bad boosh

Right, so, Howince soulmate AU

(I don’t even know where this came from, I was just thinking about AUs and BAM!)

Everyone is born with a ‘soul mark’ somewhere on their body, which exactly matches the mark their soulmate has. Sometimes they’re fancy, sometimes they’re not, but they don’t ever change or fade.

Vince’s was on his face. It’s pretty enough, but it’s impossible to miss. Ever since high school he struggled to find a serious relationship because he was so obviously meant to be with someone else. Soon his encounters began to fall in the ‘meaningless fun’ category, because if that was all they were there for then they wouldn’t get upset that Vince wasn’t the one.

Howard had resigned himself to the fact that he hadn’t got one. It used to feel like a stab in the chest every time soul marks were mentioned - and they were mentioned almost every day back at school - because he already struggled to speak to girls as it was, and it just felt like the universe was telling him to give up on trying. It took a lot of wallowing and a good deal of self-hatred, but he convinced himself he was better off as a lone wolf. He could have his own interests be the priority, unlike everyone else.

They met, they worked at the zoo together, they got along like two people meant for each other would. When they moved in together properly Vince began to resent the lack of mark on Howard’s skin; it felt like a wall between them. Bitterness slowly crept in despite his attempts to push it out. But one day, preparing for another set at the Velvet Onion, Vince spotted something just at the curve of Howard’s lower back.

A little, faint mark. Paler than a freckle. It was so easy to miss, and yet he just had to mention it.

It took them both a good week to come to terms with the enormity of what that mark meant. Vince was overjoyed but Howard, locked in a state of shock that stopped him from blinking for a good hour, had to spend a few days processing the fact that he did in fact have someone out there for him, and that that someone was none other than his sunshine-y best friend who (when he sat down and thought about it for the first time) he loved.

Yeah, he loved Vince. And Vince loved him. And it turned out that it was meant to be like that, right from the start.

I love the boosh fandom. They’re so thirsty for new content, new friends, new anything. They actually look in the mighty boosh and noel fielding tags. You don’t need to look in tags for benedict cumberbatch or sherlock or doctor who or whatever. New shit regularly pops up on your dashboard.

Plus the boosh fandom is so insanely nice and accepting. They were the first fandom that I ever really got into on this site, because if you posted boosh, you became a booshlr, and all the other booshlrs actually talked to you!

The boosh fandom is so amazing and made tumblr so great for me when I first started out here.

Ahhhh got mad love and respect for booshlrs!