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I really wanted to ship Ninessa because Bensnavi is so obvs real, but the soundtrack didn't give me much to work with. Last night I watched the show in London, and Ninessa was confirmed they're sO GA Y

There is a little bit, my favorite bits are:

  • Nina rushing to Vanessa’s arms, hugging her when she arrives at the salon
  • they keep holding hands and Nina is like “I called you all morning!!” and then begs Dani to let her have Vanessa just to herself for a while
  • during No Me Diga Vanessa is so fucking proud of Nina, touching her hair and being so cute and smiling a lot
  • at Nina’s dinner they are both totally supporting each other on every point
  • like Nina says hey let’s go dancing and Vanessa, nevermind that she agreed on a date with just Usnavi, is like oh yeah come dance with us please
  • throughout the dinner scene they also hold hands a lot
  • they’re literally girlfriends sorry 

(Honestly I don’t ship Benny and Usnavi romantically or sexually. If I gotta ship two characters played by CJack and LMM I’m shipping Whamilton.)

Revised sectuh v meme list

Nigel- “studied the blade”, “chad, listen, they’re sexless”, any antifa memes, those political alignment charts, cooking show memes

Hoagie- he’s difficult cuz he would love so many memes so like don’t take this as a comprehensive list but I think he’d be particularly fond of memes that involve video editing (“classical gas” “bee movie but every time [x] every Shrek movie plays”), and memes that involve uncanny valley faces or bizarre poorly rendered gifs (wikihow illustrations for example)

Kuki- “wholesome memes”, any memes involving cute animals (“they’re good dogs, brent”), Meryl Streep finishing lyrics

Wally- bro memes, spongebob memes, funk dancing for self defense edits, bad bootleg shirts and toys, that meme about hot knives

Abby- that gif of the man blinking, “tag yourself im-”, those weird nonsensical tweets made by celebrities, feudal lord and handmaiden and any memes adjacent to that one

Um I did an embarrassing amount of googling for this post. I kind of finished typing it and then deeply regretted ever making it