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Elf Ear Tips

I’ve had some inquiries about elder scrolls elven facial anatomy and bone structure and I thought I’d start out by showing how I tackle elf ears since they’re the most prominent feature in comparison to humans. This is my general approach to elves in general.

Since I mostly draw male dunmers I’ll be focusing my examples on them. Also this is just one of many possible approaches and not a rule.

First off, elf ears come in many sizes, shapes and colors in Tamriel and here are just a few comparison shots from in-game dunmer.

From left to right: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online

Now lets take a look at a human ear. I used one of my paint studies of a regular ear (my ear to be precise). It should be a lot brighter than in my drawing but I tried to give it a bit of contrast to wrap my head around it.

The landmarks tend to be broken down into a ‘hook and a ‘y’. Now to apply this to an elven ear I usually just ‘push out’ the tip and give it a crease (like a bent hook). I usually readjust the ‘y’ to ride along the upper ‘ledge’ but sometimes I attach them further apart. When I doodle I often skip the ‘y’ part.

I use the first one the most. I usually use the second one in combination with shorter elf tips since they can look very chubby and cute with the more rounder and soft shapes.

And some edits to my study to make it more ‘elf like’.

And here are some examples of how I’ve drawn some elf ears in the past; 

Thank you for reading!

Bad thumbnail is bad…… Anyway!

Early-Grape Brows collection in Wildly Miniature Sandwiches pallet!

Here’s my first recolour release! I’ve recoloured allot of stuff for personal use but never released it because it doesn’t always look the best XD. 

In both naturals and un-naturals to match WMS’s hairs and base game/pack recolours! 

This is a swatch addon so you will need to download the original brows from Early-Grape to get EA’s colours!

Uni-Brow found here

Brow with slit and plain brows found here


Sims File Share

There is a combined package with all brows and re-colours together or the separated so if you just want the naturals or un-naturals you can download one or the other!


@early-grape for the original brows!

@wildlyminiaturesandwich for the beautiful pallet.

and a special mention to @weepingsimmer as it was her tutorial that originally inspired me to recolor something and guided me through it!

Bad Day

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Request: Could i request 26, 23 and 18 with archie or juggie?

#18 “Open this.” - “Can you say please?”
#23 “Babe, I’m sorry.” - “Suck my ass.”
#26 “Is it that time of the month?” - “You literally ask me that whenever I’m mad at you!”

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my first ever half assed negative space/cut crease look!! can’t wait to try this again and do better.

anonymous asked:

Omg deaged padawan obi!!! Please continue, maybe council reaction or just meeting the clones?

The coil of braid is in his mouth, being gnawed on, and the datapad given to him by General Skywalker is in his hands, slowly getting scrolled through as he sits curled up against the shuttle bulk. Green eyes flickering over the information, sometimes his face twitching as he takes in something that surprises him or shocks him.

Cody almost wants to wrap him up in a blanket and hide him from the Galaxy, a sensation he has never gotten before with his General.

But this…young man…

He’s not like their General.

This is not a battle torn and experienced General or Jedi. This is a young man who has seen some shit but there’s a certain kind of naivety to his eyes and face that even Ahsoka Tano does not have anymore despite being younger then him.

And when he smiles…

“General Kenobi?”

Cody wishes he could hit Trapper over the head for that as the young man gives the clone trooper a startled look at being called General before he wipes it with a smile, genuine even as he sits up and lets the braid drop from his mouth. “Yes sir?” He offers, his voice soft and not yet quite as smooth as his older self yet. ‘Puberty, his vocal cords haven’t matured fully yet…’

“I was wondering if you wanted tea.” Trapper held out a metal cup of it and Obi-Wan blinked before smiling even more, accepting the cup with a nod.

“Thank you. Tea would be quite lovely.” He offered in turn, sniffing it lightly before his face perked up in joy. “Ah, sapir. I love sapir.” He settled against the bulkhead again and gave Trapper a soft smile. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome sir.” Trapper stepped back and Obi-Wan went back to the datapad while sipping tea, his braid resting against his shoulder now instead of being gnawed on.

Cody goes back to the quiet observation of the man.

He feels the need to hide him.

He sees the same look in General’s Skywalker’s eyes from the front with Nutters and he catches the blond’s eyes for a few seconds.

They’re in agreement in that moment. This young Obi-Wan Kenobi needs to be kept safe if only because there’s something fragile in his eyes that adult Obi-Wan Kenobi lost somewhere.


The Force feels dark and the compilation of the sixteen years Obi-Wan is missing is enough to fill in on why it feels like that. So much has happened of misery and torment and it astounds Obi-Wan that the Jedi Order has allowed it.

War and armies lead by Jedi?

A separation of planets that no longer wanted to be a part of the Republic? Wasn’t that the Jedi’s duty to oversee a peaceful separation then, not fight a war?

The more he reads, the more confused Obi-Wan becomes and in the end he couldn’t help but voice it out loud.

“If planets wanted to leave the Republic, shouldn’t it have been the Jedi’s place to oversee a peaceful separation, not fight a war on behalf of the Republic?” He looked up and right at Knight Skywalker who looked startled at his question.

“I-I’m sorry?”

Obi-Wan squirmed a bit under the attention, feeling the troopers (CLONES! His mind screamed about how men weren’t suppose to manufactured to die!) looking at him too but put his mouth to work on the words he needed answer too. “Our duty as Jedi are to be peace keepers, battle is suppose to be our last resort and we are not a political body. We are suppose to be neutral but…” He looked down at the bad again, his brows furrowing. “But we are General’s and commanders on the field under the Republic and Senate? Do we overthrow monarchs and elected leaders too if they side with this CIS? Is there no peaceful negotiation to be had and this count Dooku, is he really so unapproachable?”

“He’s a Sith.” Anakin offered awkwardly in the face of everything else this younger Obi-Wan was bringing up.

“Oh…okay, so unapproachable then…” The redhead frowned. “But the rest, he can’t be the only leader in a multiple system of planets wanting to leave. That doesn’t…it doesn’t function that way. Even the Supreme Chancellor answers to the Senators of the different planets.”

He bent over the datapad again. “It doesn’t work like that. And all these losses, its astronomical. Suffering planets. Throwing both the Republic and the Order in the worst possible light. And the losses…no well trained soldier lead under Jedi has losses this high.” He shook his head, his frown growing thunderously. “I lead Force damned children as a child in guerrilla war, even my losses weren’t this bad and I had less supplies then the Senate can send. I managed to keep people alive and droids can’t think creatively, humans can.”

He descended into mutters about how it wasn’t right, that something wasn’t looking right in all of this.

Anakin stared.

Then he almost laughed. A younger Obi-Wan for sure, but still Obi-Wan.

Just shyer, more passionate and not as guarded.

Oh he hoped this personality of him remained until he could get him in front of the council. Hard facts thrown in their faces about the losses would be wonderful, especially coming from Obi-Wan Kenobi.


The personality did remain.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN I LEAD A SECTION OF THE ARMY!?” Obi-Wan was flailing, staring at them. “Has the Jedi order gone off the deep end!?” He yelped.

The council traded looks even as Obi-Wan ran his hands through his hair, muttering to himself. “Cloned soldiers, men manufactured to fight and die, Jedi on the front line as Generals and warriors…are you SURE I was deaged and not just entered another parallel dimension?!” He looked at Anakin.

“Well, you’re still wearing the same clothes…” The blond pointed out and Obi-Wan plucked at the bigger robe and tunic he had been wearing, having ditched the armor. It had made him feel…odd to say the least.

“Okay, fair point. But still! Somewhere between the ten plus years is clear that the Jedi Order has clearly gone of the deep end.” Obi-Wan rubbed his temple. “I mean, who’s brilliant idea was it to put Jedi in charge?”

“The Senate.” Mace frowned, watching him, trying to find a balance in the man they knew and the padawan that was now in front of them.

“The Senate is a many headed hydra where the right head doesn’t know what the left one is doing and the left one is licking itself in the crotch while the middle one is busy gnawing its nuts off!”

Anakin choked on his own spit and there were some coughs to cover laughs around the room.

“I mean, really, how many Jedi have died now because of this war!? We’re negotiator, our purpose is to try for peace first and battle if there’s no other option.”

Mace leaned forward, hands stapled together. “I seem to remember you being more respectful as a padawan Kenobi.”

“That was before I was what feel like shoved into a future where we’re at war, everything is different and my master is dead!” Obi-Wan shouted. Actually shouting, he was losing every shred of cool he had. “What in Force name happened!”

He was trembling in front of them.

“W-What happened to my master?” He tugged the robe tighter around himself, suddenly looking lost and small as he looked around the room. “I don’t…I don’t understand…” He finally whispered, looking down at his feet.

“I just don’t understand…”