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Look who I ran into at the Science March!!!

(aka AU where Team Science Mega Force aren’t fighting for their lives and have time for things like activism, extracurricular activities, and making pussy hats)

Shout out to: @madnanc​ and @ladycanuck​ for their bilingualism
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follower gift=neppy. please we shall treat him with the greatest respect and feed him peeled grapes. or i mean i would love some loose shirts for guys (e.g. h&m) and some sunglasses would be noice. thank you oh grape one

1. no sorry i just can’t 2. i feel like i need to say this but just because i have followers doesn’t mean i know how to mesh lol thank you for the suggestions tho :^) 

alright kids today we’re gonna do an experiment. i’m going to show you how easy it is to fake screenshots.

this is my initial test message.

i open ms paint and plop my test message and a message from another person in there.

all i have to do is select their icon and name and paste it over my icon and my name.

and presto! we have our perfectly faked screenie.

so before you take screenshots to heart, please take a minute to think. “is there a possibility this may be faked? do multiple people have evidence and screenshots against the same person? is the person giving these screenshots reliable? does the person in said screenshot ACTUALLY act or type that way?” 

also, you can figure out if a screenshot is faked by deep frying it, surprisingly enough. if it’s a real screenshot, the artifacts will be around the text, and if it’s faked, the aritfacts will be a box, like the box-selection you do when you edit a screenshot


the above name tag is edited. the below is not. you can tell because of the boxy artifacting.

i hope this helped! please be sure to check all resources and see if multiple people have different screenshots to make sure they’re legit.