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The whole pjo verse is Annabeth, Sadie and Samirah screaming YOLO at the top of their lungs, with a very concerned Percy, Carter and Magnus behind.


Good Luck Oil

Don’t let the dark color fool you; this is an oil for good luck! And yes, it’s in a mini JD bottle. I didn’t rinse it too thoroughly; whiskey is regarded by some as a liquor of peace and luck in itself.

This is an oil you can use to anoint candles for money spells, attractant spells, curse/bad luck breakers, and general luck spells. You could also anoint your home or yourself, if you so chose.

I tend to seriously load up my oils with ingredients, which is why it’s so dark, and I prefer not to grind them all the way down into a powder. I like to see the bits, and everything swirling around when I give it a good shake.


  • Olive oil
  • Nutmeg
  • Black pepper
  • Bay leaf
  • Rosehip

Imagine well-being, serendipity, money, or whatever else makes you feel lucky as you mix your ingredients. Give it a good shake before use, and feel lucky!

anonymous asked:

Hi Sasha! Whats your opinion on Harrys "texting while driving scandal" ? A not so clever idea of someone in his team to get him more into the rule breaker bad boy direction or authentic mistake of him?

Hey Nonnie. I think it’s neither. It’s what I warned y’all about. And it’s what we’ve seen with every other member of 1D’s solo arc, especially Zayn’s. Once the initial success of a project is assured (profits on lock, cuz 1DHQ is still in the mix and getting paid), shady articles pop up. This is the well established pattern at this point. So this is expected from the usual suspects, like The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Mirror.

They’re trying extra hard, but there’s really nothing scandalous here.

Here’s the most important part of this non-story:

He did what most of us do–look at our phones while we’re stopped in traffic. Technically that might be against the law in the UK, but it happens all the time. No way could this be used to bad boy up his image. This is just 1DHQ using their flying monkeys at The Sun to sling mud, imo. And LOL at them working “mystery blonde” into the article because even while sullying his good name they must imply he’s hetero. Another clue that lets us know who is behind this.

Interesting that the pix aren’t credited to anyone by The Sun or The Mirror. Are they fan pix? Was a pap following him? Is a member of his team making sure 1DHQ can keep tabs on him? 


Either which way it’s a tempest in a teapot.

anonymous asked:

I feel messed up, why can't I just be straight or gay? Why do I have to be asexual? Maybe people were right, maybe this is just a phase. Maybe I'll be attracted to someone. Maybe I'm just being asocial... Everything is getting to me, I don't feel valid... I feel like a screw up

You aren’t a screw up. You are a bad ass binary breaker. Great people in history break the molds. Plus, who cares if you are or aren’t being asocial. Do you like being asocial? Then be that. If you suddenly become attracted to someone it’s likely that feeling will be on the asexual spectrum anyways because it’s not a light switch.