bad at being ~punk~

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Dating punk/bad boy shawn headcannon??? 😩😍

  • Shawn purposely leaving hickeys on your neck and collarbones
  • “Because you’re mine.”
  • Shawn having his septum pierced
  • And wearing beanies all the time
  • Always showing up late to pick you up
  • Never telling his parents where he is
  • Always acting like he’s tough
  • But you’re his soft spot
  • “Shawn, I can’t go home smelling like alcohol, again.”
  • A lot of people are afraid of him
  • But you’re not because you know he’d never hurt you
  • Him literally fighting anyone who says anything bad about you
  • Breaking curfew because you’re always out late with Shawn
  • Him being fiercely protective of you
  • Just driving around with him in the middle of the night
  • Fighting over what station to listen to
  • “Shawn, I’m tired of alternative music.”
  • Him always making plans and dragging you along with him
  • Him holding your hand a little tighter if the place is sketchy
  • If one of his drunk friends tries to touch you
  • It’s all over
  • “Shawn, just let it go.”
  • “We’re leaving. Go wait in the car.”

Pretty In Punk - Being a punk isn’t a bad thing, especially if one rebels with a good cause. Nymphadora Tonks is a prime example of this. She might come across as rebellious and punky, but she sure does fight for something worthy. A collection of punk / pop rock songs. {HP Ladies fanmix series}

Listen: Spotify / 8tracks / Playmoss


‘twas the grammar slam before christmas…

just because it’s christmas time doesn’t mean your poor grammar is excused!

The APMAs summaries:

2014: Bad audio quality, technical difficulties, Mark Hoppus being the dad of pop punk he is
2015: Bad audio quality, technical difficulties, All time low performed for 11 minutes, Trace Cyrus wanted to fight Alex Gaskarth, Brendon Urie shaded Trace Cyrus, everyone was really drunk, nothing will ever top this year
2016: Bad audio quality, technical difficulties, Trace Cyrus shade, heavily scripted, Jack made out with an old lady and became a president, everyone was really drunk again
2017: Bad audio quality, technical difficulties, All Time Low played only for 4 minutes, Andy Black tried to be funny, Cody Carson crowd surfed to an acoustic song, they took away the open bar, Alex Gaskarth went on the stage with SWMRS while tipsy af just because he could

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Hi I'm looking for a fic where they're in high school and dan is pastel and mute and phil is punk. I remember dan being in a bad relationship and he is an artist, while phil writes. There is a fortune teller and dan is afraid of bathrooms. It was on ao3, thanks!!!!


Dan draws, Phil doesn’t.

Phil wears black shirts, speaks loudly, and glares at everyone.
Dan wears grey jumpers, doesn’t talk, and tries to stay invisible.
Phil’s reckless, Dan’s not.
This is as story about two polar opposites who mange to have a string of first times together, and maybe even a cute love story.

- Tori


Request: Can i make a bts scenario request with yoongi? idc about the genre just a nice ending. btw i love ur Learn to love me fanfic <3

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: I tried. I’m sorry if it didn’t meet your expectations. (Y/F/N stands for ‘your full name’)

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Teddy Lupin creating a hair colour code

Teddy Lupin teaching Victorie the code

Teddy Lupin and Victorie creating a whole language in code

Teddy Lupin sending dirty little things through code

Teddy Lupin being a bad ass colour changing punk. 

Punk!Michael being the resident bad boy in your school who gives no fucks about what anyone says and who everyone fears but then one day in the math class where you sit in front of him he is caught off guard when you turn around and hand back a paper to him that your teacher has distributed and as you’re passing the sheet to him you just say “here ya go, Michael” with the most genuine smile on your face and it’s only a brief exchange but it was the first time you’d ever spoken to him and Michael swears that seeing you smile at him was like hearing his favorite song for the first time all over again and ever since that day, he’s done whatever he could to make you smile like complimenting the way your hair is waved that day or offering to help you carry some heavy books to your locker when your hands are full and you slowly begin to realize that Michael isn’t as bad as everyone in school paints him to be