bad books tour

Follow along with the blog tour for Bad Romance, a book about Grace, a girl who dreams of one day moving out of her small town and into her big new life away from her abusive family. But when Grace’s salvation turns into yet another prison, she must find the strength to escape for good.

May 30Dark Faerie Tales: 5 Pieces of Advice to Give My Younger Self
May 31Swoony Boys Podcast: Author Interview & Relationship Tips
June 1 — Tales of the Ravenous Reader: Tips for Improving Your Self-Worth
June 2Pink Polka Dot Books: Relationship Red Flags
June 3It Starts at Midnight: Bad Romance Signs I Wish I’d Seen
June 4 Paper Trail YA: The Things I Wish I’d Had During my Bad Romance
June 6 — Alexa Loves Books: A Little Relationship Advice
June 7 — The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club: A Bad Romance Story + Some Tips
June 8 — A Perfection Called Books: Tips for Improving Your Self-Worth
June 10 — Forever Young Adult: List of Bad Romances in Pop Culture
June 11 — The Book Nut: Bad Romance Story
June 12 — The Eater of Books: Bad Romance Story
June 13 — Here’s to Happy Endings: How to Make Sure Your Relationship is a Healthy One
Bastille The Bad Blood Tour Book - Signed Deluxe Edition

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thank u and good luck to the ones bidding!

anonymous asked:

My issue with the phandom right now is how everyone is handling other people's opinions. People are saying that Dan and Phil probably feel bad because of their book/tour getting criticized. I think we all need to take a step back and realize that Dan and Phil are grown men. They put their content out there and sometimes people aren't going to like it. It's what they do as creators.

They must have known they’d get mixed reactions, no doubt.