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Article from Polish TV Guide about Season 4 - Sherlock Holmes: Big return of a brilliant detective and a charming sociopath

Highlights (some minor spoilers):

  • Mary is described as an ex-spy and a killer
  • John is described as Sherlock’s only (!) friend who can tolerate him and who writes a blog to cope
  • Sherlock is describes as a sociopath *smh*
  • The first episode of S4 takes place some time after S3 and John and Sherlock are back to solving crimes together
  • In this season Sherlock will ask Mrs Hudson to say “Norbury” if he gets too haughty to remind him of his past fuck up. And Sherlock will apparently make some major mistakes in the first episode
  • All rumours that this will be the last season are false
  • Tumblr is mentioned as the favourite site where the fans hang out
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AMNESIA: Welcome to Cat World - Everyobody Wants to Be a Cat 

♪…because the cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at..♪ and so it goes. Originally the cover of an “Amnesia World” drama cd, more than cat boys, half of the cast has been turned into cats that COSPLAY as the characters from this series…well, except for Nova, who seems rather amused. Kent is certainly a stern-stubborn disapproving & not impressed kitty while Orion-nyan watches with interest, Shin the Cat looks curiously with suspicion & Toma is being a sourpuss…cat! Hmn…maybe not everyone wants to be a cat…just a cat boy to get the heroine’s attention and lick her. 

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