bad boy phil

How dan and Phil probably broke up #62
  • Phil: You've been bad and bad boys get punished
  • Phil: *ties Dan to the bed*
  • Dan: Ooo are we gonna have kinky se-
  • Phil: *plays hello internet on loop*
pastelxpunk (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

Babygirl (ao3) - DarkGnome

Summary: *Punk Phil & Pastel Dan* Phil convinces Dan to indulge in his kink.

Clumsy Howell and Bad Boy Phil - cutesy-phan-fiction

Summary: Tough Punk Phil and Clumsy Pastel Goth Dan.

Comets Falling (ao3) - howelllesters

Summary: This catches up with the Dan and Phil of the Modern Fairytale universe roughly a year later, and shows a very key moment in their relationship through little snapshots.

Die Young - phansbumsex

Summary: Pastel!Dan came to the bar with his husband to unwind, but ditches him for the punk hottie across the bar with the tattoos and piercings.

Disgusting - lesterkinky

Summary: punk!dan is disgustingly in love with pastel!phil but phil isnt really convinced.

Don’t - gorgeousdan

Summary: Pastel!Dan spends the weekend at his hot older boyfriend, punk!Phil’s, house and gets rimmed for the first time.

Falling For You - placentaandllamas

Summary: pastel!dan/punk!phil.

Flower Boy - jilliancares

Summary: Pastel!Dan is sitting in a park alone after getting broken up with picking the petals off flowers. He doesn’t realize there’s a protest being led by Phil to help protect plants and trees from being torn down and such so without realizing Dan was crying Phil yells at Dan for killing those flowers.

Gay Fairies (ao3) - moonythejedi394

Summary: Everyone knew of Phil Lester’s deep hatred for Dan Howell. Everyone knew that Dan Howell was the gayest gay man to ever gay. Everyone assumed that Phil hated Dan because Dan would not stop hitting on Phil, and everyone agreed that even they would be irritated by that much flirting, however everyone did not know or even guess that Phil Lester really hated Dan Howell so much because Phil actually wanted to make out with him.

Just a Little Tummy Ache - elliesfics

Summary: Phil meets Dan in probably the most unconventional way. And despite being polar opposites, maybe they’re more alike than they ever thought. The biggest difference? Dan can’t tell a tummy ache apart from a different kind of ‘ache’. Perhaps too innocent for his own good, until he meets Phil that is.

Looks Can Be Deceiving (ao3) - Bbkkgg30

Summary: The new kid that scares everyone because of his looks teaches Dan that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Nerves - kitters

Summary: Pastel!Dan is working in a Lush retail shop in London when approached by Punk!Phil, who is looking for some eyeliner.

Never Underestimate the New Kid - sexyassphan

Summary: Dan is super small and pastel and Phil is huge and punk and someone insults Dan and Phil stands up, which everyone takes as a sign that Phil is going to kick the person’s butt except his just takes Dan’s flower crown and Dan beats them up.

Painting Phil - gracefulphangirl

Summary: Punk!Phil goes to pastel!Dan’s house so that he can return Dan’s flower crown and get his bandana back, and he ends up staying for a little longer than planned.

Picking Daisies, Picking People - elliesfics

Summary: Dan has an obsessions with flowers. Phil can’t understand it. And so, Dan plans to explain in only the best way possible.

Punish Me - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary: Rich!Businessman!Punk!Phil being Pastel!Litte! Dan’s daddy.

Silver Rings and Flower Crowns - kylynmoon

Summary: Phil, the intimidating and tattoo-covered 13th Year, is going out of his mind with worry upon seeing his boyfriend look like such a wreck. With bloody fingers and dark circles under Dan’s eyes, he doesn’t know what to think except that he must know what is going on. Now.

This Is What It Felt Like - mangothatismelancholy

Summary: After their hasty hook-up in a bathroom stall at a bar, Dan and Phil are on their way back to Phil’s apartment to see through what they started. (AKA punk!phil taking pastel!dan’s virginity)

We’re Okay, Bear - thetickleeraven

Summary: Dan’s crying after an encounter with a bully and Phil’s there to defend him and cheer him up.

Work In Progress - oakleysfthoying

Summary: pastel!Dan is dating punk!Phil and finally comes out to his parents, but they aren’t exactly supportive, but Phil is there to comfort Dan.


Phil trash #1 clearly shows

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Something with them at the pool?

(plus at least four other anons that all request pool + pool day + them at the pool) 

“I’m going to be a prune,” Dan says. “I’m going to be the happiest motherfucking prune to ever shrivel into nothingness. I’m going to live out my existence right here in this pool.”

Phil might actually believe him, if he didn’t know fully well that Dan will slip back into his shirt as soon as the rest of the family arrive back at the house from their day trip.

But until then he’ll just enjoy the view. Long boy, lots of skin. And yes, he does get to see that skin on a regular basis. But there’s something slightly more electric about kisses at the end of the day that smell like sun cream and fresh air, like holiday.

“Am I allowed to marry a prune?” Phil asks. “Has our society reach a point of enlightenment where man and food can be joined in union?”

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drunk sex

“hey dan. i think we should get going.” it was a quarter to three, at a youtube party after a long day at vidcon. dan was overly drunk, to the point phil thought he was going to pass out. he held onto dans underside of his arm, gripping it tightly and arm wrapped around his waist.

“phil…” a small hiccup was in the middle of each word. “i love the way you looked tonight..” phil shook his head, but a smile creeped up on his lips. it’s not like he would see anyways. and if he did, he was shit faced. he wouldn’t remember.

“haha, thanks dan. but you’re drunk. you don’t know what you’re talking about.” dan giggled and pinched phils cheeks, leaning into phils side. his grip on dans side tightened, making sure he didn’t fall over and trip over a curb. or his own foot for that matter.

“but i dooooo…” he dragged his words out buy a long run, making phil chuckle.

“you’re so silly when you’re drunk, bear.”

‘any thing phil said tonight, dan wouldn’t remember in morning. he didn’t like you like that.’

but a drunk mind is a sober heart, phil.

he doesn’t mean it.

they had reached the hotel, and eventually, phil dragged dans drunk ass upstairs and into their hotel room. they only had one bed, it was the bed their expenses could do.

“dan, go get changed okay?” dan nodded his head and continued to hiccup from the beer, and walked into the bathroom. phil shook his head and ran his hands through his hair. what was he going to do? phil knew dan got majorly horny when he was shit faced and there was no denying dan was going to ask for sex tonight.

phil couldn’t take advantage of him. he couldn’t. he wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

“philllll….” phil sighed and walked over towards the bathroom door.

“yes dan?” he heard a sigh and a click towards the door. he pushed the door open and saw a helpless dan standing naked, looking down at his dick.

“it hurts. will you fix it?” phil shook his head and walked past him, turning on the shower.

“how about a nice shower, yeah? then i’ll get you some water and advil.” dan shook his head and walked over towards phil, and pressed his body against phils, dans dick rubbing against his.

“no, i want no, need you to take care of this. please..” his eyes were pleading but phil told himself he wouldn’t take advantage of a drunk dan.

but he couldn’t help but feel
his dick grow larger, the fabric growing tighter, at the way a rosy cheek dan was staring at him, licking his lips and pressing himself against phil.

“fine.” phil growled lowly and took his clothes off, shoving dan into the shower. the water was hot, but not hot enough to seer their skin.

“mm, phil..” phil pressed dans face against the glass, grabbed his hair.

“no, you call me master. got it?” he was getting hot, even more hotter of how vulnerable dan looked. his ass was pressed against phils dick, and dan nodded his head. he could tell he was smirking.

“you little slut..” he grabbed dans wrists, pinned them against he glass and kept a firm hand around his neck, pressing his dick against dans ass, teasing him.

“phi-ph- mas-master please, ugh..” he wiggled his ass closer to phils dick. growling, he grabbed a fistful of dans hair and pulled him back, dans back pressed against phils chest, letting go of dans wrists so they could grab his ass.

“shut the hell up, you’re my fuck toy. you will not come until i say, got it?” dan nodded and smirked, and phil grazed his dick over dans entrance before pushing him against the tile, the cold wall cooling dans hot cheek.

dan knew what he was doing, he wanted phil to fuck him. he needed to feel phil inside him, before they were both sober. because once they came to their senses, phil wouldn’t touch him ever again until they got drunk again.

phil grabbed dans hair and tightened his grip as dan pushed his hands on the tile as phils dick entered his ass. the water was enough lube, and dan didn’t need to be stretched. he did that before he called phil in earlier. before they got into this mess.

“tell me how you want it, how.” phil grunted as he slowly went back and forth, listening to the shallow breathing but soft moans from dans mouth. he looked beautiful, phil would admit. his red cheeks pressed against the tile, his hair all over the place and entangled into his hands, vulnerable.

“hard, fast, i deserve it. i was a bad boy, fuck me hard master. hard til i can’t walk. til i go numb. fuck me so hard until i come twenty times.” phil felt his senses in over drive as he pounded into dans ass, smacking his cheeks here and there, leaving scratches against his back.

“unf.. yes.. more please.. ugh..” phil slapped his ass, and went harder.

“shut the fuck up slut. you’re at my word. don’t speak unless told, understood?” dan nodded and moaned loud, not caring if the other people in other rooms heard.

“fuck baby, you’re so tight. fuck..” phil was going harder and harder, until he felt a familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“i’m gonna come. do not touch yourself until i say.” he didn’t know if dan had heard what he said, as his eyes were closed but moaning loudly. he let himself come into dan, slowing down and grabbing dans dick into his hands.

he stroked dans length, watching him as he withered under his touch, he left soft kisses against his skin, the water feeling good against his back, but could only imagine how it felt on dans dick that he was holding.

“fuck.. master.. please-please let me-”
he involuntarily thrusted into phils hand, and phil slapped his ass.

dan was feeling the sensation in his stomach, his senses overwhelmed as phil continued to fuck him and an alarming pace.

“what do you want. tell me.” he continued to stroke dan slowly, still pounding into him. he opened his eyes and looked slightly over at phil, in the eye.

“please master.. fuck let me come. i’ve been a bad boy..” phil stroked dan harder, gripping his hand and pulling him back, his chest pressed against dans back, stroking him faster and faster.

“moan my name. let everyone know who’s fucking you good, baby.” dans lips parted, gasping as phil went faster. phil bit on his neck, leaving small marks.

“ugh, phil, phil is fucking me good, ugh fuck. he fucks me so good..!” as the words left his mouth, he came onto the floor, and covered phils hand. he slowed down and pulled out, rinsing his hand off and cleaned himself along with dan.

dan looked down, as phil washed his tan body. he lifted his chin up and saw dan was crying.

“oh, bear. what’s wrong? was i too rough?” dan shook his head and he caressed phils cheeks.

“no, i just. you’re gonna regret this tomorrow. we only fuck when we are drunk and forget about it in the morning.” phil looked shocked and pull him into a tight hug. their bare bodies touching in the least intimate way, skin to skin, heart to heart, breaths at the same pace.

“i’m sorry. i love you, i do.” dan pulled away and looked at phil, and pressed a gentle kiss against his lips.

“it’s okay, i understand. let’s finish up and go to bed yeah?”