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Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


A Guide to Stash Yarn

Yarn in a stash can be split into generally four categories.

  1. Expendables:

    This is the yarn that you don’t necessarily want but can still prove itself useful. There’s the crappy acrylic that your friend gave to you because you knit, or are too frugal to pass up, the bad color combos that you can never pair with anything, usually also gifts or sales.
    It’s often kind of scratchy or acrylic back when acrylic yarn was a new thing and very stiff.

    Good for practice yarn, charity knitting, knitting on a budget

  2. Staple Stash:

    This yarn is probably what you actually want when you go to a craft store. It’s probably still washable and mostly acrylic but it’s soft and in nice colors. It’s the cereal part of your marshmallow cereal. But the call to knit it is often drowned out by the new shinies you got.
    You’ll knit it some day. But it’s usually pushed to the back in favor of

  3. Practically Finished Objects:

    Yarn that’s been paired up to a pattern and needles and are screaming KNIT ME NEXT PLEASEEEE OMG. But you can’t knit fast enough to keep up with it. These are usually pretty exciting, new and maybe recent stock from your LYS. Maybe a little nicer quality or maybe some of that old stash finally made its way up the queue.  

  4. Display Yarn:

    Display yarn is yarn from the stash deemed “too good” to ever knit. Maybe it’s exotic and you don’t know how you’ll ever find musk ox down again, maybe it was handspun that was really expensive and you don’t want to waste it on a bad project.
    Or maybe it’s sentimental, or was your first handspun yarn, and it seems like an FO all on it’s own.
    Or it literally looks better as yarn than it ever will as a scarf or sock.

    Either way maybe one day you’ll find a perfect project for it, but for now you’re happy just cuddling/admiring your precious gems.

행복은 그냥 말만 있는거고
모두가 원하는 dream일뿐이라고
말도 안 되는 애긴 걸 말고 싶지도 안하서

So I learned yesterday that Ginny’s wand wood is Yew, the same as Voldemort’s. I thought that was cool, so I doodled a 5th year Ginny, not focusing on her OWL studies at all.

(I did actually paint in detail most of the background stuff, but I genuinely thought it looked bad, so I resorted to my usual of just laying down colors everywhere. At least it feels more unified and less monochrome.)

anonymous asked:

Amber got rid of her pink hair rather quickly. You think it was because a lot of people thought it was bad?

Maybe. That color usually fades awfully quick too. Maybe she just wanted to try it out and she didn’t like it that much.

Alright so nobody has made this post or maybe no one but me noticed so here goes:

Something I noticed about the finale in the Norman Chapel mind palace was that Hannibal was in a white/light colored suit. So it caused me remember the Mizumono fantasy where Will imagines that he and Hannibal kill Jack in Aperitivo. 

So this caused me to look back at other times Will is imagining him in light suits in either a mind palace or fantasy sequence. The second time was in Dolce during his drug induced haze:

This leads me to believe when Will is desiring to go with or be on Hannibal’s side/wanting to view him in a positive light he sees him in light colors. In his fantasy of killing Jack it is in reference to Mizumono where they kill Jack and run away. In this drug induced haze from Dolce he sees Hannibal in this light colored suit despite him wearing black. I’m thinking of white/light colors in terms of representing good/purity and usually red/dark colors are represented for bad/evil. So to me this seems like how he sees Hannibal in this pure way rather than seeing the evil/bad that reality shows. He wants to see this fantasy of them sharing a meal together even though in reality Hannibal is planning to cut into his skull.

This brings me to the final time he’s wearing a light colored suit. And it’s in Wrath of the Lamb:

Now I know that the minority of people believe Will intended to escape and run away with Hannibal. And I ALWAYS got the sense every time I have watched it. I couldn’t figure out why that from the start I saw the more complicated version of the finale rather than what most people see. (I want to note: had this been last season I thought Will would have been against Hannibal and plotting against him the entire time. But since this season has changed how I view Hannigram since it’s revealed that Will WAS ACTUALLY confused during season 2 which I DID NOT think this at the time. I just thought the seduction was fanservice but he really was just trying to catch him.) I realized I saw Will as helping Hannibal escape to run away with him because of the mind palace scene in the Norman Chapel. I say this because I think I remembered the visual cues of the above scenarios and realized this was Will’s viewpoint and how he is seeing Hannibal as well as I just in the back of my mind was remembering Revelation and the quote about those who survive the great tribulation and ultimately the wrath of the lamb - their robes washed clean with the blood of the lamb and have been made white. This made me think this was a visual cue to let us know that Will is not against Hannibal anymore. That this first goodbye was letting Hannibal know what he said in the rejection was just a trick and it was not a power play or him taunting. But he’s saying rather that it wasn’t good to see him in prison or it’s not good to want to go with him but since the dragon is dead he has to go back to his other life but he would rather go with him but at the same time disguised.  Yes he says “I knew you would only turn yourself in if I rejected you.” but it also implies what was said during the rejection was a lie and he only said it so he would turn himself in and that Hannibal is right - he delights in wickedness and berates himself for it.

It also to further the point I went even further and reviewed the other mind palaces from the Red Dragon arc during the time where Will is “separated” or distanced from Hannibal and noticed all of those suits are dark colored/brown.

3x08 - Great Red Dragon

3x09 - The Woman Clothed in the Sun

If I missed any others in the Red Dragon arc let me know and I’ll add them. This just to me stood out to me that since the other times in fantasies Will has imagined Hannibal in light colors that the finale is the first time since Dolce Hannibal has been in a light suit in a fantasy and or mind palace. Which leads me to believe that the Wrath of the Lamb this is Will’s view of Hannibal. Even in …And the Beast from the Sea when Hannibal is talking with Francis either Hannibal is viewing himself or Francis viewing him in a dark/red/brown suit: 

So just my observation and I think this kinda shows how in the finale that Will views Hannibal. I definitely especially now I actually researched the episodes definitely think. Hannibal didn’t receive “the wrath of the lamb” but rather the fall was a ritual murder-suicide cued by Hannibal that completes Will’s reckoning/becoming and that he is actually receiving “the blood of the lamb” meaning his “robe” is being washed clean and “made white.” I think people miss a simple fact and can’t see HOW Will could jump to being on Hannibal’s side in the span of 1-2 episodes but the last episode he realizes Hannibal is in love with him and he is asked if he aches for him. This episode answers that and I think people just over look that “love covers a multitude of sins.” and understanding completely yourself and the other person. It’s such a simple answer that people overlook. If he knows his design he can control it to his desires - it no longer has to be terrifying and also indulge in life with Hannibal. What better victory? 

EDIT: when I’m talking about desiring to go with Hannibal or saying that he is viewing him in these white suits I’m talking about this is his other world and fantasy scenario that he knows he can’t have. He wants to see him this way in his fantasies or drug induced hazes (like Dolce it’s a dark scenario but Will WANTS to see him this way before it turns awry.) I’m sorry if this confused anyone. Basically what I’m saying is before since these are fantasy scenarios that portray a good view of Hannibal and in a pure light Will viewing Hannibal in the mind place this way is him ACTUALLY seeing him this way. It’s not just a fantasy now. The first scene is to me just letting the viewer know he’s not against Hannibal which lead me to believe during the course of his plan that he was not against Hannibal so that is why I saw Will as planning Hannibal’s escape and running away with him. I was just speaking generally that these are fantasy scenarios that portray Will wanting to run away or view Hannibal in a positive light not necessarily that Will in those two fantasy moments want that. I just meant in the context of the fantasy he wants that.

EDIT 2: @adumbhumanlikeme pointed out there is another suit in Wrath of the Lamb that is darker than the white suit but it’s still light grey so they were wondering if that would put his mind space farther since it was white or if it throws this theory out the window:

Basically here’s what I replied to her/he/them: “Well it’s a light grey suit with green/blue plaid???. Still light colored to me - it matches more the light ones I mentioned - the other suits are very dark brown/red. For me I wasn’t necessarily saying white suits in particular. I just meant lighter tones. To me the dark suits kinda represent or as I see them as the distant or estranged/when Will is ‘against’ Hannibal. And when they are lighter that is indicating that isn’t against him. I think the first scene in the Wrath of the Lamb is more indicative of he has washed away his sins meaning it’s this other world sort of thing more fantasy since there is no opportunity to actually escape. But fast forward to the pleas scene his headspace is viewing him still forgiven but yet hesitant at the same time - so more realistic. This suit is more like color of that suit in the fantasy of killing Jack and running away together.The first suit is more like the Dolce where he wishes they could so at that moment he sees him this way even though the reality is dark - that he wants Hannibal but can’t because the dragon is dead hence why the reality is that it was NOT good to see him. Just like Dolce he would rather the reality be that Hannibal is serving him dinner not serving him FOR dinner. Fast forward to the please scene this is to me even stylistically a more real head space not fantasy/other world. It’s more like this is how he is seeing Hannibal right now so it reflects the tentative way he looks in the finale. It fits the realistic view not the fantasy but it is STILL nonetheless a lighter colored suit which means he’s not really far removed from him to me. I think this one is just a more realistic rather than fantasy where he is tentative. He WANTS to go with him and plans to do it but is still worried he’ll end up getting hurt again because lets face it he is Hannibal and Will would be worried he would just kill him to escape. Just makes me think about how Hannibal “tentatively” accepted the plan the same as Will would tentatively accept this because I think they are both afraid they’ll be killed or being seduced again for Hannibal.” So basically I think the first scene is the perfect view/fantasy that is replacing the dark reality there is no hope so it is matching the Dolce fantasy and then the latter one is matching the tone of the run away fantasy where it’s more of a realistic view rather than fantasy. Still way lighter than any of the suits besides the other ones.

I got my glasses the summer before 3rd grade.

I’d never realized I had bad vision - I could see colors, and trees, and I could usually recognize faces across the room. The blackboard was sometimes difficult to read, but I was a kid and thought I had spectacular vision. A visit to our optometrist friend revealed that I had inherited my father’s eyes and would need strong visual correction in order to operate normally. I didn’t mind, because Harry Potter wore glasses.

My first glasses arrived a few days before the 4th of July. It took me about a year before I remembered to wear them every day - I frequently forgot them on my way to school, and my parents had to drop them off for me. But on the 4th, I remembered them. Fireworks made me nervous - I usually hid underneath an umbrella because I was afraid the hard cardboard shells would fall on me. On the way home, though, I was gazing out of the window, watching distant fireworks shows that had not yet ended, when I suddenly noticed the Big Dipper.

I’d never seen it before. I’d never seen stars with my naked eye, and assumed people were full of shit when they talked about seeing constellations. I enjoyed telescopes and star labs and the astronomy we learned in school, but I thought that stars were like atoms and pictures of them were just artistic interpretations. But no, there was the freaking Big Dipper, plain as anything. I flipped my shit and didn’t understand why my parents weren’t freaking out - to me, it was as rare and unexpected as seeing an aurora, or an eclipse.

I’ve never been good at picking out constellations, but even now, I feel a great swell of pride when I recognize the Big Dipper, Orion, or Cassiopeia, like it’s some impressive feat.