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So, we all know how much Tony loves to do things “the old way”: his car is old-school, he loves listening to tapes, he dresses like he just came out of an 80s movie… 

Now picture this: when Tony starts dating Clay he plans dates like going to old dinners and going bowling, he imitates movies like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles just to make Clay blush and stutter.

But Tony’s absolute favorite classic thing to do is write Clay love letters. He doesn’t text Clay cute things, or write sappy little messages on post it notes, no. He writes 5-paged letters to Clay in which he pours out his heart and talks about how lucky he feels and how much he dreams of the future. He always starts the letter with “My dearest Clay” (or once “Dear love of my life” on their anniversary) and ends them with “Forever yours”. 

Clay never knows when the letters are coming because they don’t follow a pattern. They don’t just happen on special occasions or on bad days. Sometimes Tony hands one to him when he picks him up to drive him to school, other times he gets home and his mom hands him one because Tony has actually sent it through the postal service… Clay cherishes every single one and keeps them in a shoebox under his bed.

And the letters keep coming when they have to do the whole long distance thing through college for four years and Clay just absolutely loves it.


Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 2128

Request/Summary: It’s your turn to show the bullies from high school you were successful in the love department, but there was a mild problem, you were single. (Fake Dating AU)

Warnings: angsttttt, cussing, should be it

Tagging: @serkewen12 @ariadne1004 @merrahonthawall @bethbat @deltablue202 @blueco16 @alienxsara @bad-hatter @mersers-moonypadfoot-prongs @gonnamurderyou

A/N- Finally got it done! This is the last part of the Restraint series! I hope you like it. Special thanks to @angry-and-yandere for helping me out.

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“Hey yo Diggs, is there any chance you could come to a dinner thing with me? Somehow my mom figured out we were ‘together’ and wanted me to bring you…”

“Ye-” Stupid. Daveed remembered. Stupid. He went silent,

“Daveed?” You asked after a few moments of quiet.

“You know what, sorry Y/N, I can’t.” He held his breath, “Sorry.”

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thank you, Prince Harry, for publicly talking about your struggles with mental health. 

when my dad died, I was around the same the same age (actually younger) than he was when his mom died. I feel like we probably went through a lot of the same things. he even mentioned that he likes therapists because it’s a person you don’t know at all that can’t judge you. I have literally said that exact thing to my mom so many times when she suggested that I talk to a friend or family member. he also talked about how he was still in a bad place into his late 20s, and that makes me feel better that I’m still struggling with my dad’s death on a daily basis a decade later. I don’t feel like I’m alone like I usually I feel a lot of the time. society often puts a time period on grief, and I can’t even begin to tell you how unrealistic that is. every single person deals with shit in different ways.

I just really really appreciate it when a person with a voice that carries weight speaks up about extremely important topics like this. mental health is so often brushed over, and that’s just not right when it’s just as important or even more important that physical health. 

One Piece 864

First of all: who knew it’d be out today? Hadn’t it been for mutuals’ posts I’d have gone till Thursday to find out!

Second of all… My first impression is @mapofallblue​‘s: not impressed. I liked bits of it, but all in all, I guess the hype of the previous chapters decreased visibly in this one. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, we can’t have every single chapter of hype, we need transition chapters as well. And this is one, I guess. There were very nice bits, here and there, but since the tension has decreased and we all expected Mama’s tantrum in the first page - while it did not come at all - , we were disappointed.

Oda surprises us all the time: so of course, when we expected Mama to have an attack, she didn’t. What the CrashTheWedding Alliance hadn’t considered was that more than one massive provocation would “freeze” Mama sooner than make her angrier. No worries, cause as for what Bege says, she will be much more angry in just a moment - for them; for us, a week. But will that be good? I doubt it.

As for the nice bits:

I’ll be blunt, I never liked particularly Brook. May it be because we know still too little about him, because of his lame jokes, because it bugs me to no end how the hell does he eat and digest and what would happen if he stopped eating - but I post this because it made me laugh. He’s been the unexpected star of this arc for sure, and more so because we don’t expect much from him. Sanji, Zoro, even Franky… sure. But Brook, not to much. Stealing the poneglyphs, standing up to Mama, even hust infiltrating the castle… my respects, mr Skeleton.

And as fo this… Oda wanted this to be funny too. The Wile E. Coyote humor.

Everybody pause for a three seconds and please realize this is supposed to be funny. I sure as hell didn’t get on my first read, but I don’t count, I’m gullible.

On to the sore tooth - which is an Italian way of saying “the regretful part” and would make a terrific lame joke here for the presence of Katakuri “Dogtooth”, but alas, I’m writing in English -: Judge, to be an ingenious scientist, you are an idiot. What the hell? You should’ve gone and try to stop the whole thing when you realized they were shooting around Sanji - not because you love, of course, I don’t pretend ay much, simply because he’s your pawn and you need him alive. What the hell man? As for the rest, it just confirms my hypothesis that 1,2 and 4 were idiots. Strong and all, but stupid. Come on.

Then again, it makes sense from a narrative POV. We can’t have all characters - when the protagonist in the first place isn’t!! - as tachtical masterminds. We’d go nowhere. It seemed like Judge’s character would go elsewhere… but Oda always surprises us, for the better or fot the worse.

More lame jokes - I am not complaining, but here as well the momentum decreases… - then again, he could’ve shown us who cut the head, what else did he introduce that many Charlottes for? He’s hardly using them.

And speaking of this…

Katakuri, hon. I get it. You’re the cool, “can’t see his moves”, “does as little and as swag as he can”, character. The Sakamoto. But this is too litlle. It’s the second time he does nothing in the span of two chapters, the first time when he foresaw the cake imploding.  Just where is your character going?

Here we have another nice bit - character development. Now I sure as hell don’t hope that she turns good - can we please have one villain that stays evil? but at least it explains a bit behind her actions. If what is happening to her happened to the whole Charlotte family - who, I’ll remind you, are all kinda from a freak circus -, we could just defeat one of the four yonkou with an army of psychologists and free hugs, which makes no sense. On the other hand, we still have this:

A scene that by no means simplifies Pudding to a plain evil character. It involves her true persona, her mamipulative relationship  with Mama, her admiration for Lola - which is extremely important, because it implies that not all she said to the SHs when they visited her - more like, she lured them there - is false. That is why what Sanji says here is spot-on. She adapted herself into the role of the actress, the double-player, but among the differnt personalities, is there one that could be authentic, that could be hers if she weren’t born in that family and in those circumstances? There are good  people forced to do bad stuff who will their hardest not to; there are good people who will; there are good people who turn evil, bad people who turn good… there’s a whole spectrum. It’s more complicated than “she’s a bitch.”. And mind, she tried to kill my favorite character, so she definitely is. But it’s not just that.

One thing I’m not seeing happening - or at least cross all my fingers to prevent it - is her turning to the SHs. No way, she’s too proud for that. But by the end of the arc, she will have left Big Mom.

As for Judge… there’s not much to say. You reap what you sow. I expected him to be mentally strong - I guessed it takes a mentally strong person to kill your son and reduce the others to robots,  but I was wrong - . Now I’m happy that Sanji wants to save Reiju, and even Judge - yeah not really but my son wants to cause he’s got a golden heart, so… -, because the latter could realize his mistake and apologize to him - and then the Cook will walk away on him lighting a cigarette -, but the triplets… what even is the point? They truly are machines. All I’m guessing is that he’s doing it for the sake of his mother. But like… the world would be better of withotut them… they don’t care if they die… we don’t care if they die… why do you care, Cook?!?

Say what you will but this sentence is cool. I’ll make T-shirts with it. 

anonymous asked:

I know how we always say that B is more of the "mother" of the group and that C is more of the "father", she has a more masculine role, but in the sneak peek with her saving O, holy shit girl has NO fucking chill or whatsoever when it comes to her children. She was like "everyone outta my way, i have to save my child", she literally throws everything there was on the table, she's like "Okay, now let's get to business", then she was like "oh my baby are you okay". Holy shit, girl has NO CHILL!

SUPER AGREE. That’s part of why I don’t always love the buckets the audience likes to pigeon hole the characters into (head/heart, mom/dad/, good/bad, right/wrong, etc). Not to get all pretentious but there’s a reason the quote “I am large, I contain multitudes” is basically my favorite of all time: people aren’t one thing and as art reflects life, solid characters aren’t one thing and this show is full of some really, really, REALLY solid characters. 

They’re complicated, they’re more than just one thing, they contain multitudes and by trying to filter them through a single lens, we’re stripping them of the complexity that makes them so great.

Bellamy isn’t the mother, Clarke isn’t the father (also, like, I’m struggling with the gendered implications of mothers vs fathers and feminine vs masculine and I know you used quotes so I’m assuming that’s not where you’re going with it but I can’t not throw that out there) (though I do think it’s really neat, obvs, that the show subverts so much traditionally masculine and feminine characterization through Clarke and Bellamy), Bellamy isn’t just an emotion with no brain, Clarke isn’t just a brain with no emotion. 

I don’t even think it’s accurate to say Bellamy is more emotional and Clarke is smarter and I sort of feel like that’s the unintentional implication of a lot of the “Bellamy’s the [blank] and Clarke’s the [blank]” stuff but that’s a total sidebar and wow this got sort of off track immediately.

ANYWAY the point is, YES. Clarke has a gigantic heart and super squishy center and she’s working so hard to save everyone because of that gigantic heart that it’s sort of calcified her edges and I love, love, LOVE that we got to see some of the squish in the center come out in such a fierce and protective and tender way (SERIOUSLY THE HAIR STROKING KILLED ME). 

Plus, now that we’ve seen the whole episode, the mutual hand clutching at the end? I resurrect myself to die again. Clarke and Octavia’s relationship has been pretty rocky to say the least but there’s still a core of mutual caring there and I really want to see them get a chance to work through some of their stuff because when I think about how Octavia was one of Clarke’s first friends on the ground and everything that’s happened between them since then I get really emotional.

Dear Karamel fandom:

I’m a big Lena/Katie fan, but please know that many of us don’t appreciate that some haters are writing toxic things under the Karamel tag. Sure, many members of Supercorp don’t like Mon-el or Karamel for… reasons?…  but the vast majority keep their rants/comments outside of your tag.

Those toxic haters are a minority but VERY vocal so my suggestion is that you guys block them, they’re probably some angry teenagers (no disrespect to teens) I mean if you see their tumblrs a couple of them write things like “I hate myself” “my mom thinks I’m awful” etc., and I kinda feel bad for them, I hope they seek help, and some others are just toxic persons so the best solution is to block them.

I’ve tried to talk with a couple of them, make them see reason but they’re rude and immature. Some of them are convinced that if you like Karamel, a white straight couple, that automatically makes you a nazi, and that you guys don’t deserve a “safe space” because every single person that likes Mon-el is a slaver, I know, it’s just ridiculous. They don’t understand that Mon-el is no longer pro-slavery, they make accusations based on his past and not his present-self. 

So again, just block them and ignore them, they’re just craving for attention. Now, if we are honest, you know there’s people just like that inside the Karamel fandom as well but let’s not let any toxic person take the fun away from any of us.

OMG people.

Dean didn’t tell Mary all about the stuff that happened to Sam because he doesn’t care about himself. Every single thing he listed about Sam were direct results of Mary’s deal. Likewise for the comments about Dean being Sam’s mom and dad. The entire discussion was about how Mary’s deal and its DIRECT impact on Sam and Dean.

There are lots of things they have gone through over the years that were because of their own bad decisions. Dean getting the MOC? His fault. Dean selling his soul for Sam? His decision. Sam hooking up with Ruby? No one forced him.

To all the young mamas-to-be, the poor mamas-to-be, the single or unmarried mamas-to-be, and all of the pregnant girls and women who chose to continue their pregnancies and don’t fit the narrative of “acceptable” motherhood: Congratulations! Not enough people tell you that. You are allowed to be excited to meet your babies. You are allowed to be happy. You are not a waste of space or resources or any of the things people will try to convince you that you are. You are not a bad example. You are not a disappointment or a failure. You deserve the same rights to your own body as any other woman, and the same respect. I’m really happy for you ❤

Queen of the Water (3)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 2.4k+

Warnings: none!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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Y/n groaned at the sound of her alarm. She threw her arm to her side and slapped her clock shut. Her door opens and she groans again when Peggy pulls the curtains open and tugs her blankets away from her body.

“Five more minutes, Peggy, please,” Y/n whined against her pillow, squinting through the harsh light pouring into her room.

“Absolutely not, young lady! Today is the day! Your mother’s getting married and you have a big role to play! We’re leave in 90 minutes and I’m tasked at getting you ready!” Peggy barked back, stepping into her closet. “You’ve been here for a week and your room is already a disaster! When your mother and Edward are on their honeymoon, you’re cleaning your room!”

“Only if you let me pick what I wear. I am not wearing that ridiculous dress. I look stupid,” she said, trying to negotiate what she was suppose to wear to the ceremony and to the reception.

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Communication/ Soulmate Jeno

this is for @s-v-t-saythename !

Genre: -

Request: yo i saw that you do soulmate aus so could you please please please do one for jeno? this ask seems really calm compared to how i’m feeling but there is literally no one i love more?? than lee jeno!??!?! if you do it, thank you!!! 💖💖💖💖

A/N: it’s been long since i did a soulmate! series so thanks so much for requesting !! Also , to clear things up about how soulmates work in this story because it may get confusing - so every morning you hear/get a sentence that your soulmate is going to say that day and vice versa !! Also , y'all are able to communicate with each other through dreams sometimes ~


“ Stop it ”

The two words flashed in your mind the moment you woke up in the morning , and soon you were filled with confusion , as the words appeared out of no where - for the first time .

You closed your eyes tightly as you tried to recall the dream you had just last night;

A faint shadow of a young and tall boy shone on the side walk as he walked slowly infront of you , his head hanging low .

No one else was there around the both of you , not even a single car was passing by . Your arms instinctively reached out as you called out softly , “ Excuse me ? ”

The boy stopped in his tracks as he turned around slowly . His eyes met yours as he raised his eyebrows . His jawline was well defined for his age and he had the perfect facial features .

“ Yes ? ” he called out as his hands stayed in his pockets of his jeans , looking at you in curiousity . Before you could answer , your alarm clock went off and you were awaken , the two words flashing in your mind right after .

You shook your head as you tried to forget about everything that happened , but the dream kept replaying over and over in your mind . As weird as it seemed , you could remember dream vividly and every single detail of it , as compared to your previous dreams where you’d forget about them the moment you woke up .

“ Y/N you look so stressed out , had a bad dream ? ” your older sister asked as she passed you a piece of toast .

Sighing , you took a sip of the cup of milk , “ Yeah .. Actually , no , it was just … weird ? Neither good or bad ”

Your older sister stopped whatever she was doing and started patting your back , “ Congrats to you , ” You gave a her look and stared at her in confusion , unsure of what to say or do .

“ What are you congratulating me for ? ”

She gave a small smirk before she laughed and said , “ It’s a sign that you’re going to meet your soulmate soon Y/N . You two are able to communicate through dreams and oh .. did you get any sentences or words today ? ”

You paused for awhile before nodding , still in confusion .

“ Your soulmate’s going to say those words today , it’s somehow like the ’ highlight ’ of the things he’s going to say today . I’m so happy for you i have to go tell mom , ” she said as she ran towards the telephone to call your mother .

You sat there frozen as you let the thoughts process .

His face flashed through your mind again and you could remember every single detail of it , as though you were stunned by his beauty .

You recalled the words and also his expressions in the dream - he looked sad .

“ Stop it ”

“ Was it going to be a bad day for him ? ”


He raised his hand up and offered you a small smile , which instantly caused you to blush .

“ I’m Jeno , i just learnt about this today when i told my friends about it , nice meeting you , soulmate ” he said in a gentle and cheerful tone , still smiling .

You reached out for his hand and held it tightly , “ Hey Jeno , i’m Y/N , nice meeting you too ”

He laid back onto the back of the bench the both of you were sitting on , as he took in a deep breath before sighing .

Curious , you tilted your head slightly and asked , “ What’s up ? Had a bad day today ? ”

You notice him smile a little as he looked at you , but soon it went back to a frown as he sighed again , “ Yeah , some things happened today ”

Your eyes met his and you gave him an assuring smile . His eyes instantly lit up as he smiled back .

“ Do you want to talk about it ? ”

“ Just some classmates of mine - they’ve been teasing me about failing the recent class test , it’s getting really annoying to be honest “

” They’ll stop soon enough , don’t let their words get to you , “ you assured him as you pat his back .

He flashed you a smile again , before he gave you a small hug , ” I can’t wait to meet you in real life honestly , you seem so nice “

You froze in your spot from his touch but at the same time , your head naturally rested on his shoulders and your arms wrapped around his body , ” Same here , you seem like an interesting person Jeno “

Just like that , the bright sunrays shone on your face and you were awaken again , before the dream could even finish .

You rubbed your eyes as you stared blankly into space , smiling a little as you got reminded of the dream , as though it really did happen in real life .

” Because she told me , “

The words flashed in your mind right after , as you felt your heart beating faster .

Who was the ’ she ’ he was going to refer to today ?


You tightly clenched your fist , your other hand rubbing your temples . The thick pile of books sat on the table infront of you , as though they were waiting for you to read through all of them .

The heated arguement you had with your bestfriend just earlier that day replayed in your mind , making you even more stressed than you already were .

” Stop being so selfish , just because you score well in academics doesn’t mean you have to show it off “

” I didn’t at all Y/B/N , i was just trying to help you out since you looked like you were struggling .. Please don’t think like that “

” I’m going to be honest with you now and tell you that i stopped considering you as my best friend since a few months back - ever since you got that scholarship . You keep trying to show off your abilities infront of me when you know i’m already bad at studying ,“

” What’s with this sudden outburst ? All i ever wanted to do was to help you but now you’re blaming me ? “

She rolled her eyes as she grabbed her things and stomped out of the library , leaving you both in shock and anger .

6 years of friendship was gone just like that , because of a misunderstanding .

Your phone’s ringtone woke you up from your thoughts , as you looked at the contact and it was your other close friend .

You let out a sigh before picking the call up , trying to sound fine ,

“ Yes ? ”

“ Hey Y/N ? I just wanted to ask you something ”

“ Yes what is it ? ”

“ I was just thinking if you could replace me for the English debate coming up ? I have something on that day and since you’re really good at everything- ”

Your tears were already falling and you let out a small cry .

You felt like pulling all your hair out from the amount of stress you were facing , and yet another person asks you for help since they know you well enough to see that you can never reject someone asking for help , which was probably one of the reasons why people tend to take you for granted .

You said in between sobs, “ Sorry i can’t do this anymore , ”

You hung up on her - the first time you ever did to someone .

You hid your face in your arms as your tears stained your sweater .

Your breath slowly calmed down as you felt your body sink into the chair you were sitting on , your head lying restlessly on your arms .

You stood alone in the park , kicking your legs lightly at the fallen leaves on the ground around you .

You waited patiently as you tried to clear your mind from everything that had happened .

Soon , a familiar pair of hands tapped your shoulder from behind . The boy infront of you flashed you a big warm smile as he slung his arms around your shoulder , “ You feeling alright ? ”

You shook your head and sighed .

“ Just as i expected … The words that came up today seemed to tell me that things weren’t going to be well for you ” he said while stopping in his tracks , playing with your hair .

You looked up to meet his warm gaze and you instantly smiled a little , but soon enough your tears were falling again and you were on his chest , his hands patting your back .

“ What is it that you can’t do anymore Y/N ? ”

“ Everything , i’m so stressed out i don’t think i can function anymore , ” you paused and looked at him again , “ yet the only person that can calm me down only appears in my dreams , it sucks even more Jeno ”

You saw him blush a little as he gave you a warm hug , “ Don’t worry , i’m sure we’ll be able to meet soon . ”


“ Hi , My name’s Jeno ”

These four words kept playing in your head over and over again , as though it was a broken record .

Your furrowed your eyebrows together as you took a bite out of your breakfast .

Was he going to somewhere new today ?

Why did he have to introduce himself ?

You tried your best to remember everything from last night but nothing appeared - for the first time that day , both of you didn’t appear in each other’s dreams , no communications at all .

“ Y/N hurry up and stop staring into space , you’re going to be late for school , ” you heard your sister nag at you as she playfully flicked your forehead , snapping you out of your thoughts .

Sighing , you grabbed your backpack as you made your way to your sister’s car .

You finally arrived in front of your school and you were greeted by a large group of girls , screaming and jumping in excitement as though an idol was there .

From a distance you could spot a tall , brown haired boy standing in the middle of girls , his head hanging low with his earpiece plugged in .

You shook your head as you made your way to the classroom , uninterested in the new boy since you already had thoughts to keep you occupied

The image of his face appeared in your mind as you tried to get it out , but couldn’t . You laid your head on the table as you tried to get some sleep before the teacher came in , hoping that something would happen if you dreamt .


“ Hi , my name’s Jeno ”

A soft and gentle voice called out from the front of the classroom . You shot your head up from your table and your eyes met his , the ones that could always cheer you up almost every night in your dreams .

His eyes widened as he stared at you in disbelief , his eyes scanning every single part of your body , making sure that everything was real .

The two of you stared in silence and said nothing else as you couldn’t believe it - you finally met him in person .

“ Okay thanks Jeno . Could you please sit right there , ” your teacher pointed out to the other end of the classroom , as Jeno nodded his head nervously , his eyes still in contact with yours .

2 more hours to break

You caught him stealing glances at you and you couldn’t help but blush every time , and like always , he’d give you a bright smile , his eyesmiles slowly forming .

1 more hour to break

It was too hard to concentrate in class , especially with him catching your attention with every single action he does - be it playing with his stationery or taking down notes , he always had your attention .

Your eyes couldn’t leave him .


The two of you sat at the school’s rooftop , his arms around you , the way he always placed them .

You felt his head leaning towards yours , as you let out a breath of relief , “ I’d never expect to meet you in my school Jeno , all these still seems so …. unreal to me ”

He let out a small laugh as he replied softly , “ And i wondered why my parents decided to transfer me here suddenly as well . But now i’m glad i did ”

His smile instantly made you blush as you tried to stay cool , but couldn’t as Jeno was already giggling at your red face .

“ Oh by the way - ” he paused and sat up right .

You raised your eyebrows and nudged your head , giving a sign for him to continue .

“ Your words today were - ” he paused again , as he leaned closer towards you .

You gave him a confused look and waited quietly for him to finish his sentence .

“ I love you ”

Your heart started beating faster and faster as you saw his loving eyes and smile , his hands holding tightly to yours .

Shyly , you leaned forward and whispered into his ear ,

“ I love you ”

Saturday Night Live meme
  • “I’ve been drunk since eleven A.M.”
  • “Say, where are the whores?”
  • “I’m not a baby! I’m just scared the monster’s gonna eat us.”
  • “You don’t gotta go looking for scary stuff. It’s gonna find you.”
  • “This lady done lost her damn mind.”
  • “Okay, let’s go. These white people are crazy.”
  • “This chick takes dumps out of her mouth!”
  • “I loved taking a race car to that improv class with you.”
  • “It feels really good to laugh, because before this I was in a really bad cult.”
  • “We were rolling down a hill in two giant plastic hamster balls.”
  • “Sorry I got mad. That’s not me. Well, it is me, but I’m doing a bad job hiding it.”
  • “I served in Iraq. I was a waitress at a diner there for three years.”
  • “All the girls hate me just because I’m so mean to them!”
  • “Well, I live in Hollywood. I’m a pediatric nurse… I’ve also done some light porn.”
  • “Look in her eyes! There’s nothing inside! It’s Miss Trash 2016!”
  • “My mom’s a bitch! She still makes me sit in a car seat and it faces backwards so I never know where we’re going! I get so carsick I have to suck on my own foot to calm me down!”
  • “Her foot is in the guacamole!”
  • “They do wheelies, they smoke E-cigarettes, they dry hump in their cars. Now, I know they’re doing it because I can hear the sound of the denim on the denim!”
  • “I’ve been sober now for twenty minutes.”
  • “I’m sorry; some kind of fat bird just hit my mouth. I need a minute.”
  • “I totally just kissed your head! That was weird!”
  • “I’m gonna match my eye shadow to my dress, to my nails, to all the crystal clips in my hair so I’m like one big color.”
  • “After school I went and said ‘what can I do for some extra credit’ and it was on.”
  • “I walked to the car with my arms out, kind of like spinning in circles like a Disney princess. Like… mid-song.”
  • “Whoa! I found a dead squirrel in your pool!”
  • “I even taught myself how to break dance. And I was good! Like, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good!”
  • “The only thing I eat for breakfast is a single vitamin and two diet cokes.”
  • “May you only have daughters!”
  • “You know… you remind me of the bad guys in the Bible.”
  • “I smell bad, but I look good.”
  • “I knew he was dating that chicken; I just knew it.”
  • “You know: the haircut all moms have! That’s a soft waterfall in the front but knives in the back.”
  • “Don’t speak! If you speak they will know you are simple; if they know you are simple they will drown you in river.”
  • “I can’t find my debit card; I think my identity’s been thieved.”
  • “God! I wish I was a lesbian so I didn’t have to carry a purse.”

People have developed this habit of saying “I’m so OCD about BLANK.” They say it because they like their bedrooms clean, they say it because they don’t want their foods to touch on their plate, they say it because they make sure to brush their teeth every night before bed without fail. They say it and they don’t even understand what they are saying. You’re “OCD” about that? Really? Go ahead and tell me more. What type of OCD is it? Contamination? Intrusive thoughts? Did you have to tell your mom that you said a swear word in your head everyday? Thoughts of panic gripped your small, childhood mind about what would happen if you didn’t? Did you freak out when you refused to let anyone in your bedroom, your one “clean” place where your brain could rest from its constant worrying, to give you a goodnight hug and kiss? Did you lose the end of your carefree and innocent childhood, as you suddenly were pushed into a world of uncontrollable fears and doubts? Did you have to check with your mom to make sure something you did or thought was okay? Were you a 14 year old kid, lying on her mom’s bed, crying so hard you were hyperventilating because you were convinced you were going to hell for thinking something? Did you feel the shame and disappointment of having to tell your mom every single bad thought you had in your head, because you were suddenly gripped with the fear that you were a disgusting, horrible person? Did you have your life turned upside down your 8th grade year of middle school as thoughts of harm coming to your friends and family flooded your brain, making it impossible to function? Have you spent hours trying to convince yourself that you are not worthless? Did you feel pure mortification and embarrassment about the things that that we’re going through your head and what your family would think? Do you wash your hands until they are dry? Do you have to text your mom 4 times a week, just to have her reassure you that you aren’t going crazy? Does your heart literally break inside your chest because you have a 5 year old cousin that you can’t even be around without thinking something bad is going to happy? Does it kill you that you’re going to have kids one day, and possibly realize they are showing signs of having OCD, and you know the torture they might have to endure in their brain during their innocent childhood? Have you bargained with God that He take away your outer beauty, and instead make your brain feel a little bit more beautiful? Do you finally feel happy and hopeful for your future after years of not thinking straight? Have you fought tooth and nail with your own brain to get to where you are today, at the point where most people are unaware of your disorder unless you tell them and where you finally go weeks at a time without a “bad OCD day”? Have you had to do all of this, while at the same time trying to maintain friendships, keep your faith in God, graduate high school go through the dating world, be a “normal” 14 year old and keep from falling into the dark whole of helplessness that haunts you at every corner of your life? No? You haven’t? You just get a bit irritated when your clothes aren’t folded a certain way? Then don’t you dare tell anyone that you have OCD. Don’t you dare trivialize our struggles. Don’t you dare cause us to feel ashamed of our battles. Don’t you even dare.

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There are strong indications that particular types of trauma occured in my childhood, except that? There's not a timeframe that makes sense? Like I wasn't in situations where it would likely have happened and my parents also can't think of situations where it could have happened. Am I making it all up?

Probably not. 

1) Parents who’s kids had trauma seem to just mysteriously not remember anything you did around that time. They don’t remember anything “abnormal” and it’s horribly invalidating but it happens a lot. One time I read a list of symptoms that I had every single one to my mom and she said none of them sounded like me. She also had no recollection of any of my head injuries occurring. Parents don’t remember stuff great tbh. They don’t want to think something bad happened to their kids sometimes.

2) In my experience, the timeline never seems to make sense. Quite often I have to remind myself that someday things will start making sense and puzzle pieces will fit together, but for now im left with nothing but clues that dont fit. Someday there will be that clue that makes it make sense.

3) Not having an accurate recollection of what happened/not being able to prove what happened happened when you thought doesn’t mean it didnt happen and doesn’t mean you made it up. It came from somewhere. maybe your mind changed a thing here or there to make it make sense in only a certain context, but the truth is in there somewhere

Is there any overlap between people who watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend and people who have read @asynca‘s books? Because I’m currently thinking about how characters from these two worlds would interact together and I think there’s a lot to discuss, especially with Min and Rebecca. 

Like, consider their mothers. Both women are overbearing and emotionally abusive, and both honestly, deeply believe that they are doing the right thing for their child. Naomi’s “I want you to survive” feels very much like something Mrs. Lee (I cannot remember her first name to save my life) would say. Or the line in “Where’s The Bathroom?” where she complains about Rebecca always wanting “more more more more more”, said in response to Rebecca not asking for a damn thing is exactly fucking like Mrs. Lee. Both of these women give “gifts” that are then used to try and control their children through guilt. 

And Rebecca and Min are both Level-5 Mom Pleasers despite knowing intellectually that their mothers are the source of a lot of their anxiety. Because yes their mothers are controlling and mean and make them feel bad about themselves, but they also sacrificed so much to take care of their kids? Mrs. Lee gave up a job she loved so she could afford to raise Min as a single parent. We don’t know what all Naomi had to do to afford Harvard and Yale, but we do know that she willingly gave up any chance of Rebecca not hating her in order to let Rebecca continue believing her dad cared about her. 

And then there’s the way they approach romance and sex. Min (and I’m talking early-UMS Min since this does change) gets into relationships that are appropriate, because they’re What Makes Sense (and what Mrs. Lee would approve of, especially with Henry The Nice Korean Boy). Sex happens, not because Min is interested, but because that’s what you do in a relationship. Because it wouldn’t be fair to the other person to not have sex.

Meanwhile Rebecca does legit enjoy many of the sexual encounters she has, but she also clearly uses sex/sexuality to try and make people like her (consider her “all eyes on me!” before doing the pole dance). And her romantic relationships being ridiculously unhealthy is the entire premise of the goddamn show. But where Min recognizes that the relationship is bad and blames herself for it (and then tries in vain to just stop being unhappy which is another parallel because “this is what happy feels like why aren’t you happy”) Rebecca just refuses to acknowledge the issues and instead wraps herself up in delusions of being in a perfect romance. 

There are some other parallels I could talk about but they involve spoilers on both sides but basically if you like one of these things you should check out the other because I need someone to talk to about this 

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Otabek Altin: What’s a misconception others tend to have about you.

Ok quite a few - People see me being pierced and tattooed and walking around with what they think is my little brother - They don’t realize I am as old as I am and think I’m just a really nice sister. They don’t know I am a single mom. 

I talk A LOT and I mean A LOT. So it surprises people just how ANTIsocial I really am. I talk allllll day long to people, so once I get home, I sit in my corner and talk to NO ONE! 

People always think I am a bad influence. I speak my mind A LOT - I mean A LOT. I do things because i want too - not because others want me too. But the first impression of me - again tattoos and piercings and a filthy fucking mouth, I am a bad influence. People don’t realize I am actually a damn good influence and will push people to be the best they can. After people get to know me, they know I am very open and don’t hide much about myself, but I am true to myself and only want the best for others. 

I can be quite a bad ass - though it takes a lot to pull that side out of me. I HATE confrontations and people assume I love them - when one comes up, I back down quickly when they expect me to confront it head on.

There are a lot about me and I could ramble in this post FOREVER!  OMG… Lemme stop now. GOOD ASK ON THIS ONE!!!!!  <3

The Signs as Parents
  • Aries: no inside voice. very passionate and supportive of everything you enjoy. the little league dad. the parent that forces you to befriend the neighbors.
  • Taurus: very calm and patient but assertive if you're being a dick. accepting and loving. always asking about what you ate, if you're hungry, etc. the grill master dad.
  • Gemini: DAD JOKES ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. pretty kooky. usually open-minded, teaches you to be the same. gives you adorable and unique nicknames.
  • Cancer: the sweetest of the parents by far. very loving and cute. the parent you feel comfortable talking about your problems with. always asks how your day went.
  • Leo: will sass you right back when you sass them, so don't even. very fun and silly. the macho and intimidating dad that's actually really sensitive and sweet when it comes to his kiddos. the 'can I speak to your manager?' mom.
  • Virgo: takes 3,000,000 pictures of you and posts the bad ones on social media. gets mad when you complain about how bad you look in them. can always make you feel better when you're down. highly sentimental. the scrapbook mom.
  • Libra: very fair, actually listens to what you have to say and doesn't just disregard your feelings because they're older than you. wine mom. keeps every single thing you make for or give them.
  • Scorpio: P R O T E C T I V E. mama bear, that dad that brings a shotgun to meet your significant other. even worse case of dad jokes than gemini. sweet and thoughtful. will not hesitate to discipline ya ass.
  • Sagittarius: the parent that your friends call 'mom' or 'dad' too. outgoing and adventurous. makes you get out there and be social when you just wanna lay in bed on tumblr. probably has spontaneously brought in a stray animal at some point.
  • Capricorn: lowkey (or maybe highkey) has planned your entire life out. prioritizes your success over everything. uses parental controls and lives by the phrase "no one is good enough for my baby" regarding the people you date.
  • Aquarius: amazing at giving advice because they've had quite a few experiences in their life. good at teaching you important stuff, like how to tie your shoelaces and how to be well-mannered. dad jokes af but they're actually funny ones.
  • Pisces: the kooky parent that knows how to have a good time. empathetic so they easily relate to and understand you. the "cool" mom that did a ton of crazy shit in college. lets you skip school some days if you really aren't feeling up to it.

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Hey. I'm new to Wizzy (Wizard101 part of Tumblr). My tumblr is erin-iceheart. Could you give me a promo please? Also could you recommend any other wizard101 tumblr blogs to me?

hey there and welcome, @erin-iceheart! honestly, im not super active in the wizzy community at the moment, so I’m not sure who the biggest/”best” wizzy blogs are any more.

Just based on who I follow and reblog things from, @completelyinfallible is probably one of the most prolific post makers. I think @mileycyrusdrake and @mattysummer make and reblog a lot of all-around content, from comedy posts to helpful guides and stuff, so maybe check them out? @that-wizard-oki is basically our fandom mom and I don’t think you’ll ever meet anyone who loves morganthe more, @abloodbat is our resident shitpost, @shadowmancers is our favorite totally not wizzy tumblr famous blog…

Honestly, I feel kind of bad trying to single out any blogs - pretty much everyone who contributes to the tag is great! I’d recommend just scrolling through the tag and following a bunch of people - you’ll get into the groove pretty quickly! 

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2, 3, 6, 12, 14

2. how long have you been playing sims?

it all started when i got sims 2 for my playstation 2 when i was like 12 bc it was super clean and my mom knew i couldn’t do bad things on it lmao…….so it’s been about 9 years!!

3. do you have any favorite simblrs?

i love everybody that i follow and i mean that honestly!! there are some that i make it a point to check every single day in case i missed something though…. like @peonypyxels and @complicite and @allthingsgrilledcheese and @bratsims to name just a few!!

6. what is your favorite sim age?

playing with toddlers is actually my fave so u can imagine how salty i am that i had to wait 3 yrs to play with them in sims 4 :))

12. do you have an aesthetic for your sims?

i’m not rly sure how to answer this question i just!! tend to make my sims have reddish skin where red spots would be and bigger lips bc i have big lips n representation is key!! and i always make them dress like me so idk my aesthetic is ‘kedra living vicariously thru pixels’

14. what is your favorite sim career? 

in sims 4 my favorite career is probably the art critic career or doctor career, but in sims 3 (bc sims 3 is where it’s at……..) i loved the stylist and education careers!!

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Lol what is it about that white boy that you like?