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So I had the most cracked out thought today as I was listening to Marius' play list (which is like going to a musical then right to a school dance & I love it!). But when Boys II Men came on I had the insane idea of the Daddy's forming a boy band with all the archetypes, singing the cheesiest songs, & winning all the readers in one crazy concert XD The Cute One - Marius The Bad Boy- Eddie The Shy One - Jack The Older Brother- Stephen The Heartthrob - Newt Hellish Manager - Balem

Hellish manager Hahahaha!! I love that omg….now I’m just going to be picturing them dancing and singing all the songs. Also, boyz to men is the best.

How 1x15 Will Go Down
  • Iris: *flirty banter about being better at bowling than Barry*
  • Eddie: *tries to get Iris' attention again*
  • Iris: *implies (unintentionally?) that Barry took his girlfriend to Iris' favorite place in the world*
  • Iris: *smiles at Linda*
  • Linda: ...
  • Linda: *tries to get Barry's attention while Iris is gone*
  • Iris: *wipes food off of Barry's mouth*
  • Barry: *grins widely*
  • Eddie: ...
  • Linda: ...
  • Iris: *smiles*
  • Eddie: ...
  • Linda: ...
  • Eddie and Linda: I came out to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now