bad boys brothers

let this man call his brother cute

busto and busto 2.0 are griffin and nick, post-finale. they’re put back in the game to await the next players, who are, of course, griffin and nick. the bustos were trying so hard to destroy the game in order to stop nick and griffin from playing, hoping to save them from going too far and ending up back in the void, to stop them from becoming another incarnation of griffin and nick trapped in

Give me Dean Winchester dressed in leather with a motherfucking cigarette hanging out of his mouth, lingering around a diner where is baby brother is inside helping a girl study oblivious to fact that she’s looking at him more than the book in front of them. Give me a pinning Dean and an oblivious Sam and all the angst that you can come up with.


Cristiano Ronaldo in the mixed zone after winning the Champions League:Cristiano: Ramos’ season? Well, the truth is Sergio has made a motherfucking incredible year.*laughter from the journalists* Cristiano: “Motherfucking” can be said, right? *laughs*Oh, Cris ♥♥♥

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Do you have a fave xmen? I always loved nightcrawler and colossus, but boy are they never going to get focused on much

GAMBIT. ALWAYS GAMBIT. MY BOY, GAMBIT. i also love nightcrawler, but GAMBIT. and ORORO AND REMY ARE THE BEST BROTP. i would do. anything. for them to get a miniseries together. being bros. specifically remy is like ororo’s big brother on account of how they met and, look, i just can’t believe that they ever really managed to shake that dynamic, she’s like the smart younger sister and he’s the bad boy older brother who would do anything for her and and and ;w;

unfortunately Gambit has become Plot Hole Spackle as well as sometimes acting as a literal convenient shrubbery to hide other peoples’ nudity so he’s the most misused and accidentally powerful character in x-men, and i will probably never get the Gambit And Stormy’s Robin Hood Adventures series that i really want out of life

Jack Maynard Imagine - Soft Spot

You opened the main door to the Maynard/Pieters household and made your way to the couch as if it was your own home. You found Josh on his computer, and he quickly looked up and gave you a hug as soon as he saw you “I’ve seen your new video” he told you as you sat down next to him “I would’ve never imagined Oli could bend like that”

You laughed at your friend’s comment, recalling the day you and Oli did the yoga challenge for your channel. Initially, Jack and you had planned to do it together. However, plans changed slightly when he “really, really needed to go to that Tinder date” the exact same day you were filming.

You called Oli instead, although you had agreed to postpone it for the following week. You decided you should as well break promises. Jack and you had been friends for about a year and a half, and even though the spark between you two was undeniable, still he chose to see other girls. Which you didn’t quite like, but it didn’t break your heart either.

“Yeah, it was groundbreaking” you laughed, looking at Conor who had just decided to leave the shower half naked. He waved at you, not really caring about his nudity.

“Hi, Y/N” he said “Hope you’re doing well” you looked at each other and burst out laughing, not being able to take the other too seriously. Your relationship with Conor was like that: anything one of you did, made the other one laugh. It was entertaining to say the least.

Soon after Conor made his great appearance, the other Maynard exited his room, grinning as he saw you “Do you even have a home?” He teased, tossing you off the sofa so he could steal your spot. You clutched at his sleeve not to fall off.

“As if you could even survive without me” you teased back. He finally sat down and put an arm around your frame, pulling you into his lap. Josh didn’t even look up from his laptop.

“I wouldn’t be bothered to find out” he said, and it made you tingle.

Conor appeared again, wearing proper stay-at-home clothes this time “Well, well, aren’t you a bad boy” he told his brother, picking up the remote from the floor “Actually caring for a girl and all. Who would’ve ever known you were a romantic bluff?” He said, and laughed at his comment right after. Typical Conor Maynard.

You rolled your eyes. Everyone had always talked about Jack as the player and the bad boy of the squad. However, in your one year and a half of friendship, he’d never hurt you or made you upset. If anything, he was the arms you ran to for comfort.

“I’m not always a bad boy” Jack said, tightening his grip on your upper waist, something he always did when he wanted you to get closer and cuddle him. You put your arms around his torso.

“He has a soft spot for Y/N” Josh spoke up, still not looking up from whatever he was editing.

You tried your best not to blush, but from the look of Conor’s eyes and his small laugh, you guessed you had failed.

“You’re a lucky one, Y/N” Conor said.

“Hey, leave her alone” Jack said, putting now both of his arms around you and hiding his face on your hair. You didn’t really know what to say, so you said nothing. Instead, you let Jack cuddle you as you watched a not-so-interesting rugby match and ate Chinese takeaway. Conor gave you weird looks and laughed at you as Jack was stroking your side without even realizing it. The good thing was, Josh had finally put his computer down.

At 11 pm, you decided it was time to finally head home “I’ll walk you” Jack said, not even waiting for a response as he grabbed his jacket.

“It’s not so far away, Jack” you insisted “It’s fine”

He shook his head and opened the door, ready to leave. You rolled your eyes but followed, after saying your goodbyes to Josh and Conor. Once in the street, he put an arm around you as he always did “Jack” your voice sounded weaker. He looked down at you, and even though it was dark, you could feel the smile on his eyes “Yes, sweet cheeks” he said back.

Your nose was cold, yet every part of your body he was touching was boiling “Do you really have a soft spot for me?” You asked, not really sure where you were going with it.

Jack stopped on his tracks, and you gulped. He put both of his hands on your arms, and held you thigh as he looked directly at you “Of course I do, Y/N” he spoke “You’re one of the very, very few girls I would punch somebody for. The other ones being my mum and my sister” he said, and you weren’t sure how to take it.

“That’s…” you couldn’t find any words “That’s really sweet, Jack” you finally said “I would punch somebody for you as well if I were strong enough” you laughed, making him smile.

“I don’t think I would let you get into that kind of situation, but thanks” he kissed your forehead, pressing his lips against it a little longer than usual. You thanked it was dark and he couldn’t see the red on your cheeks.

“Jack” you called him again, softer this time “Don’t ever leave me, okay?”

He looked at you with the softest eyes and the most sincere smile you’d ever seen. He swooped you off your feet, making you squeal “I don’t think I’m emotionally capable of ditching you in any way” he said, and you weren’t sure what it meant. But when he pressed his lips against your nose, you immediately knew.

You were his soft spot, and he was your bloody dream come true.

10 Things I Hate About You Preview

James Potter has only one thing on his mind these days: taking Lily Evans on a date. The problem? Lily isn’t allowed to date until her older sister, (Y/N) does. Unfortunately for James, (Y/N) seems to have a particular aversion to all things dating and has hastily rejected any potential suitors. James’ other problem? Lily is smitten over wannabe model Lucius Malfoy and doesn’t seem to realize James exists. The solution? Regulus’ mysterious bad-boy brother, Sirius. If James and Regulus can work some behind the scenes magic, perhaps a happy ending awaits all of them. 

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You were trouble from the start

With your stupid motorcycle

Your worn leather jacket

And your old rock vinyls

That charming, crooked smile

The way you bite your lip

I was doomed from the beginning

My heart doing flips

I never imagined

You’d sink your claws this deep

You treated me like an object

As if I were cheap

Worst of all is that

I almost don’t mind

I’d do most anything

So long as you’re still mine


Ok, so this is a modern AU set in high school (obviously it’s pretty much just 10 Things I Hate About You with the Marauders but whatever). Here’s a character breakdown (with movie equivalents) for those interested! Some may be added or changed as I actually write the fic…

Lily Evans: a popular and bubbly sophomore who is eager to dip her toes into the dating scene (Bianca)

(Y/N) Evans: Lily’s older, antisocial sister (Kat)

Remus Lupin: (Y/N)’s best friend and aspiring novelist (Mandella)

James Potter: a junior transfer desperately yearning for his chance with Lily (Cameron)

Regulus Black: James’ friend who helps orchestrate the scheme and Sirius’ brother (Michael)

Sirius Black: Regulus’ ‘bad boy’ brother who attempts to woo (Y/N) (Patrick)

Lucius Malfoy: popular, self-absorbed senior who wants Lily for his own reasons (Joey)

Severus Snape: mostly I just like to see him suffer (Bogey)

Marlene McKinnon: Lily’s friend (Chastity)

Azusa-kun no

Yes that’s Tomato-kun in Yuuma-kun’s hand

Yes Kou-kun’s posing for the next Bad Yet Hot Boys’ Magazine

Mukami brothers~♥

Next will be the Tsukinami brothers~ but I want to add one more person… and I still don’t know if it will be Kino… or even just Yui… and then draw Kino with Karlheinz and Richter…? I don’t even know if I want to draw this two, I would have to draw the Sakamaki mothers too… well, I’ll decide later~ :3c

Kou, Ruki, Azusa and Yuuma Mukami belong to Rejet.

The drawing belongs to me.

All rights reserved.

Do not repost and do not use in any way.

i have a big thing for redhead anime girls and white haired anime boys ok