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Mika kidnaps yuu in the middle of the night and runs away with him. Yuu wakes up to find that his team isn't there and Mika explains to him why he did it and tells him that he's not going to let him go back to the humans. Yes yuu is really sad and mad at Mika but after a while yuu gets over it and enjoys his life with Mika. Going on Adventures before settling down. Got married,found a kid,(I can see Mika turning yuu and the kid into vampires)this is my Frist headcanon sorry if it's bad.

Aww it’s not bad

I mean, if Mika was actually capable of doing that, he’d be doing a favor to the world

Yuu wants to destroy the world, I mean

Varsity - So sad, so sad

So sad, so sad
I could never make you stay
Too bad, too bad
I could never walk away

I rely upon the shame
to help me explain why I will never be the same
What if I gave my ambition for a brain?
Only a fool would approve that trade

Trying to be a perfect circle
Weak just like I take my drinks and
crumb upon my plate leads to
a week of crying sleep

I’ll never walk away
I could never walk away
I could never make you stay   

Oh damn, the French Shiny is so cool!

On, Tamatoa did not have as much charm
He was only a sad little crab
Today I can finally dry my tears
Now they call me the artist

It is your grandmother who says: “Only listen to your heart”
“Follow your little inner voice”
But sorry, the truth holds in three words
All liars!

It’s much better to shine
Like the treasure of an abandoned pirate
Thoroughly rub up to see it shine
Glitter like a pearl necklace

Wait! They are there !
And they turn turn turn
Seeking all that is brilliant - It’s heartbreaking .. Oh!
They come to me, me, me
Because I’m sparkling - Hmm, appetizing …
I love seafood (sea)
Even a bit bitter (bittersweet)

Here, you, Maui can no longer stand his appearance
The poor half-mini-god!
Aie! Another awful performance, no luck
Eh yes ! We’ve known you nicer old …

It is true that you served me as a model
I loved all your tattoos
I am like you a timeless work of art
I have no age

I’m proud to be bling-bling!
Like a diamond in the middle of the ocean
Admire the one who does bling-bling!
I am an invincible giant, scary and resistant

Your fight is useless, nothing, nothing
Yes ! A demi-god, even in fashion
Is not a decapod - Be reasonable!
You have bad, bad, bad
I will revive the pain
From your poor heart

Far from the people who abandoned you
You seek the love of these humans for whom you feel useful
My strength you dream of
But your armor, it demands the truce

Maui, you will not be the heir
From the only crab we see shining
Look at the ugliest of us, it’s you!
It’s life, my friend, I can shine
I inform you that you are going to make you devour, and by me!

Nothing can save you
Apart from being beautiful and shining …