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Switching Up A Gear - Chapter 1

Summary: Megan is fiery Omega and the Manager for Team Stark, one of the most successful NASCAR teams on the circuit. Her boss Tony recruits a new driver to work alongside their current one Steve Rogers, she soon has to cope with two Alpha males butting heads, and when she finally meets the new driver she’s in for a surprise.
Pairing: OC Megan x Bucky Barnes
Triggers/Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, none really for this chapter.
A/N: This is a Avengers/NASCAR AU, and one that will also include the Alpha/Beta/Omega verse, however i have decided to make sure i explain things for people not used to this genre within the story, so if you don’t know, or haven’t read A/B/O before i can assure you that this story will make sense!


Switching Up A Gear – Chapter 1

Megan closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the scent of gasoline and motor oil filling her senses and calming her nerves. Even with the ear plugs in, the constant roar of engines reverberated through her body and pushed at her mind. Racing was in her soul. She’d grown up on the circuit and had spent her working life so far doing everything from being a PR girl in spandex booty shorts to what she was doing now; managing Team Stark.

Her boss Tony Stark was the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, dabbling in everything from arms and weaponry to alternative energy sources. He was also a shameless flirt and had at least one scandal a year that Megan would have to work tirelessly with their PR whizz Wanda to quell in the press and work with their legal team for the appropriate out of court settlement.

Squinting into the hot North Carolina sunshine Megan felt the first trickle of perspiration run down her back, her red and gold uniform blouse sticking to her skin, her tight pencil skirt reminding her that she needed to switch to the jersey fabric when she was back on home ground, the local humidity clinging to her the moment she’d stepped outside. Adjusting her sunglasses she strode around the pits, her high heels expertly dodging the patches of spilt oil as she headed to the bay they were working out of.

Stepping into the relative darkness of the low roofed building, she hooked her sunglasses into the front of her blouse, blinking a few times as her pupils adjusted to the low light and to wet her contact lenses after the heat of the racetrack, plucking her earplugs out as she ventured further into the building.

“Hey Beautiful, looking hot”

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ipre taagnus outfits:

- matching sunglasses with “bad boy” on the shades

- the Canon matching red jackets
- taako sews some cool patches on them and charms them to move and change color
- taako also does some rad magic leather paint on the back, his has garyl the binicorn and magnus’ has a bear

- bedazzled short shorts
- magnus’ say “ruff boi” for his strength
-taako’s say “tumble boi” for his acrobatics

Busted (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: I’m still on this unstoppable Bruce Wayne kick I can’t control myself I have like 4 Bruce writings in my G!docs that I’m working on and I love them all but really when will this end send help ty ♥

Word Count: 1528

I was gonna kill Faith.

We were out shopping at some fancy boutique in the city, the kind that served champagne while you tried things on. On top of that we’d already been drinking since it was our friend’s birthday and she had a brunch with an open bar. Today I discovered I was in fact a fan of peach bellinis. Anyway we were drinking and shopping when I found a pair of stilettos that were to die for.

“Those look amazing on you, Y/N.”

“They do, don’t they?” I agreed, checking myself out in the mirror, working different angles with the heels.

“And for the fair price of $749 they can be all yours,” commented a nearby saleswoman.

I scoffed. “Yeah, fair price my ass,” I muttered to myself.

She rolled her eyes at me. “Of course, if you’d like, I could find you something more… affordable for you.”

“No, I don’t think I’d like that at all,” I bit back with a smile. “But I will take another glass of champagne; thank you.” I handed her my glass, ignoring her staring darts into me, and turned back to the floor length mirror to admire the shoes.

“So you’re really gonna buy these?” Faith asked. “You know what I could do with 750 bucks? That’s like thirty pairs of shoes at the Shoe Depot in the city!”

Under normal circumstances I would have swapped the shoes for another pair, or I’d make a complaint about how the woman’s customer service skills left something to be desired. Everyone in the nicer parts of town never failed to have the snootiest attitudes around me. It’s like I had a sign on my head that let everyone here know I was Gotham trash; so it was time to show them just how trash I could be. “I never said anything about buying them, did I? Hurry up before she comes back.” I rushed to grab my purse and the shoes I came in here with and casually went for the door so I wouldn’t draw any attention, but bolted the moment the coast was clear.


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