bad brain call


So, hey, I have core OCs! The Reception core (teal) and the Demolitions core (orange). Also known as Alan and Demo. 

Alan was made to welcome people to the facility and basically be like, a tour guide of sorts? He’s programmed so he always sounds really cheerful and chipper and stuff, but he actually hates his job, and interacting with other people/robots, and most other things. He’s a little bit of a sarcastic jerk most of the time, the only core he really tolerates is Demo. 

Demo is supposed to… Explode things. So other things can be built. He’s really good at the ‘exploding things’ part, but not so much at the ‘building more things’ part. He’s a precious lovable doofus, and is also very prone to getting mildly broken in various ways. Because of the explosions. Nobody’s really sure how he hasn’t been blown to bits yet. He’s just really lucky, or maybe made out of some sort of super-metal or something. 

They’re like vitriolic best buds. Most of the vitriol is Alan’s fault. 

(Queueing this to post at some ungodly hour because I’m terrified that people won’t like my boys, si I better just make sure no one sees, thanks anxiety d(0v0;))

Does anyone have these weird bad dreams just start off where your body is in this trance where you can feel some bad happening to you and you can’t do anything to move or say anything because your body has stopped working but you feel conscious enough to feel the bad aura in the room or something?? I’ve had two dreams like this one was a couple of years ago and the other was just now. I was able to pull myself out of the sleep state but ugh I felt so creeped out when I woke up. 😰😰brain wtf??

“If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much.” (cl dodgson)

i need to start posting this everywhere and anywhere bc i keep freezing up bc im writing for my class/workshop and one of my charas makes a statement abt the church and it can be interpreted two ways and im not allowed to explain which one and i just cant finish 


Illustrations for my upcoming fic, “Crossing Caïna.”

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