bad at reading instructions

On working with other people’s patterns.

I was just looking at a pattern on Etsy, and I saw that some of the reviews weren’t very nice. In fact some were rather rude about the pattern, and despite the listing saying that it was an advanced pattern, the negative reviews were people having what sounded like novice issues.

This is not a dig at novices or beginners, I’m just going to write a little bit about tips for working with patterns.

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Tent troubles

Word count: 2.6k

Summary: After a game of hide and seek in a forest on a camping trip everything seemed fine until Phil’s tent flooded and he had to share with his best friend.

“Okay who’s idea was this?” Dan asked, holding up a pole and glaring around at the other boys. 
“It wasn’t mine, it was Pj,” Chris said quickly, pointing and Pj held his hands up in surrender.
“I just wanted to go exploring, Phil said we should camp,” he said and Dan turned his gaze to Phil who stepped back awkwardly.
“I thought it would be fun, and you always said we should all go camping together,” Phil said honestly and Dan scowled.
“Oh stop being a cry baby because you can’t put up a tent,” Chris said, rolling his eyes before tripping over a bag of pegs, making the others snigger.
“It’s not too bad Dan, just actually read the instructions,” Pj told him. “And don’t give any of this ‘I’m a man I don’t need instructions’ crap as you will forget it,” Pj warned and Dan muttered under his breath, starting to put the tent together properly. 

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