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The difference between other fandoms and RWBY:
  • Overwatch: Tracer's not the only one who's gay, just you wait. We'll deliver on it. I mean, we did it with Tracer.
  • LGBT Fans: Alright. We trust you. After all, you delivered on Tracer, we have no reason not to trust you on this.
  • Legend of Korra: Korrasami will get more development in the comics, and there are other characters that aren't heterosexual. Like Kya and Aiwei.
  • LGBT Fans: That is so cool!
  • RoosterTeeth: There are LGBT+ characters in RWBY. You just don't know who they are yet!
  • LGBT+ Fans: Riiiiigggghhhhhttt... How long has it been since that 'claim' again?

Honestly, I’m about to cancel Riverdale. The show is entertaining but god damn, it’s all fucked up.

  • Queer bait
  • Erasing an entire sexual identity
  • Biphobia jokes
  • Stereotypes
  • Brushes off statutory rape
  • Praises attempted murder and calls it “girl power”
  • Praises mental illness
  • When Cheryl Blossom tries to drown herself because the pressure put on her, especially after her twin brother was murdered by her father, gets to be too much, everyone cares for five minutes and then leaves her on her own, as if she couldn’t try again.
  • Then magically, Cheryl is just a-okay and has the energy to go through with an act of arson?
  • Also, barely any screen time or background for the POC characters?
  • Yeah, okay.



“You can’t kill me like this! We had a deal!” she plead again, her anger still boiling in her voice.

Chat was about to argue back, when he noticed tears on Marinette’s cheeks. Despite her anger flaming in her eyes, her cheeks were moist and her lips trembled. She was afraid.

@niuniente is back at it again with another good fic called ‘This Time I Might Disappear’ and I’m here just dumping my trash art on it. I M  S O R R Y


Everyone should read it

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Kara’s a little worked up… and a little drunk. Thanks to some time-travelling friends, she saw what could have happened to Lena, and she’s fairly upset.

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The Bowers Gang: Humble Beginnings [1/4]

Request  “Please please please, more Poly!Bowers gang, maybe something just a little more Belch-centric. NO ONE writes for him and I love the way you do ahdbfdfhgn. (Still Poly) but maybe before all five are an item, she smooches Belch first cause she thinks hes the cutest or smthn!!

A/N  →  bless u for the kind words u are a heartsweet

Pairing → The Bowers Gang x Reader (She/Her), Belch Huggins x Reader (She/Her)

Warnings  → the 🅱️oys™ again, heated makeouts, cheesy title that only kinda fits, (i didnt proof read at all. again)

You had started as just a friend(?) you’d guessed. The new kid they found out the back of the school, smoking. A girl.

Sure, that didn’t mean they didn’t give you a rough time at first. But everything worked out.

You didn’t know how you managed to hold your own and not hurt their egos, and manage to get them to like you. But here you were, four different hickeys on your body, and four different hickeys of yours; one on each of them. You counted your lucky stars in your spare time.

You breathed, soft and steady, chin against Belch’s bare shoulder, snoozing the morning away. You shifted, and stretched, leg hanging off your side of the bed, and accidentally kicked Henry in the head. Belch laughed.

Out of the Bowers’ Boys, he was your first.

Ironically, unlike the others, he hadn’t liked you at all when you’d first met.

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Powering Down for Good

((long post warning))

Hey folks, long time, no talk. Unfortunately, I’m here to bring you news that has probably been on plenty of people’s minds already due to our extended lack of activity….and something that I’ve personally been running away in saying.

From this day on, Nextale is DISCONTINUED.

No matter how much time as passed as we attempted to take our break, it still served as a toxic reminder of the drama we faced, the decline of our health, the confusion we had to things we weren’t used to, how dumb our decisions were and the repercussions that came from that, and furthermore, how dangerous it eventually became to Fire and I’s relationship. 

Thankfully, that’s been saved and has been even better than before, but there was one thing we mutually agreed on: the shitstorm killed our love for this AU and we wish to never go back to it. We’re not the type of people to go back to something that’s proven to be toxic for us.

Additionally, we lost track of the story and just practically gave up. I will admit to the sin of over-ambition, as back then, that’s been a bad habit of the both of us, mine especially. We originally made this project to run away from things that were falling apart somewhere else…and to be honest, we did the same thing again, which is why I want to personally apologize for taking so long in pulling the trigger. Anyway you know the story: over ambition came and bit us in the ass. Hard.

Finally, life changes. Fire and I are wishing to pursue our lives and have been working more (I had to pick up two jobs), and not to mention, we’re also focusing a LOT more into our original projects and have taken up making a game, too. 

However, our time at Nextale wasn’t always a cesspool of drama and toxicity.

When we were active, we had a good run! The beginning days were loads of fun when things got rolling, and we created tons of memorable events. I’ll never forget the day the fandom came together to help one person. TWICE, actually. I’ll never forget the sheer excitement we had when senpais noticed us, and how we would make a post just for a freakout <3 I’ll certainly never forget the time Fire and I answered over 1000 asks on the first day of popularity because we didn’t want to leave one ask unanswered….and that resulted in a few poor folks coming to our asks and asking us to ease up XD

Finally, neither Fire nor I will ever forget the connections we forged that still remain with us to this day, even when we moved on from the fandom. We met a lot of cool people, and shared a lot of memories. Here’s to those memories, and here’s to more in the future.

While we may be exhausted with AUs and the like, we’ll never let our love for what brought us together in the first place waver: the love for Undertale, itself.

Anyway, that’s about it for what I have to say about this.

If you still choose to see more of me and/or Fire in the future, then you can always follow us at our personal blogs: @moonphyr and @firereddragon. Of course….ONLY if you wish to do so.

Other than that, this will be our last post on this blog.

The blog itself will of course remain open. Thank you so much for the fun run, however short it was…as well as all the support, cool-ass fanart, and of course, all the memories and excitement we made.

Onwards towards the new future, and no matter what it is, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

-MoonPhyr and FireRedDragon