bad bly

Bly has also been known to mean ‘joy’ and ‘good fortune’


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1. Aayla knew it was foolish, but from the moment she met him, she thought of Bly as her good luck charm. When he was near, negotiations were easier, blaster fire never came close, and ambushes were easily discovered and dealt with. He made her smile; he made her laugh; he made her feel like the galaxy was worth saving, that life was worth fighting for, even if it was so she could see his smile, a shy thing that bloomed across his battle worn face like a night flower at the first hint of moonlight, one more time.

2. It always struck her as fitting that Bly’s facial tattoos should be so similar to her Master’s. Both men loved her more than was proper, and she could not be faulted for doing the same.

3. The first time Bly touched her, his hands trembled.

4. He cried after, holding her so tightly to him she thought they would meld together and become one. It was not an unwelcome thought.

5. When she told Kit about Bly and her, he was not upset. In fact, he seemed to have known for some time. It was all over her face, he said with a laugh. He did not begrudge her any smidgen of happiness she could get, not in this war.

6. When it rained, Bly would hold Aayla close, and she would fall asleep to the dreamy sound of his voice as he told her about his dreams. Those had to be coaxed from him. A clone shouldn’t dream, he’d once told her, so calm and accepting of his lot in life. He had dreams now.

7. After Order 66, Bly was overwhelmingly jealous of Cody. Cody, who was tormented and half made from dreams of Kenobi. Bly would give anything to see Aayla again, to marvel at the softness of her blue skin beneath his fingers. 

8. When he dreamed, all he saw was the shaking blaster in his hands, and the holes in her still smoking back.

Diabolik Lovers - Vampire’s first dream of the New Year

holy heck!! I translated a thing!! I found this short story from a Dengeki Girl’s Style scan and decided to give it a shot. It’s really funny!! >:D There might be a few mistakes, but I worked really hard!! Please correct me if you see anything wrong!

Kou: Shu-kun, are you awake-?

Shu: ……Ngh

Laito: Shu-, hey Shu!

Shu: ……

Kou: Shuuuu-kuuuun!

Shu: …Nn…You’re loud, what is it- Cold……! Where is this place……?

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