bad cactus brass band


▼The Originals Songlist | 3x09 - Savior

Scene: Camille asks why Klaus didn’t travel with Elijah to retrieve Rebekah when they receive a text confirming Rebekah’s rescue

  • “Angels We Have Heard On High” - Bad Cactus Brass Band
  • “Joy To The World” - Bad Cactus Brass Band

Scene: The Mikaelsons gather around the Christmas tree as Jack, Hayley and Hope return to the courtyard; Klaus thanks Jack for helping Freya; Rebekah asks that they follow through with the bonfire tradition

Scene: Elijah meets with Rebekah; Klaus and Camille kiss; Elijah gives into Rebekah’s plan and daggers her; Camille watches Klaus sleep

  • “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” - Cast

Scene: Camille wakes up and begins feeling weird; Aurora plays the piano when Tristan returns to the enchanted bar, he comments on her music as he sits down; Klaus cries out as he holds Camille’s body