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What this INFP looks for in a soulmate.

[Otherwise entitled: The Ridiculously Far-Fetched Idealism of a Silly Schoolgirl. Or so I’ve been told.]

I’m not much for reinforcing stereotypes por lo general, but I have to say, I am a pretty stereotypical INFP.

I do cry over beautiful sunsets. I do dance in the rain. I do like to read - and write - angsty poetry about love, death, and the meaning of the universe. I do tend to daydream through the banal details of life and make “dumb blonde” mistakes right and left (never quite learned which is which, by the way). I do have an unnatural love for random deep philosophizing. I do have that stupid chip on my shoulder about not letting anyone control or define me, about staying free of “The System” and being unpredictable and authentic and cool and all that.

And… yeah… I do tend to be overly idealistic when it comes to romantic partners. Oh, yes, and single. I do tend to be single. “Happily single,” I snarl, while judging the devil out of my friends’ pathetic capitulations to the world of coupling. Loneliness over life with a loser, that’s my motto. Har har.

I say all that because… why not? Also because I am going to tell you now about this idealistic INFP’s criteria for her Mr. Right - i.e., The Invisible Man. By happy accident, I’ve found some pictures of Tom Hiddleston to illustrate each of my points. That means nothing, of course. Let’s go.

1) High intelligence.

Nothing against the majority of the population. Just kidding. But no, not really kidding. I do need a guy with an above-average brain. For me, this is honestly the criterion that comes to mind first. He has to be some degree of clever, thoughtful, introspective, and articulate, or else I will spend our whole relationship secretly mocking him, which wouldn’t be very nice, I realize; but it would happen, trust me. Don’t ask me how I know this. I make fun of people in my head all the time.

In order for me to respect him, he’ll have to be brilliant - and, no, not necessarily in the bookish sense, although that’s certainly more than welcome. Calculus and Shakespeare be damned, though, I’m talking about a deeply intuitive intelligence that is equally skilled in navigating the realms of the head and the heart. Actually, it’s kind of hard for me to put into words what I’m talking about. Which is why it’s lucky that I know exactly what I’m talking about, and can often deduce whether someone has “it” by simply observing him for a few seconds. His eyes, his voice, his mannerisms, all will have a certain snappiness, humor, keen awareness. You know. I don’t know. Whatever.

I guess it’s just one of those “it” factors that you’re pretty much either born with or not. And I need me a man who has it, thanks. There’s a lot going on inside my head, and I want to spend my life with somebody who’s onto me.

2) Emotional stability.

Emotional sensitivity, yes; but emotional turbulence, no. Honestly, this is probably the trickiest of my criteria. As a deeply emotional person, I very much value finding someone who understands the nuances of human feeling, but at the same time I emphatically do not want to end up living with a person whose life is an emotional roller coaster. That’s my bit. I need someone who gets that about me, and who can absorb my ups and downs with warmth, patience and steadiness.

Like I said, this is a tricky quality to find. I some times fear that my desire for emotional stability will land me with a robot who has no sense of empathy for my inner storms; or, perhaps worse, my desire for an emotionally conscious person will doom me to life with a tortured soul, prone to black temper tantrums and spells of sobbing on the bathroom floor. Please, God, no. There must be a happy medium, and I must have it. Thank you, God.

3) Humor and humility.

I place humor and humility together because alliteration rocks, and also because there is something immensely attractive about these two qualities working in tandem. Or I could put it this way. If you can’t laugh at yourself, I can’t like you. In fact, I might even throw up on you. That simple, folks.

Seriously, there is something subliminally gut-wrenching to me about certain people I’ve met in life who had no sense of humor. It’s a trait that hangs thick in the air around a person like bad cologne. And a sad number of male human beings are like this, I find. I was once told that this is due to something called male ego, and I should do my best to humor it. Well, sorry. ‘Fraid no can do, cracker jack. Plus, men, this quality is unmanly. I can practically feel your ego trembling, waiting to explode at the slightest provocation, and this is supposed to be macho? Really, prima donna?

So yes, humility is attractive. True humility is not for wimps. It takes some honest-to-God confidence. If a guy has that plus an active wit, and a love of silliness and belly laughs, well, I’m in, boys, I’m in.

4) A laid-back, laissez-faire approach.

Translation: don’t try to control me. Thank you very much, my friend. Don’t hem me in. Don’t try to make me be someone I’m not. I warn you, it will not work. Don’t get in my face. Give me some space. Appreciate my eccentricities. Within reason, of course. If you see me lighting my hair on fire, stop me. But don’t try to make me into your conception of a good woman, and I’ll let you be your own man. Square deal?

I want a guy who takes pleasure in the simple act of sitting back and appreciating another person. I want you to be fascinated by my heart, my mind, and my soul, because I guarantee you, if I have a thing for you, it will be one hundred percent mutual. I never have gotten superficial crushes on people. It’s always so much more than that. I fall in love with the complete human being. Which, I might add, does include the physical side. Not-so-subtle segue to my last point…!

5) Physical attractiveness.

Here is what I do not mean by that.

I do not mean a guy has to be ripped to get my attention. For me, that does not make or break a man’s appeal. Now, I will admit that muscular definition and strength can definitely enhance appeal, but in my universe, physical attractiveness doesn’t start there. It starts in the face… and specifically, the eyes.

If you have good eyes, I will give you a second look. That is because the eye says so much about the soul. Obviously, then, the eyes I find most satisfying will express all the traits I’ve been talking about in this list. They will express intelligence, both intellectual and emotional, as well as steadiness and kindness, humility and humor, a certain ease and gentleness, openness and interest. Expressive, intelligent eyes are some of my favorite things in the world.

Good hair is also something I enjoy. Extra points if it’s grown out enough to get messy or wavy. But yeah, beyond that, the usual things. I don’t have specific hair colors, eye colors, heights, or skin tones that I like or dislike. Basically, if you’re some level of fit and have a face with slightly above-average expressive power, then let’s get married. Oh, and don’t forget all the other criteria. Yes.

Be honest, now. Is that really too much to ask? Am I a hopeless case of starry-eyed INFP idealism gone mad? I can’t say. Part of me wants to point out that this list has only five main points, all of which are pretty general, considering. I’ve known some people who say they would never date a person who didn’t like such and such a TV show, or someone who was not from a certain very important ethnic background, or a guy who was below a particular minimum height requirement. I make no such nitpicky stipulations, but then again, I am hard to please. There are certain “it” factors that I will absolutely not do without. And because of that, I tend to be single. Which is cool. I’m extremely introverted. Being alone works well for me.

And so, my pals and chums, I have no plans to give up my happy lone wolf existence until I find a guy who meets this basic list of ideals. When I do meet such a person, I’ll probably know it in like three seconds, but then I’ll spend a small eternity watching the suspect from afar, doing research, taking notes. Hopefully he likes me back. Hopefully he’s braver than I am, too, and not afraid to step out into the dangerous terrain of pursuit… else I may die alone in a house on a hill with ivy growing over the windows and wind howling through the walls. Which sounds fantastic.

Right now, we’re all together in this room but um, every day after this, this night is just gonna be a memory that we have and that we think back on fondly. [laughs] At least I know I’ll look back on it very fondly and I hope the same for you.
—  Taylor before the Enchanted/Wildest Dreams mash-up in Cologne (06/20/2015)
EXO Wolf!Reaction to their mate coming home smelling like another male

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Doesn’t say anything but can’t stop thinking about it* “You guys think she likes someone else or…. he was just a friend? Does she have a brother?”


*Won’t ask, he’ll just go find him and “have a few words” with him*


*He’ll probably stay distant for a couple of days until he can’t take it anymore and asks you what’s going on* “Maybe… it’s not what I’m thinking… smells like someone from her pack.. so…”


*There’s going to be a fight, even if it’s your brother’s smell* “She’s my wolf, my mate and I tend to be very protective of what is mine”


“Why do you smell like Kyungsoo? Was he trying to teach you how to make a bonfire again?” *Very protective of the two of you*


“Is that another male I smell? Is he bothering you? Should I go talk to him? I think I will…” *A little protective but tries to pretend he’s not*


*You make him promise he won’t go looking for that guy that doesn’t leave you alone but his wolf instinct wins* “If you saying no doesn’t make him going away, I guess I’ll just have to pay him a visit. Show him who’s in charge here” *so badass*


*And this is how fights between packs start* “This is the last time, you get near my girl. She’s with me. Remember that”


“What is.. that…smell… It’s as bad as Chanyeol’s cologne… jagi why do you smell like that” *He’ll just ask, no overthinking XD*


*Trying really hard to not transform* “Tell me jagi… should I be worried? Am I allowed to ask who is he?” *Even as a wolf, he’s a sweetheart xD*


*Realizes it wasn’t another guy, it was him and his new cologne* “Of course I didn’t recognize it! Next time I’ll just wear the old one”


*Alpha is ready to go pick up a fight* “You are my girl, no one should go near you. I’ll just go teach them a lesson. I trust you jagi, but not them”

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Boxed In

Day I: Bickering/Fighting


“This is all your fault, you know,” spat Chloe.

Nathanaël remained silent, knowing better than to argue with Chloe Bourgeois. It only led to misfortune.

Still, it hadn’t been his fault. The akuma had come out of nowhere and before he knew it, Chloe was shoving him forward and sacrificing him to her latest victim. Unfortunately, Retaliating Retailer had only become angrier at this and shoved both of them in an oversized gift box.

Wrapped with a ribbon and everything.

“Um….what did you even do?” He finally asked. Yes, that was a safer question than asking if it was really his fault. “She seemed really mad…”

Chloe huffed, moving to cross her arms. When her elbow instead jabbed his ribs and hit the sides of the box, she dropped them.

Nothing!” She insisted. After a moment, she snapped, “It’s dark in here, but I know you’re giving me a skeptical look and I don’t appreciate it. I’m telling you the truth!

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Get Rekt | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Y/N was on her way to her friend Dan’s house, they’d agreed to hang out this afternoon a week ago already. She was wearing her usual winter outfit; a pink sweater over a cute skater dress and some tights thick enough to keep her warm tucked into her black chelsea boots. Her style was different from many of her friends but she liked it this way. The cab stopped in front of Dan’s apartment and after paying the driver she got out, ringing the doorbell. Soon enough she heard what sounded like someone stumbling, or falling, down the stairs and the door swung open. “Y/N, welcome!” Dan exclaimed happily and pulled her into a hug. She reciprocated the embrace and was greeted by his cologne. Not bad. She walked into the large house and Dan closed the door behind her. “How did you not freeze to death out there in a dress?” He asked, making his way up the stairs behind her. “Shut up.” She replied with a chuckle, opening the door to the apartment as she reached it.

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My Last Tenant

Becoming a landlord wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be. I had thought (foolishly, I realize now) that it would be as simple as buying a property, making it livable, and renting it out to quiet, responsible people who would cause no problems and pay me on time. Hey, two outta three ain’t bad, right?

It didn’t start out badly. My first rental was a cute little two bedroom cottage on a dead end street that I fixed up with the help of my mom and brother. It was in pretty good shape to begin with, so all it really took was a few fresh coats of paint, some updated appliances, and new curtains to give it a homey touch. A pair of elderly, widowed sisters ended up living in it and I couldn’t have asked for better tenants. They were both very sharp witted, always had the rent check ready on the first of the month, and kept me supplied with all the baked goods a woman could ever want.

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Hey you! I would love to have a prompt with a bit of jealousy. Like the Bellas are in a club or bar and some nice guy is flirting with Chloe.. something like that maybe? :)

I don’t know if you wanted smut, anon, but you got smut. So either I’m sorry or you’re welcome, whichever one is right.

Her eyes flutter open and her gaze falls immediately to Beca.

Beca, who has been watching her intently for the past twenty-five minutes, who even now is boring holes into the side of Chloe’s head, staring daggers at the man behind her.

He slides his hands around to lay flat against her stomach and Chloe curves back into him, her eyes locked with Beca’s the entire time.

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could it be lemon?

i wrote a fic on ao3 and i finished it so i thought i would post it up here but uhhh i will also post the ao3 link bc it’s probably easier to read up there

words -> 7,914 (i keep wanting to add another word bc this isn’t a pretty number)

pairing -> eddie/richie BUT stan/mike for the 3rd chapter as bg cuties

it’s dated in 93′-94′ bc i mentioned a medicine being fda approved or w/e

ao3 link

here we go Bois sorry if it ain’t gr8 i haven’t written smth that wasn’t poetry or essays for idk a few years

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One Year-Part Two

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Originally posted by scottisbae

Summary: (Y/N) moves to Paris with your family leaving her best friend behind. What happens when she comes back?

Liam Dunbar x Reader, Brett Talbot x Reader

Tags: @sebass-stanfan

Part One, Part Three, Part Four

If you see this then it’s yours and any character from teen wolf thoughts

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*Requested* Imagine Klaus becoming protective around you whenever Damon is around because both have a crush on you but you’re already dating Stefan

( Klaus and Damon really don´t like it each other. Damn they even got quite rude in this one.I hope you enjoy and sorry for the delay, my computer acted like a bitch. Now happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 1.034

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s a warm day in the woods of Mystic Falls as you stare into the big bonfire the students of Mystic High build here to celebrate. Watching a fire is always cozy and exciting at the same time. How the flames dance around the burning wood, creating a mixture of warm and vibrant colors with the somehow relaxing crackling sound it makes. It´s beautiful.

You so are hypnotized by the fire, you don´t notice Klaus walking over to you, after he switfly watched you from afar.

Klaus: “Hello love.”

You instantly look away from the fire, startled for a moment.

Y/N: “Klaus? What are you doing here?”

Klaus: “Can´t I just stroll around at a bonfire party in the middle of the woods, talking to one of the few lovely people in this town?”

Y/N: “Well, from what I´ve heard and seen you´re more of the “I´m having a literally bloody picnic in the middle of the woods” type of person.”

Klaus: “Come on now Y/N, I´m not that bad now am I?”

Y/N: “Maybe not.”

Klaus: “Just maybe?”

A flirty, yet dangerous smile is painted on his face as the nearby fire dances on his skin, highlighting his undeniable handsome features. You smile but shake your head as well, because of his attempt to flirt with you even though he knows you´re dating Stefan.

Klaus´ face suddenly hardens and he rolls his eyes in annoyance, as he senses Damon walking over. 

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jikook + 22 (jeonlous kookie pls ^^) <3

20: “dating advice #1: you don’t look at anyone other than me.”

a/n: just another number prompt thing. inbox me if you want!

ithis is longer than intended :”)) i needed some of jeon beatin up someone lol idk if it’s rly jeonlous???


the act of crashing plates on tiled floors has never made a good sound, in jungkook’s opinion, and he turns a frown toward his friends from the other side of the room. taehyung is ripping apart a skewer of lamb while yoongi cackles at claps his hands happily upon the fragments of porcelain, the scratchy and bombastic music blasting so loudly that jungkook swears his ears are going to fall off if namjoon’s bird screeches don’t do the deed. some pelican is going to crash through the window any second looking for the mate that called it, jungkook thinks disdainfully to himself as hoseok jumps onto the table and starts animatedly wiggling his limbs.

needless to say, saturday night is greek night.

“hoseok!” jungkook calls over the music from his stool by the island in the kitchen, not feeling fond of the idea of hoseok’s shoes soles on his living room table. “get down from there!”

hoseok seems to differ in perspective. “you’re not telling me what to do!” he replies hotly and whirls to sticks out his tongue in jungkook’s direction, but he lets yoongi tug him off of the table by the wrist. “i’m a man,“ hoseok still continues, and even though yoongi isn’t sober, he’s still a whole lot more level-headed as he tries to straighten hoseok’s drunk and more brazen edges, “jeon jungkook, i’m a man!

jungkook rolls his eyes as hoseok starts chattering at yoongi about what from the shape of his mouth looks like heated, earnest complaints over the rudest kid on this earth, what a brat! he watches at hoseok’s slurred facial expressions with crinkled up eyes, but there’s definitely not a smile on his face-


- especially not when that voice pops up over the beat.

jungkook turns his head to be greeted by a face-full of jimin - hair all messed up and fluffy, eyes curved, clothes ruffled, breath smelling of greek alcohol, but smile so bright jungkook swears that it doesn’t help global warming.

“jungkook, dance with me!” jimin says to him, words blending as he tugs at jungkook’s sleeves.

jungkook shakes his head. saturdays have always caught him tired ever since they started this whole greek night jazz (he blames seokjin for that idea. that man only wanted the greek food, jungkook knows it), so he’s not in the mood for dancing. jimin pouts at jungkook for rejecting his offer and gives him his famous puppy eyes, but three years of knowing jimin and seven months of dating him have made jungkook immune and stronger than superman, thank you, so he shakes his head again.

“fine.” jimin huffs, and then he skips off, probably to frolic with taehyung. as long as they don’t set the bathroom on fire again, all is well.

jimin will be fine, jungkook assures himself, and leans comfortably against the island again.

jimin is not fucking fine.

it takes asking all of his friends about jimin’s whereabouts and not getting any answers to first get jungkook worried, the post-rejecting-jimin guilt that’s been scraping at his head starting to creep towards his chest. it then takes asking taehyung and getting a confused look to get him freaking out, and the unanswered calls to make him start screaming at his phone, eyes bulging out of his head so much that namjoon sets down his food and has to straighten him out.

now, the part that gets jungkook pissed off is finding a sober guy taking advantage of his very not sober boyfriend.

in the corner a turn from his house, jungkook finds jimin smiling up at a stranger with his starry smile and oblivious eyes. “you’ll really dance with me?” jungkook can make out jimin asking, too naive for the way the other guy is looking at him, too innocent for the grip the guy is having on jimin’s hips.

”yeah,” is what the reply sounds like, and jungkook’s blood is practically boiling in his veins. “we’ll dance, pretty thing.”

whatever jimin has to respond with is swallowed by the sound of jungkook’s shoes on the pavement, making the guy whip his head in jungkook’s direction.

thack, crack, jungkook’s fist makes against the guy’s face, and jungkook’s knuckles go straight up pink and numb, his ears ringing incoherently. the whole thing runs out as kind of a blur: the way the guy staggers, the way jungkook hits the guy again, the sound of skin splitting, the loss of feeling in jungkook’s right hand, jimin’s warmth and whimpers suddenly pressed up against jungkook’s side, jungkook yelling something at the guy, something, something, and finally the cheap, sickening stench of bad cologne fading into the sounds of the night while ripped shoes hit the pavement.

there’s a rush to jungkook’s body - adrenaline or victory, he can’t even tell - when the guy, bleeding at his mouth, disappears from sight into the cityscape. jungkook whirls immediately to jimin, hands shaking as he clutches his shoulders, grip maybe too tight for comfort.

”are you okay?” he just vaguely makes out himself saying, shouting, and he tries to find an answer to the question he didn’t catch himself saying in the pupils and irises of jimin’s eyes, but all that he can hunt down is this little bit of fear. it takes a few seconds later to realize that jimin is shaking under his touch and whimpering, and that makes jungkook’s head clear.

because jimin is afraid of him, him, jungkook.

he is scaring jimin.

his hands still on jimin’s shoulders, grip loosening. he takes a half-step back and gulps down a shallow breath, tone softer when he asks jimin the same question again. “are- are you okay?”

jimin looks up at him through his lashes, still smelling of greek alcohol and stumbling a bit. there’s a pause full of his hesitation, followed by a timid nod.

jungkook breathes raggedly, energy and anger sizzling down and shoulders sagging in relief. he clenches in his eyes, mind churning in chaos, but his voice comes out softer than silk now.

“god, jimin. jimin. jimin, dating advice #1: you don’t look at anyone other than me. don’t talk to strangers. especially not on the street!”

jimin pouts, and the puppy eyes are back, except now they’re glassy with a sheen of tears. jungkook panics, because maybe he isn’t as immune to them as he thought. “you wouldn’t dance with me,” jimin reasons mellowly.

jungkook sighs before scanning over jimin’s face once and pulling him into a tight hug, so tight that jimin could break. his hair still smells like his shampoo, and jungkook closes his eyes, trying to lose himself in just that. when he finally manages to make himself let go, he rests his hand gently on jimin’s cheek and smiles, searching his eyes for some sense of comfort for the mess the night has become. jimin tries at a smile, too, and jungkook takes that a signal enough to be able to take jimin’s hand in his, deciding that the house is a better place to talk than in the corner of the block.

he pulls jimin along, coaxing him with more smiles and words of comfort, sometimes a kiss on the top of his head. when they walk back into the party, none of their friends spare them a glance, all too tipsy and giggly and enthralled by the newest greek lyrics from the song yoongi has just started blasting too loudly.

jungkook leads jimin to the cleanest spot of the living room. “i,” he starts, looping his arms around jimin’s waist, “i’ll dance with you.” he moves one hand to brush his thumb against the soft skin under jimin’s eye, counting the number of dark lashes that adorn jimin’s lids as they flutter up at him, looking a bit surprised, a bit confused (that culd be from the alcohol). “just - don’t go, like, following strangers, okay?”

“okay,” jimin whispers.

jimin’s lips taste like lamb and ouzo, but his head feels nice nestled in the crook of jungkook’s shoulder, so all is well, jungkook guesses.

that is, until hoseok gets back up onto the living room table.

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Felicity gets hurt and Oliver jealous of handsome doctor when he flirting with Felicity.

“It looks like you have RSI - Repetitive Stress Injury,” Doctor Mark Logan concludes, and Oliver narrows his eyes at the thumb gently massaging Felicity’s wrist. “You do a lot of typing?”

“It’s in my job description.” Felicity flinches from her place on the bed, and Oliver straightens from his slouch against the adjacent wall. “Ouch.”

“Sorry,” Logan smiles, his blue eyes watching her a little too intently for Oliver’s liking. His hand has yet to detach itself from her left wrist.

“Doctor Logan—”

“Please,” he charms, his blonde hair tousling slightly as he tilts his head down to meet her eyes. “Call me Mark.”

Felicity smiles briefly. “Mark, is there any way to speed up the healing process? It’s an important part of— ouch.”

“Hey,” Oliver interrupts, stepping forward. “Let’s keep our hands to ourselves when not examining the patient, okay?”

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Anguish Pt. 01

Originally posted by jinkooks

Genre: Fluff/Angst (?)

Word Count: 1584

What’s worse than falling in love?
Falling in love with your best friend
But what’s worse than being the best friend?
It’s being family zoned

| Chap O1 | Chap O2 | Chap O3 | Chap O4 | Chap O5Chap O6 | Chap O7 | Chap O8 | Chap O9 |

A/N: It’s my first time writing in a long time and since summer has started for me, I thought of writing again. Its my first time publishing my work here, so sorry if it looks a bit shabby. I hope you guys enjoy it!  (´・(oo)・`)

You hated summer; hated the way your shirts would have the biggest sweat stains just by walking to school, how you couldn’t have your hair down without it sticking to your forehead, the amount of acne that would form, the boys in the class that would wreak the mixture of sweat and bad cologne, the girls whose faces were caked due to the amount of makeup they had to reapply, and the memories that have been replaying in your head for the past two years. It’s only been two years; two years since the incident, two years of remorse, wasted time, feelings, and money all over a boy- “Yah y/n, snap out of it!”

“Ow! You didn’t have to hit me.” you spat, rubbing the side of your head.

“We’re going to be late for lunch!”

“Chanmi, the bell just rung.”

“It’s chicken Wednesday. You know that’s her favorite, plus it’s always the first to sell out.” Hyerin sighs as she follows Chanmi. You let out a sigh yourself, following the two after grabbing a few bills and closing the locker.

“You thought about him again,” Hyerin says as she opens the door to the Cafeteria. Chanmi shoves between you two, making a dash to the chicken line. You watch as she gets shoved left to right from a few boys who had crowded her. “It’s been two years already, forget about him.”

“I am over him.” You sigh, grabbing a box of kimbap and making your way to the cash register.

“Says the one who keeps getting detention because of the continuous daydreams you have.”

“That’ll be 1,500 won,” you pay the lady and made your way towards Chanmi who sat proudly at the table with a full chicken, body and all, on her tray.

“Hyerin I’m over him trust me –.”

“Oh really? So you didn’t reject Kim Jiwon the other day?” Chanmi spits out some of her rice onto you as she chokes as Hyerin pats her back.

You grimace at the memory. Jiwon was the captain of the basketball team, making him one of the most popular kids here. You don’t know when or how he even began liking you. You’ve never hung around the gym or even gone to any of the basketball games to get noticed, so when you got a text from Jimin telling you to meet at the gym, you were astonished to find Jiwon and the rest of the basketball team there.  

“Wanna go to the movies tonight?” he was twirling the ball on his finger, showing off the muscles in his arms that were visible due to the jersey. His brown locks that was slicked back with a headband around his forehead, drenched in sweat. He was chewing gum in his mouth so loud that you wanted to rip your ears off. You stood there awkwardly, eyes shifting to the side to find Jimin shrugging his shoulders and head.

“I appreciate the offer but I have tests to study for –.”

“Then tomorrow night?”

“I have work –.”

“Then after work.”

‘Geez, he doesn’t know when to quit’ you thought to yourself. You started to fiddle with your backpack strap, eyes glued down to the ground feeling uncomfortable with the amount of eyes on you, mentally begging Jimin to do something. “As I said before, I appreciate the offer but I –.”

“Oh come on, it’s just the movies,” he throws the ball to his group of friends before closing the distance between you two. “A little movie won’t hurt that pretty brain of yours.” You can smell him, too much of him as he continued to close the distance. You placed a hand on his chest, and you had to stop yourself from widening your eyes when you feel how rock hard it was.

“Look I don’t want to watch a movie with you, I’d like to go home with my brother now.” You sigh as you start heading towards the door but you’re pulled back by the wrist rather harshly. Jimin’s quick as he snatches you back from Jiwon, “Sorry bro, but if my sister says no then it’s a no.” he says rather quickly as he puts a protective arm around your shoulder and out the door.

“Hoseok and I have been going through hell now because of you,” He wraps an arm around your neck and begins knuckling your head before taking a seat next to you, “and stop getting kimbap will you?”

You snatch the piece out of his hand, “Then stop freeloading off of me.”

“Touché.” He says as he snatches the piece back, placing it in his mouth before you could take it back. Hoseok’s smoothing the strays of hair that’s sticking out from Jimin’s previous actions before plopping down next to you.

“He’s making us run and do more drills than the rest of the team, not only that but he keeps making us treat the team out afterwards.” He rolls his eyes as he steals a drumstick from Chanmi. Her eyes follow the hand that’s stealing her chicken, only to soften when she knows who hand it belongs to.

“You’re lucky you’re my boyfriend, otherwise I would have fought you for that piece.” She warns him with a bone in hand and he nonchalantly smiles at her.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur and before you know it, it’s the end of the day. Jimin called you, stating that he’ll be home late and all he had to say was Jiwon’s name. The walk home wasn’t very far, it was only about a mile, but it was nice to have some source of entertainment. Although it was nice to finally get some alone time, you’re just not use to the quietness.

As you finally make the turn into your neighborhood, you find a moving van in front of the house next to yours. You had a feeling someone was going to move in soon, noting the painters who came last week to give the home a fresh paint job. Boxes upon boxes littered the yard along with furniture that were covered in plastic and a boy wearing a black beanie who stood at the doorway. To your dismay his back was facing towards you and you decided to just head home before you were caught staring.

You’re greeted by your dog Sarang, who immediately pounces on you as you enter the door, and an uproar of laughter. You greet your dog back with hugs and kisses before quietly making your way to your room, not wanting to disturb the pleasant conversation your mother was having with whomever she was with.

You place your bag by your door before jumping onto your bed, feeling the coldness that it absorbed from the a/c, almost instantly lulling you to sleep. Sarang jumps onto your bed, the golden retriever practically taking up the majority of the space on your twin size bed, when a soft knock interrupted.

“Honey wash up, we have some guests that would like to see you.” And you groan, not wanting to leave your bed after getting comfortable. You force yourself out of bed and drag yourself to your closet, fishing out your pajamas which only consisted of an oversize t-shirt that you’ve stolen from Jimin’s closest and a pair of shorts. You know it’s not the best way to dress to meet guest but, you’d rather be comfortable in your home than anything else.

You open the door, already hearing the laughter and another voice you didn’t hear before. You try to wipe the annoyed expression as best as you could before descending the stairs along with Sarang. “My, my, my, what a beautiful woman Y/N has become,” You bow to the couple in front of you before your pulled into a hug, a puzzled expression on your face wondering how they knew who you were but you didn’t know who they were. “That saddens me, you don’t recognize who I am do you?”

“I’m sorry but should I –.”

“No apologizes necessary after all you spent most of your child days with my son so it makes sense. Although it’s only been two years darling and you’ve already forgotten who I am.” Son? Two years? No they couldn’t be…

“Mom look who I ran into!” Jimin exclaimed bursting through the door with the boy from before. Jimin was on the boys back face mushing against his. His eyes growing even more when he noticed the couple standing beside mom before hopping off the boys’ back and hugging them.  

“Oh my Jimin you’ve gotten handsome from before!”

“But he hasn’t grown an inch since,” The boy fixed his hair before placing the beanie back on.

“Hey, shut up you giant. I did grow and we can go to my doctors to prove it.” Jimin shot back.

The boys’ smile faltered as he made eye contact with you. He placed a hand behind his neck, letting out a light chuckle. “Quit staring at me like that, it’s only been two years y/n. I didn’t change that much, did I?” Jungkook says as he examines himself.

“Not at all Kooks, now how about we have dinner together to celebrate the homecoming of the Jeon family.” Your mom states and Jimin agrees with excitement as he leads Jungkooks’ parents into the dining room. You thought you’d be just as excited as Jimin but, why do you feel more drained than excited?

Five Minutes Older -- Chapter Twelve: I Trust You

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A Time Stuck AU fic where Mabel gets trapped in the past with a younger version of Stan. This is the final chapter! My goal was to finish before the new episode, and I just barely managed it, whoo whoo!

Also, originally there was a scene that I had to cut, where Fiddleford referred to his son as his “little Tater-tot” and even if it couldn’t be in the final draft I wanted you all to know that.

Stanford, Oregon, 1979

Ford’s head was pounding. Red pain erupted at regular intervals from a spot just above his right temple. He groaned,opening his eyes slowly. Letting in the light a little bit at a time.

“Here…” a familiar, gravely voice said. “Take some aspirin.”

Ford turned his head to the side and fumbled around until he found a hand with two white pills in it. He took them, along with the glass of water that was held out a moment later. Then he closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to subside.

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