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The whole pjo verse is Annabeth, Sadie and Samirah screaming YOLO at the top of their lungs, with a very concerned Percy, Carter and Magnus behind.

To rid yourself of negative baneful habits. After it has colored the water, step into it. Visualize yourself happily avoiding the habit. See in your minds eye all the energy you’ve been giving to this negative condition seeping out into the water. Pull the plug and sit in the tub until the water has drained out. Splash fresh water onto your body, washing away all traces. Repeat as needed.

From Scott Cunningham’s The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews

Good Luck Oil

Don’t let the dark color fool you; this is an oil for good luck! And yes, it’s in a mini JD bottle. I didn’t rinse it too thoroughly; whiskey is regarded by some as a liquor of peace and luck in itself.

This is an oil you can use to anoint candles for money spells, attractant spells, curse/bad luck breakers, and general luck spells. You could also anoint your home or yourself, if you so chose.

I tend to seriously load up my oils with ingredients, which is why it’s so dark, and I prefer not to grind them all the way down into a powder. I like to see the bits, and everything swirling around when I give it a good shake.


  • Olive oil
  • Nutmeg
  • Black pepper
  • Bay leaf
  • Rosehip

Imagine well-being, serendipity, money, or whatever else makes you feel lucky as you mix your ingredients. Give it a good shake before use, and feel lucky!

Wow I know it shouldn’t be all that surprising that y'all have something like that but it really is to me @sadponywinstongirl

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So me and my boyfriend did it without a condom stupid I know but he didn't cum but I'm still really crazy scared I might be pregnant im 16 but still it's terrifying I just needed to tell someone and I've loved your blog for absolutely ages so I feel like I can trust you I guess but keep being amazing X

I really don’t wanna worry u but there’s this thing called precum, so even if he didn’t cum there’s still a chance u could get pregnant?? It’s probably too late for u to get the emergency pill now but maybe buy some pregnancy tests or go somewhere (like family planning) and see if they can help u!!! 💞 I really am so sorry to be the breaker of bad news!! keep me updated pls xx