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Queen Trashmouth / Henry Bowers x Reader / Chapter Two

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Only one week had passed since the standoff. You barely saw Henry around the school, but when you did, you made sure to head in the other direction.

You walked Richie home from school every day, now - at least every day that he wasn’t hanging out with all his friends. Eddie Kaspbrak, local hypochondriac, happily informed you of the latest gossip as you walked him and Richie down to the Kaspbrak house.

“It’s all around the school, ‘Stacie Tozier tried to fight Bowers on campus’, ‘Stacie Tozier expected to go missing’, ‘Henry Bowers was chewed out by a girl’. It’s hilarious. You’re a folk hero, now, basically.” Eddie chattered.

You let out a nervous sigh. “I hope he just forgets about me. All I want is for him to leave Richie alone.”

“Crazy dudes like that hold grudges, Stace. You’re fucked.” Richie affirmed with an uncertain smile.

You enjoyed how Richie and his friends would occasionally shorten your name in conversation, but you never called your brother “Rich”, and it was impossible to come away unscathed after calling Eddie “Eds”. You rolled your eyes.

“Hey, thanks. If I’m fucked, what does that make you?” You sarcastically inquired. Richie shrugged in response, and that seemed to be the end of it.

The three of you arrived at the house, and you stopped in the front lawn, putting your hands in your pockets.

“You’re gonna be fine walking home, right?” You asked. The two boys turned around, and Richie opened his mouth to respond when Eddie interrupted.

“I don’t think you should be worrying about Richie, Stace. I heard that Bowers has been stalking you for the past week.”

Eyebrows raised, you cleared your throat and leaned forward. Richie turned and looked at his friend equally as confused as you felt.

“I-I’m sorry, what was that?” You calmly asked. Eddie’s eyes darted between you and Richie, looking suddenly nervous.

“Well, Bill said that Tim Johnson said that Josh Pierson overheard Bowers bragging about how he’s been following you all week and you haven’t noticed.”

Richie stared at Eddie, mouth hanging open. “And you didn’t fucking say anything?”

He turned to you, eyes wide and appearing even wider due to his glasses.

“You’re gonna fuckin’ die. Stay here with us. Eddie, this is your fault anyway.” Without waiting for Eddie’s response, Richie went to open the front door. You stepped forward.

“Hey, no, it’s fine. If he’s planning on fucking me up, then I don’t want you to be there for it. I don’t want you to get hurt either.”

Richie had never looked at you so serious before. “Stacie, now isn’t the time to be a fucking martyr. If what Eddie heard about is true, Bowers is waiting for you to be all alone so he can strike. Haven’t you seen all the missing kid posters around town? Haven’t you wondered who’s doing that?”

You had noticed them. Every week a new poster would go up, a new name, a new face, each one burned into your memory. So many of the kids were even younger than Richie was, disappearing without a trace. No one knew why.

“You don’t really think that he’s behind all of them… if any of them, do you?” You weakly asked, wearing the ghost of a smile.

Richie stared at you sadly. You both knew you weren’t about to come in and hang out with his kid friend and Mrs. K - but there was a real chance that Henry was waiting just for a moment like this.

With your eyes, you did your best to say it; ‘Don’t worry about me, home is right through town and I’ll be there before you know it’, and you were thankful when you saw him look down and tighten his lips in defeat.

“I’ll see you at home, Stacie. Just… watch your back.” Richie finally answered.

You put a hand up to bid goodbye.

“See you soon.” You replied.

You had a feeling that Richie was right, that you shouldn’t be walking alone, even toward home in the daylight, but all you could think about as you left Eddie’s house was how Henry could’ve really been stalking you all week without having a clue. It was terrifying - you liked to think that you were always aware of your surroundings, and despite wanting to disregard his threats, you really did try to watch your back that week. Apparently, you didn’t do it well enough.

You passed the movie theatre, scanning all around you as you walked, probably looking suspicious as hell to anyone who wasn’t aware of the worries now clouding your judgement.

While mulling over the possibility of dying that evening, you looked over your shoulder one last time to see Henry Bowers walking right behind you.

You were about to let out a terrible cry of surprise when the boy shoved you hard into the adjacent alley, causing you to fall hands first onto the pavement below. Despite the searing pain of your now-bleeding palms, you scrambled to your feet and found yourself immediately thrown like a rag doll against the wall, hitting your head on the brick behind you.

Henry held you up so forcefully, you couldn’t move. Within the same moment of realizing an attempt to run was likely futile anyways, you heard it.

Shink! Went his switchblade, right at the base of your throat.

You opened your eyes to look at your attacker, and Henry’s expression was one of complete satisfaction.
“You ready, princess?” He teased.

The blade was pressed so hard to your neck, you could feel your pulse underneath it. He chuckled haughtily to himself.

It was clear to see that Richie was right, and you’d kick yourself about it if you weren’t absolutely terrified.

“Thought you said you’d be ready. You were pretty fuckin’ cocky last week.” He spoke in an excited, low tone. You could feel a sharp, cold sensation as the switchblade began to ever-so-lightly cut into your neck from the pressure.

You were nearly paralyzed in fear, but you couldn’t let him win. There was only one thing you could think of doing.

“I wish you could see the fucking look on your-”

You interrupted him with a quick shot of projectile spit, and it seemed to do the trick. Instantly he recoiled, stumbling backward with his hands to his face, the knife falling to the ground with a clatter. It was the moment of truth; whether or not you would fight, or take flight.

It was in Tozier blood to stand your ground, no matter the circumstances involved. The fact Henry Bowers thought he could slit your throat and leave you for dead next to the movie theater, paired with the fact he proved your little brother right about something, was all it took to choose fighting an opponent far stronger and more prepared than you.

“Boy, you’ve got some fuckin’ nerve.” He hissed, wiping his eyes. You raised your arms up on either side, egging him on, a fury born within you. Energy rushed through your arms and legs, ready to fucking die in an alley as long as it meant kicking his ass first.

You shouted at him, reveling in the moment. “Oh, come at me, you dumb motherfucker-”

And he did exactly that, but you couldn’t have predicted exactly how.

In a flash Henry rushed you, and while anticipating an impact to the face, it was not his fist that hit you.

Your mouths crashed against each other so violently you immediately split your bottom lip against your teeth, the pain as shocking as the event unraveling before you. In an instant, his arms snaked firmly around your waist, his body pressed hard against yours, and the metallic warmth of blood gushed onto your tongue as he kissed you ravenously.

You almost exploded with anger. One minute you’re preparing to die at knifepoint, the next you’re being kissed by the knife wielder. What the fuck was happening?

With a loud muffled moan of objection, you pressed your hands against his upper arms and pushed off desperately, lips still locked. As you struggled, he held you closer, arms winding tighter about you, his tongue flowing over the wound on your lip, begging for access.

You didn’t know what it was. You thought you hated him. Anyone who tried to hurt Richie would no doubt be deemed as an eternal enemy; yet somehow you could feel that same attraction he must’ve acted on merely seconds before. Henry touched you roughly, but you felt an unexpected softness there, a desperation that paralleled your desires exactly.

There was a spark that ignited upon meeting last week, and now the flames had begun to engulf you both. You decided to let it burn.

Slowly your muscles relaxed, and your mouth began to move against his, gently, softly. It felt like heaven.

It seemed like he read your mind, as the moment you decided to participate, Henry hastily picked up your legs and slung them around his waist, your arms instinctively wrapping around his neck for support. With a rough grind of his hips against yours, you gasped, and his tongue pushed its way into your open mouth.

You worried he’d say something, make you instantly regret kissing him back, but he seemed unbelievably eager to get as close to you as possible, to keep his lips against yours. The energy was electric, and it moved through each touch, breaths shallow and hot. You couldn’t believe you were doing this.

Henry’s hands ebbed and flowed, wandering all over your body until they found what they were looking for. They made their way up your skirt, over the underwear, and with his left hand, he began to pull them down, fingers rubbing tenderly over your crotch. It was the shock that brought you back to your senses.

Either you summoned the strength you hadn’t possessed before to move him, or the mere act of touching you so intimately had completely disoriented him - whatever the case, you pushed him back hard, and the two of you finally separated.

Henry stumbled back almost drunkenly, hitting the opposing brick wall, staring at you with a slightly ajar, crimson stained mouth. Your blood was on his lips.

You laughed a bitter melody.

“What are you, a fucking comedian? You really think I’m gonna fuck you, of all people, in a fucking alley?” You asked, eyebrows furrowed in question, wearing a small sarcastic smile. As he stared, you noticed the feeling of physical ecstasy fade, and your palms, neck, and bottom lip began to sting horribly.

Henry looked confident. “I know when a slut wants to get fucked. You were wet for me.” He affirmed in a slightly raspy voice, almost in an accusatory manner, and you felt heat blossom on your cheeks.

“You still are.” He added, taking slow steps towards you.

You walked backwards down the alley, putting a hand to your neck where he’d cut. Blood stained your fingers there, and looking down, you noticed the small trail of blood that ended in a large blotch on your shirt collar.

“How do you know I didn’t piss my pants in fear? Y’know, when you put a knife to my fucking neck?” You sarcastically questioned him, an edge of anger in your voice.

Henry seemed to not hear, still walking in your direction. You swallowed hard.

“Were you really stalking me all week?” You quietly asked, standing before him.

Henry simply smirked at you, eyes scanning over your body before holding your gaze.

“I’m not finished with you, Tozier.”

His cocky smile was contagious. You bit your lip and slowly turned around, walking away and beginning your journey home.

Without looking back, you replied with one word you couldn’t believe was coming out of your mouth, mentally slapping yourself as it was uttered.


Part One

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punk richie and soft pastel eddie in high school for the writing thing!! just some Uhh cute stuff

I hope you like it, enjoy 😊

•Not letting go this time•

Pairing: punk!Richie x pastel!Eddie highschool AU
Warnings: strong language/ slight violence

Richie was leaning against his locker, not waiting for anything in particular when he spotted a certain someone in the crowd. For a few moments his heart skipped a beat and a strange sense of nostalgia settled in.
He hadn’t really talked to Eddie for the last couple of years. Since the whole Pennywise -thing went down they all went their separate ways. It was kind of like promising you would keep in touch with each other over the summer but then you never actually get the chance to hang out.
And Richie was truly sorry for that.

When they were younger, he didn’t realise what it was that he felt for Eddie, for him it was just a strong friendship, right? But as the years passed and Richie changed, he was more and more certain that what he felt for his old friend was not just fraternal love.

But by the time he got to accept his feelings for Eddie it was already too late. They had grown apart and Richie was forced to admire the now slender but somehow athletic boy from the distance.

Although Richie was anything but the shy type, there was one thing he couldn’t do and that was walking up to Eddie Kaspbrak and just talk to him. Richie had done a lot of shit in the last couple of years. He had gotten into unnecessary fights because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, vandalized almost every building in Derry with obscene graffiti (a form of art, like he called it, he had discovered back in 7th grade) and transformed into the textbook definition of a rebel.
Richie didn’t give a fuck what people thought about him, but that was the thing, Eddie wasn’t “people”.

Sometimes Richie would wait just a bit longer on the hallway, just to see Eddie walking from one classroom to another or getting his books for the next period from his locker.

Right now Eddie was talking to someone from his volleyball team (it was a miracle that he had been able to convince his mother to let him join the team) and Richie just stood there, not paying any attention to the words that came out of Eddie’s mouth but instead focusing on how his hand moved while he explained some strategy to the other guy, how his face lit up and how an enthusiastic smile grew bigger and bigger on his face.

He felt a stinging sensation as jealousy started to run through Richie’s veins like poison. In that exact moment Eddie looked across the hallway and for a split second met Richie’s eyes. The moment seemed to last forever but then Eddie turned back again to the guy he was talking to and Richie kept standing there, a thousand questions in his head. Should he go talk to Eddie? Would Eddie even enjoy talking to him? Wouldn’t it be weird? But he had to, he had to talk to Eddie, he just missed his old friend so much, not to mention those other new feelings that were starting to grow inside of him.

Richie had just mustered up the courage to cross the hallway and actually speak to him when the bell rang and Eddie disappeared in some classroom, leaving a frustrated and lovesick Richie behind.

Richie decided that that day was already fucked, so why even bother going to class. He spent the rest of the day in the park, smoking one cigarette after another (Eddie never liked it when he smoked around him, it made him cough) and carving little drawings into the wooden bench he sat on.

Maybe it had been fate that had made Richie sit in that park. It was already dark outside when he heard two voices arguing.
“…– just leave me alone, asshole!”
“I don’t think so, pretty boy, you’re all alone out here and I’m bored, why don’t you keep me company?”
“Because I have standards so fuck off already!”
“God you’re such a fucking tease pretty boy…”
The next thing Richie heard was a muffled sound like someone trying to break free. Richie was already on his feet, he had recognised one of the voices immediately. He made his way through some bushes and when he finally got to the scene he could see Eddie struggling to get away from a guy who probably hadn’t seen a shower in weeks and was clearly drunk.

“I said get the fuck away from me!” Eddie finally managed to push the guy away, only for him to grab Eddies arm and yank him back in his direction.

“Hey!” Richie took a step forward “He told you to leave!” When Eddie’s eyes met Richies for the second time today, they were filled with relief and gratitude.
“Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it, four-eyes?” the guy let go of Eddie and approached his new target. “We can share the cutie if you want to.” He let out a disgusting giggle. That was enough for Richie. He didn’t even realise that he threw the first punch. Blood was dripping down his fist. Richie didn’t think the guy would be in the condition to fight back and so the second punch came by surprise. His glasses shattered and left a few small cuts. After that the whole fight was just a blur. It took Eddie nearly 10 minutes to drag Richie away. The guy quickly made his way out of the park.

“Oh god, you’re bleeding! I need to get you a band aid or something we have to go to the pharmacy, we – ” Richie could see the shock in Eddies face and he let out a small laugh.
“So you’re still playing nurse?”
“That’s not funny, Richie!”
“I’m fine, I’ve had worse…”
Eddie just ignored that last remark and began to inspect the small cuts on Richie’s face. His fingers caressed Richie’s cheeks and slowly but surely they found their way into his wild hair.
After a while Eddie muttered “Thanks by the way. I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t here.”
“Let’s not think about that. Also, how are you going to reward your hero, Eds?” He grinned suggestively and pressed Eddie’s hand more firmly against his face. It felt warm and comforting.
Eddie didn’t even respond to that joke, he was too surprised by the use of that nickname, that he hadn’t heard in years, to have any reaction at all.

Here he was standing right in front of him; Richie Tozier with his black, slightly curly hair, broken glasses, to many ear piercings to count, already sticking a cigarette between his lips.
“You know I hate when you do that…”
“Oh shit, sorry” he put the cigarette back in the pack, not realising that Eddie was talking about the nickname.
“That’s not what I mean – “
“Eddie can I ask you something?”
“Well you just did, smartass.”
Richie was too nervous to roll his eyes at Eddie. This was his one and only chance.
“Can I do something? I wanted to try something for a long time now…”

Eddie felt how his heartbeat began to accelerate. Richie had always had that effect on him. It was his bad boy charm that made Eddies knees weak. The fact that Richie always looked too cool to even be alive when he was standing there in the hallway, casually leaning against the lockers.
They had belonged in different worlds, Eddie with his light pastel look, having a sense for the delicate things in life and Richie with his messy hair, dark cloths and fuck-you-all-attitude.

But now he was standing right in front of Eddie in the dark, asking for the permission to do something. Eddies imagination was running wild and then suddenly the only thing on his mind was Richie leaning in and closing the space between their faces. Eddie was blushing furiously and was about to have a heart attack when Richie stopped just when their noses were about to touch.
“So, it’s ok if I take my reward then?”

Eddie just stared at Richie, nodding slightly. Although he was pretty sure of what was going to happen, when Richie’s lips touched his, he wasn’t ready for the intense heat wave that went through his body and the tingling sensation that began to take over. It was only a short, innocent kiss but it was enough for Eddie to finally realise his intense attraction to the punk in front of him.
Richie pulled back.
“S-so how was it?” Eddie questioned without really thinking about what he just said.
“Pretty damn nice, I hope I can save you again sometime soon, I’d like to get used to this.” Richie smirked.
“Well I don’t want to have to put myself in danger every five seconds for you to kiss me!” Eddie finally managed to say.
“So you liked it too.” Richie’s grin grew into a wide smile. The whole thing went better than he had ever imagined.
“Well if you’re so into me, maybe later we could go to my place and try something else, I know some – “
“Beep-beep Richie!”
Both started to laugh as they started to walk out of the park and Eddie shyly grabbed Richie’s hand. This time he wouldn’t let go of Richie that easy.

Losers Club Playlists

Eddie “Eds” Kaspbrak 3/7

Sun Dogs - Petite League

Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

9 to 5 - Dolly Parton

Young & Unafraid - The Moth & The Flame

Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler

Daft Pretty Girls - Bad Suns

Jessie’s Girl - Rick Springfield

Another Brick Wall Pt. 2 - Pink Floyd

Africa - Toto

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners