bad boys with sunglasses

Wonder who owned that Leather Jacket
  • Yoosung, walking up to MC in a leather jacket and black sunglasses: So, uh I heard you like bad boys.
  • MC: Not really..
  • Yoosung, throwing off his sunglasses and jacket, then clinging to MC: Oh, thank god.

Cruising by thepsychicclam

Where I’m from we don’t really have cruising - probably because we can’t legally drive until we’re eighteen and by then, most of us are married with children - and yet this fic still managed to somehow make me feel incredibly nostalgic for something I don’t think I’ve ever experienced. 

It took me a while, maybe a full week to read this 17k fic. I deliberately rationed it, only letting myself read a scene at a time so that hopefully the fic would last longer - I didn’t want to lose the goosebump-inducing feeling it gave me. 

The friendship/mentorship that Stiles and Mason had together was amazing and I loved every second of it, even as much as I loved the Sterek. I loved their dynamic and the almost older brother role that Stiles played and I especially enjoyed the scene with Stiles hanging out of the Camaro, demanding that Mason and Isaac keep everything above the pants inside his jeep. It was great, they were great and now I need more Stiles and Mason dynamic in my life. 

Now to the Sterek. Derek entrance into the story had him shown as this dark and mysterious bad boy with a sick ride and wearing sunglasses (at night). Another one of my favourite things about this fic was Stiles slowly realising that, no, actually, this guy is just a dork. A Journey loving, pink eared, shy little dork and I was living for it. A dork who is also incredibly sweet and that 

So, Derek is a dork. A dork who is incredibly sweet. That scene with the candy necklaces made my heart squeeze. Shout out to Erica for bringing them into play. We all now owe her one. 

(Also, speaking of Erica, I laughed out loud when Boyd drove her past Derek and Stiles with both her middle fingers flying. HOnestly, I nearly peed.)

In conclusion: Great fic, 10/10. This might just be one of my go to fics for when I’m feeling shitty because damn, those fuzzy feelings were real good. 

ipre taagnus outfits:

- matching sunglasses with “bad boy” on the shades

- the Canon matching red jackets
- taako sews some cool patches on them and charms them to move and change color
- taako also does some rad magic leather paint on the back, his has garyl the binicorn and magnus’ has a bear

- bedazzled short shorts
- magnus’ say “ruff boi” for his strength
-taako’s say “tumble boi” for his acrobatics