bad body image

Tips for a bad body image day:

  • KEEP EATING - Just because you feel unhappy with your body, it gives you no right to relapse into harmful behaviours.
  • Wear comfy, baggy clothes.
  • Warm cups of tea and blankets to soothe yourself.
  • Snuggle up in bed with a movie.
  • Hugs are always helpful.
  • Petting animals if you can is also great.
  • Call a friend.
  • Cry if you need to but don’t be mean to yourself.
  • Be compassionate with yourself - think of yourself as a friend, daughter, someone who deserves to feel loved and be looked after.
  • Know that this will pass, so never give up.

Your Body vs. Society’s Body 

There is such pressure to obtain the “perfect body” according to society. The expectation to eat the “exceptional diet” (aka juices, juices, juices), the pressure to workout non-stop (the skyrocketing popularity of cycling), and all the rest. Although it’s always great to be healthy and active, theres a fine line between taking care of your body and forcing changes in a harmful way.

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This is not easy for me to post, but its important. I am bloated, as you can see. I am holding water under my skin and in three days I have gone up two pants sizes. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Is it distressing? Yes. Is it fat? No. If it were, would I be less? Fuck no. Bad body image can beat you up forever, but when you fall face first into honesty and acceptance about what’s in the mirror, you realise you aren’t a doll. You don’t have plastic eyes and an empty chest to throw pretty clothes over. You are an entire life, you bloom with love and memories and worth and embarrassing moments and sad days and happy tears and that one shitty movie you’ll never admit to watching but loved anyway. You are allowed to bloat, because bodies are made for living in, and if you treat yours right it’ll get pretty fucking good at it

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So this was a real post made about me, and I would like to just take a moment and tell you all why this pissed me off so much.

I wasn’t mad because I’m insecure about my body or anything. I love my body, and everything on it. It’s true, my boobs are small, but that doesn’t in ANY way mean that a girl with bigger boobs (or any body part for that matter) is better than me. Stop objectifying others based on their appearances.

Also, she had the audacity to post this picture on social media, but had no intention of saying this to my face. I mean, seriously? Grow up. I don’t have time for your juvenile bullshit.

Thirdly, I had NEVER met or talked to this girl before in my entire life! The one and only reason she disliked (and still dislikes) me is solely because she is the ex-girlfriend of my current boyfriend. Again, grow UP.

As a fourth point, after I took this picture and reposted it on my instagram to show everyone VERBATIM what she said, she got ME in trouble for bullying! As a plus, the administration agreed with her! They told me that by reposting HER picture that I was disrupting her educational atmosphere. Really school system? Stop it.

So I told them that her making fun of my genetics is not only immature and low, but that it is disrespectful to ALL people with body image issues and that if anyone is bullying here, it’s her.

With all that said, I really just want to shed light on these unfortunate, reoccuring issues. If you are currently facing a bully, NEVER be afraid to stand up for yourself, and if you’re struggling with low self-esteem, let me just assure you right now that you are so much better than you think you are. You are truly irreplaceable. Genetics are a funny thing, but they literally make you unique. So embrace it. ☺

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I don’t know when
I became a 
stranger in my own skin
but I feel as though 
my body is a Motel 6 room
that I am just visiting
instead of the home 
that I am living in

And I keep thinking 
that if I cut or dye my hair,
pierce or tattoo something new
that I can feng shui my body
to become the home 
that I once knew,
but it isn’t happening 
the way I want it to

Does everyone else
feel like this? 
Because I don’t know how 
I am supposed to let 
someone else in 
when the welcome mat 
was stolen so long ago
that even I am looking 
from the outside in

—  This body is not a home || O.L. 

My life is a constant cycle of:
eating too much junk food,  
getting fat,
realizing how fat I am getting,
starting to count calories,
getting obsessed about calories,
starving myself,
losing weight,
realizing my body might collapse if I don’t start eating again,
increasing my intake,
stop being scared of calories,
stop caring about diet,
eating too much junk food,
getting fat…


{Her POV}

He wore clad leather pants on his clad leather ass as he sauntered into the dingy pub only stopping to exhale the cancerous dust from the little killing stick stuck on his rosebud lips. His plain canvas white shirt clinging to his painted canvas skin. His tattooed body nothing less than art. Him nothing less than art. His ice blue eyes scanned the beat up seats surrounding the liquor filled people his gaze resting on me. I cocked an eyebrow and gave a salute. Turning back to my drawing and beer I began sketching the scene i just experienced wanted to capture all of the detailed boy. After a couple minuets of my doodle I hear his chuck taylor clad feet shuffle close to my table.

“Talent,” he told me pointing at the sketch book in my lap with his bottle of liquor fire.

“No just an expressive form using art.” I responded going back to my little piece of happiness.

“Well hi Veronica looking quite grunge today.” He snickered taking it upon himself to sit uncomfortable close propping his feet on the table shrugging his arm around my shoulders like we are in some sort of 90′s rom-com.

I couldn’t help looking up into his eyes a smirk growing on my features. Snuggling close to him my hand pressed on his chest watching his breath flatter a little with the shortening distance between our lips.

“Who knew the badass was such a classy romantic,” I asked him drawing away and going back to my beer. 

“I’ll see you around JD.” Were the words called over my shoulder and as I picked up my shit and walked out into the freezing night hearing his laugh echo behind me.

“Any fan of my favorite movie is a friend of mine. I’m Luke what’s your name?” He exclaimed as he ran up to me trying to catch me before I leave.

“It’s insanely ironic.” I tell him smiling at his now non-douche attitude.

“I won’t mind,” he said brushing his blond hair out of his eyes.

“The name’s Heather.”

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