bad attempts at satire

Nothing cements my passionate hatred for the critical misunderstanding and misuse of the literary themes of Nineteen-Eighty-Four more concretely 

than the realization that less than a month after Trump has been elected, there hasn’t been a global realization that the media is finally actually using doublespeak (calling Nazis ‘alt-right’, calling objective dishonesty ‘post-truth’, referring to bad satire at best or deliberate attempts to deceive the misinformed at worst as simply ‘fake news’, calling racism and sexism ‘controversial’, calling the observation of social disenfranchisement ‘identity politics’ and the defensive reply of marginalized groups ‘political correctness’ - not to mention the constant and obvious barrage of black and Latino teenagers defaulting to ‘thugs’, Muslims defaulting to ‘terrorists’, but actual white male domestic terrorists being ‘troubled’) 

because we as a culture have gotten Orwell so tragically fucking wrong from a critical perspective, throwing his ideas (and Bradbury’s and Huxley’s) at literally everything and nothing so often that it’s finally lost its cultural adhesion when we needed it the most. 

If you who are reading this do truly think sociologists, social workers, psychologists and activists actually naming phenomena is ‘an Orwellian nightmare’, 
but don’t bat an eye when people are told to not call racist things racist, 
then I don’t even have anything for you any more. 

This post is not even to tell you that now you have a real reason to cite Nineteen-Eighty-Four
This post is to tell you that you lost your fucking chance. You lost your fucking chance to cite Nineteen-Eighty-Four, and no matter how earnest you think you’re being, we no longer want to fucking hear it. You were all the boys who cried Ingsoc, and now that the world is actually on fire we don’t care what you have to say. We saw what fire actually looked like the whole time. And we will deal with the fire precisely because you weren’t there dealing with the small burns that the marginalized were dealing with worldwide for decades. So shut up and let us handle it. 

anonymous asked:

it's actually so fucking sad because the two men who created captain america (jack kirby and joe simon) received threats and needed police protection because of what captain america stood for. people were mad because how dare two jewish men create a character who defeats an oppressor? how dare two jewish men create a character that they needed? and i feel making cap a nazi is just a slap in the face. they honestly deserve better and i am so sorry.

I am so angry. I wanted to think this was a bad attempt at satire. I wanted to think the screencaps were a photoshop.

I was HOPING I was wrong. And I wasn’t.

Seeing Cap say “Hail Hydra” disgusts me on a fundamental level. It spits in the face of what he represented. It spits in the face of his creators, and hearing the writer saying he wanted us to SYMPATHIZE WITH NAZIS????!!!!….

I am unbelievably angry. This is wrong on so many levels.

- Mod K