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Lately in response to the WWE dolls coming out, I’ve seen multiple people say things like “I don’t think these are worthy of being dolls; dolls are supposed to be elegant and fashionable”, “strong bad ass characters should be action figures, not dolls” etc, and I’ve seen stuff like this applied to dc superhero girls too.

I know the constant barrage of “THESE DOLLS AREN’T LIKE BARBIE!!! THEY'RE  GONNA SHAKE UP THE DOLL INDUSTRY” gets annoying, and it usually comes with the implication that liking things like makeup and fashion/traditionally “feminine” things is bad/inferior to things like science or sports or comics or whatever (this is one of the reasons I like Project MC2, it encourages girls to go into STEM fields but doesn’t look down on being “girly” and their clothes are actually really cute, lol)

 But I don’t see why there isn’t room for more diverse types of dolls in the doll industry? Why do dolls have to fit into this one specific mold of “fashionable”? I’m not saying it’s bad to focus on fashion, and I’m not saying I want dolls to have ugly faces and clothes; but like, why can’t we have dolls of superheroes and athletes and action heroes? Why do they have to be “action figures”? I mean action figures can be fun, yeah, but what if I want to own a toy of a character I like and be able to brush her hair and style it and redress her in other clothes? Why are we not allowed to have dolls of less traditionally “feminine” characters?

 If you prefer dolls that are focused on fashion, focus on those and just don’t buy these if you don’t like them. You’re allowed to dislike them! But people act like they’re inconveniencing them personally, when at most they’re just taking up shelf space in stores. How hard is it to just walk past them and focus on what you do like? Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean that there isn’t an audience for them.

Hello my name is Ava, and I usually have trouble sleeping at night so I’m looking for friends from different timezones. If we start talking I will probably send you a shit ton of music and talk about everything under the sun. I’m really talkative and I usually say the weirdest shit, but if you tell me to slow down then I can do that and I wouldn’t get offended.

I’m into sports, fitness, comics, video games, really bad jokes, movies (I watch absolutely anything, even if it’s shitty), music, and I am madly in love with my cat (his name is Bubu (/Boo-Boo/).