. But the call to knit it is often drowned out by the new shinies you got.
    You’ll knit it some day. But it’s usually pushed to the back in favor of

  3. Practically Finished Objects:

    Yarn that’s been paired up to a pattern and needles and are screaming KNIT ME NEXT PLEASEEEE OMG. But you can’t knit fast enough to keep up with it. These are usually pretty exciting, new and maybe recent stock from your LYS. Maybe a little nicer quality or maybe some of that old stash finally made its way up the queue.  

  4. Display Yarn:

    Display yarn is yarn from the stash deemed “too good” to ever knit. Maybe it’s exotic and you don’t know how you’ll ever find musk ox down again, maybe it was handspun that was really expensive and you don’t want to waste it on a bad project.
    Or maybe it’s sentimental, or was your first handspun yarn, and it seems like an FO all on it’s own.
    Or it literally looks better as yarn than it ever will as a scarf or sock.

    Either way maybe one day you’ll find a perfect project for it, but for now you’re happy just cuddling/admiring your precious gems.

1. Always post the rules.

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3. Write 11 questions of your own.

4. Tag 11 people (unless you’re a rebel like meeeee mwahahaha)

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1. where were you on the night of the 25?

Watching a classically-trained actor act out a one-man rendition of I Samuel 17 via celebrity impersonations. Goliath will now forever sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger to me.

2. do you draw at all? if so, what’s one thing you’ve drawn that you’re proud of? feel free to provide a picture of it.

Yes, yes I do.

This is a recent study I did while in Prague. We went out on a small island in the Vltava (the river that runs through Prague) and I found this lovely statue. I didn’t know this until I looked it up after the fact, but Božema Němcová was a Czech author in the 19th century and she’s also on their 500 koruna bill. Super cool.

This photo is a little blurry, but you can see that in one of the initial thumbnails she has a bird on her head.

3. what song did you most recently have on repeat?

“Time Traveler” by Jonathan Thulin. His whole Science Fiction album is quite good.

4. what’s one question you’ve always wanted someone to ask you?

“What do your thoughts sound like?”

5. what’s a color you feel ‘meh’ about?

Eh… orange? Don’t dislike it by any means, but it’s never quite been a favorite.

6. how do you feel about the moon?

The moon carries a sense of peace and nostalgia. It features in one of my earliest memories: my mom and I were looking at a sliverous waning crescent moon, and the tilt made it look like the smile of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I still sometimes think of that phase as a “Cheshire moon.”

7. nail polish. yea or nay?

Nay. I invariably chip it off within a day or two. Doesn’t matter what kind of Extra Strong Sticks-Like-Cement Finger Glue polish you have; it is not staying on my nails.

8. if you had to get a tattoo, like, had to, no choice about it, what would it be?

Because I’m a forgetful soul, I’d probably have the tattoo artist ink my arm with the words “Stay hydrated. Get something to eat. Take time to pray.” I write a lot of to-do lists on my hands/arms anyway; it’d be nice to have one that didn’t wash off.

9. where did the prince go, after he killed the dragon?

The prince finished his tea, then stood, dabbing his mouth with the embroidered napkin. His host’s teacup lay in shards, slowly staining the white carpet a deep red.

The prince could hear the soldiers in the hall. His soldiers. Good.

He wiped his beard, then brushed the crumbs from his fingers. An old legend held that dragon teacakes were baked with magical ingredients. The prince didn’t know if he believed it, but they were delicious. He plucked another one from the serving platter and took a bite.

Mm. This one had the odd aftertaste of peppermint.

The soldiers burst into the room, weapons drawn. He waved them down, flashing a congenial smile.

“No need, gentlemen. As you can see, I’ve handled the whole affair tidily.”

A thick silence filled the air. One by one, the soldiers sheathed their swords and returned their arrows to their quivers.

“Where to now, your highness?” one of the soldiers asked.

“The throne room,” said the prince, sidestepping the scaly behemoth corpse on the settee. Her dress was splattered with the toxic crimson tea. “I think the dragons ought to meet their new king.”

10. Q?

QRN. And yes.

11. what has been your favorite age so far in life?

I did a vlog for a class a while back where I sent a message to my nine-year-old self. The gist was that Mini Carp should be grateful for how good things were back then, because Mini Carp didn’t have to think about meal prep or laundry or e-mails. Being nine was cool.

I do enjoy being in college, though. It’s a good place right now.


My questions

1. Have you broken any bones?

2. On a busy or otherwise not-nutritionally-conducive day, would you be more likely to skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

3. Do you play any musical instruments?

4. What are your thoughts on knee socks?

5. Describe your ideal library.

6. Preferred hot beverage?

7. When did you see her last?

8. What is an acceptable number of pillows?

9. Who killed Mr. Boddy, where did he die, and what was the murder weapon?

10. On a scale from “out under the stars on a rocky ledge” to “Hampton Inn & Suites,” how much of a camper are you?

11. What is your least favorite household chore / personal maintenance activity?

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The Search for Chic

This is the first fanfic that I made for “The Riverdale Raven” on Riverdale amino. The spacing’s off and it’s a little shorter than I wanted but 🤷🏼‍♀️. It’s about Betty meeting Chic for the first time with a healthy dose of bughead thrown in here and there.

Betty was lost. She knew where she was (in a dirty apartment), new who she was with (Jughead Jones, her one and only), and she knew what she wanted (to find her long lost brother). No, she wasn’t lost physically, but instead lost in an emotional state. After her mom had confessed that she had had to give her brother up for adoption when she was in high school, finding him was all that was on her mind. She had promptly gotten together the detective team of two to solve the mystery of who she now knew to be Chic. Quickly after her initial mission was put into play, she was able to find out where he lived and what his job was. With the help of Juggie she had also bought two tickets to Manhattan to confront him. Now she was standing behind a door marked 2b, ready to knock. “What if he’s awful!” she blurted out quickly, turning to face the dark-haired boy that stood beside her.

“He won’t be awful.” he retorted, touching her shoulder in an attempt to calm her nerves. “He may have Alice’s blood in him but so do you and your wonderful”. He finished, earning a playful smack to his chest in return.

“My mom isn’t that bad. She’s just… colorful.”

"Mmmhhmmm”, Jughead responded in his usual sarcastic tone, his signature smirk appearing on his lips. “C’mere” he said before catching her soft strawberry flavored lips in his own slightly chapped ones.

“Seriously though, thank you” Betty said before taking a deep breath and knocking on the door before her.

"What do you want now, I’ve got to go in 20 minutes and at the rate I-” a tall boy with blond hair and half done up overalls with a logo for an ice cream company looked down, realizing that the people who were at the door were not who he had expected, but instead two slightly frightened looking teenagers. “Oh, sorry. I thought you were someone else.” he mumbled with a confused look on his face. “Who are you?” he asked standing somewhat awkwardly before them.

"My name’s um, uh, I…”

"Jughead,” Jughead said, saving Betty from her gibberish, “And this is Betty. She’s your, well, your sister. If you really are Chic.” He ended lamely, adding the last part as almost an afterthought.

"Um…” Chic trailed off, looking dumbfounded in Betty’s direction, just above her shoulder. “Come in, I’ll call in sick today, I guess.”

"Thank you” Betty said, finding her voice again slowly. Jughead and Betty stepped across the threshold, surveying their surroundings before finding a place on a couch filled to the brim with books and papers, all with a title pertaining to musical theory, history, or anything in that category. They looked around more, spotting a wall of guitars and a grand piano that seemed to be some kind of heirloom in the corner.

"I’ll be right back, I’m just gonna make a quick call” Chic told the pair as he walked into a room that seemed to be a kitchen. Jughead placed a steady hand on Betty’s bouncing knee, looking over at her as she relaxed under his touch. They made eye contact for another second or so before Chic came booming back in, knocking down a book balanced on a side table with his long limbs. “Soo… You’re my sister. I mean, I knew I was adopted but I was told that my mom was a teen mom.”

"Well, she was. She had you and then she was forced to give you up for adoption. She had our older sister Polly soon after college and then me. She only told me that you existed a few weeks ago.” Betty recounted. “She said it was the biggest regret of her life.” Chic sat up a little straighter as Betty began telling him about Alice and Hal, Polly and Jason, and her and Jug. She told him about Mr. Andrews and how he was shot, and how FP had confessed to the crime he had not commit, Jughead’s hand never leaving her knee. He jumped in too, but only occasionally, he knew this was Betty’s story to tell.

When they finally left, it was about 5:00 pm, the sun was starting to fade, magic hour was almost upon them. “Come for dinner anytime, please. We’d be happy to have you.” Betty told Chic, hugging him tightly. He gave Jughead a pat on the back while telling Betty he would call her as soon as he could get away from college and work.

"See! He wasn’t so awful, was he Betts?” Jughead mocked after they gotten onto the bus that would take them home.

"He was better than I could have ever hoped” Betty responded, ignoring his tone as she snuggled into his side.

“I’m glad. Why don’t you get some rest, it’s been a long day.” he replied softly.

"But!” she protested, wanting to talk more about her exciting new brother.

"Ok?” he said a bit firmer now, she was obviously tired.

"Ok.” She yawned, finally giving in, settling further into her boyfriend as he placed an arm around her shoulder and squeezed lightly.

If Only [a Earth 1 and 2 Barry Allen imagine]

Request: hi! would you mind doing an earth 2 barry imagine where the reader flirts with him and he’s just a stuttering mess and she ends up kissing him and he’s just in shock but it ends cute? i just need more fluff with e2 barry 😩 thanks babe!

a/n: i went overboard…and i agree, more e2

Being on a whole nother earth is really weird. Everything appears the same as earth one but…Isn’t. Cisco had vibed you to the wrong earth. You think. Neither him nor Barry are with you, so it’s safe to assume that you’re alone. Therefore, you decide to go find their doppelgängers. Maybe they can help.

The first place you search is the Central City Police Department, or the CCPD for short. You step in, gazing at the differences. First of all, and most important, Iris is here, but as a detective. Not Joe. Wow. She’s with…Eddie?! You run a hand through your hair, watching them kiss. When they pull away, you see his Jitters nametag. Eddie works at Jitters?

This is kind of hilarious. Your eyes widen in realization. If Iris is a detective on this earth, would Barry still work here? Then the answer to your question shows up. You cover your mouth with your hand.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?!“ he beams, adjusting the golden thin rimmed on his ear. Trying to contain your giggles, you take in what he’s wearing. A light gray sweater vest sits on top of a crisp white button down; a striped yellow and silver bowtie wraps around his thin neck and a darker gray jacket is thrown on top. With his chestnut hair parted on the other side, he shuffles over to you, barely picking up his brown wingtip shoes.

You cross your arms across your pale pink knitted sweater. “Well, aren’t you just the most adorable thing ever?” you purr, grinning from ear to ear. If only earth 1 Barry dressed like this… You would love that. Honestly, who wouldn’t?

A bright red blush scatters along his cheeks, nose, and down his neck, outlining his cute little moles. He immediately opens his mouth. Then closes it…only to open it again. “I…erm…Thank you…? You…I think you are adorable too?” he stutters, hoisting his glasses up his nose, “D-did you, um, get new clothes?” he asks, gesturing to your sweater and high waisted jeans. “I mean…it’s just…you usually wear dark colors- Not that it’s bad!” Barry holds his hands up, curls them into fists, and sets them in front of his mouth.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you quickly think up an explanation. You clasp your hands together, holding them down at your thighs. “I wanted to try something a bit different. You like it?” you ask sweetly, taking a step forward.

Barry gulps, nodding his head rapidly; his glasses slipping off his face. “Of course I do! I like you in everyth-” he gets cut short when your lips press to his. Those same grassy green eyes widen an inch, yet his lips part, allowing your tongue entrance. He moans quietly in the back of his throat while his hand cups your cheek. He pulls away, gasping for air, and fixes his specs. “Y/N! What has gotten into you?! I’m at work! How many times do I need to tell you, no french kisses in public?!” he shouts, smirking just a little bit as he looks around the office frantically.

You grin bashfully, “Sorry, I just needed to do that before I left.” Oh my god, you kissed Barry.

Barry smiles, shaking his head and pecking your cheek. “I’ll, um, see you at home, sweetheart.” he peers at your hand, noticing the lack of jewelry. His brows furrow, “Di-did you lose your wedding ring again?” he asks, pouting. Your breath hitches and you nod. Boy, if your Barry could see himself in this world…


Somehow Y/N had gotten separated from the two guys when Cisco vibed the three of them to earth 2. Though, the engineer says she should be on the same earth as them. Barry would find her before they left. For now, they needed to get to S.T.A.R Labs so Cisco could ‘borrow’’ some of their tech. By borrow, he totally meant steal.

Barry gawks at the giant replica of Central City. It’s a lot more futuristic than earth 1; a lot more metallic things. He flops his tan jacket against him so he’s comfortable. “Cisco!” he scolds, gesturing to the flash of the phone camera. “Not the time.” he says quietly, putting his hand flat in the air.

Cisco cringes, pouting, “Sorry.” he whispers…then snaps another picture. Barry frowns at him. “That was the last one, swear!” he promises, putting his phone away.

“Barry!” they hear Y/N yell. The speedster whirls around, blinking a few times when he sees her. She has on a dark blue crop top under a black leather jacket; a pair of black skinny jeans hug her perfectly…and she has on combat boots. Barry heaves out a deep sigh, looking her up and down, tempted to scream ‘step on my face you goddess’. “Wow, new look? Where’s your glasses, babe?” she wonders, tilting her head.

“Contacts.” Barry replies nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders. He jumps when she grips his jacket, yanking him down to her height. She slams her lips on his, catching him by surprise. Her tongue fights its way into his mouth, exploring. Barry gasps, pulling himself away from her. “Y/N!” he mutters, eyes wide.

Her shoulders slump and she giggles, hiding her lips with a few of her fingers. Cisco’s jaw drops when he notices a diamond ring on her hand; he hits the other guy on the back playfully. “I know, I know, no french kisses in public…” she mocks, grabbing Barry’s hand, “I couldn’t help it- Where’s your ring? You lost it again, didn’t you?” Y/N smirks.

Barry blushes as red as his flannel, scratching the back of his neck. “Well, you know me…” he chuckles awkwardly, peering behind him at Cisco.

Shaking her head, Y/N kisses him again. “I’ll go look for it.” she sighs, patting his chest, “You. Get back to work, mister. I’ll see you at home.” she winks, “And I like your outfit, hottie. Gives off this…vibe. But I do miss your bowtie.” she frowns, walking away, “Love you!” she shouts from across the street, waving.

The speedster waves back uncharacteristically slow in complete shock. Cisco smacks his upper arm, mouth hanging wide open. “Yo, yours and Y/N’s doppelgängers are married, man! Your double got more game than you! Ha!” he laughs, gripping his vibe goggles.

“Shut up. Let’s go.” Barry huffs, mind racing with thoughts of his Y/N. Oh, if his Y/N could see herself on this earth…


The Tudors

Favorite Wedding Dress-Jane Seymour

Watercolor process

Hi everyone!
I’ve been asked to show my painting process a long time ago, I’m sorry for being so slow making this.. I keep forgetting to take pictures as I paint! But now I finally got around to doing it, so here it is :o)

(I apologize in advance for the bad pictures)

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