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honestly, if daxam is the place to have slaves and the Dominators have close enough ties to them that they have an ambassador, you know who probably directly interfered with the affairs of mon-el and his parents (because in your late 20′s, inaction is in itself condoning their actions) at one point or another?

general astra in-ze,

who would tear monohell’s limb from limb when she finds out how this fuckboy has been treating her beloved niece, starting with the first thing he ever tried to do was KILL her
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General Danvers Monthly prompt of September: Canon Divergence
Y’all remember when Alex told Lillian, in 2x02, that she’d killed Astra ‘of the house of El’, and then you had to fight the urge to smack her? Well, instead of smacking her I made it a divergence in which Astra isn’t dead. Enjoy?


Supergirl + Textposts (3/?)
Featuring subtle shipper!Lucy

I want Vegan!Astra so bad y'all dont even know

I want Alex to come home one day and her fridge is just stocked with greens and vegetables and fruits. And she’s like fine whatever but she digs around the healthy mess to reach for a beer

But Astra’s replaced it with Kombucha

And Alex slams the fridge close, shakes her head and in the calmest voice she can manage goes

“Astra, you know I love you… but this- this has gone too far.”

Lextra/General Danvers HeadCanons PT 1
  • Alex has a 3DS and a Pokemon game. She nicknames her favorite pokemon(s) after Astra - using General/Wife/Wifey/Eco-Freak/etc. her favorite changes a lot - but she will only ever use ‘Astra’ for her favorite of the week. [Right now, it’s set on Noivern, I don’t know why.] [Also, Astra has no idea.]
  • Alex is such a silent crier, hates to actually break down and become a shivering mess - she just buries herself into Astra and stays there until all the tears are gone - probably falls asleep there too. Astra just wraps her arms around a curled up Alex and peppers kisses onto her head.
  • Astra has a habit of keeping Alex on top of her while they both fall asleep. Alex rolls everywhere, and watching her roll off the edge once was enough to send the general into a silent panic. Alex Danvers is now secured comfortably every night. [Not ON TOP, on top … just, side-on top…]
  • Alex made the horrible mistake of taking Astra with her to an animal shelter one time. The aunt is just as bad as Kara. 
  • Astra loves cuddling with Alex - because her human is so squishy. 
  • Astra keeps their kisses brief, even in private, but can never get her hands off Alex, in any/most situations. She’ll always try to at least have some sort of skin contact with Alex. 
  • After long days with the DEO, perhaps after a close fight or a particularly brutal one, or maybe even after one of them has a trip to the med bay/sun beds, Astra/Alex just pulls the other in between their legs, whether their standing, sitting, cuddling, or kneeling, and they just bop noses lightly, foreheads touching, hair curtaining their stupidly bright blushes, and light kisses here and there, sweetly whispered nothings, soft and short hummings - they don’t give a shit if they’re surrounded by glass windows. 
  • Astra draws on the walls, she writes poems in alien languages, draws beautiful graphics and fluffy pictures of the two of them on the walls … but then Alex writes ‘Fight Me’ on the space above the bed’s headboard and  Astra has given up doing anything sweet for her for some time now. 
  • DEO Ships It.

anonymous asked:

“I don’t want your pity, I want your absence.” - general danvers

“Is there anything I can get you?” Alex asks, emptying the clip from her service weapon onto the table. Astra watches the methodic way the gun is stripped, checked and put back together. Somehow, the ritual has become one of her favorite things. She wishes she could still enjoy it tonight.

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irenashaw  asked:

alexstra prompt: alex finds out astra is not familiar with earth deserts and she ends ordering enough food for a family of 10

“When we were younger,” Alex begins, “Kara had her own cake on my birthday so she wouldn’t eat all of mine, she was that bad.”

Astra laughs around a mouthful of ice cream. Strawberry is her favourite of what she’s tried so far, with cookie dough in a close second.

“It gets better. When I turned sixteen I had this huge cake, and so did Kara. And, in my teenage wisdom, decided to bet that I could eat just as much as she could.”

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Maggie and Alex were kissing on the couch when a very excited Astra came through the window. 

Astra: Brave One! Smiling One! You will never believe what I found!

Alex: * angry * Astra GET OUT! It’s a bad time! 

Astra: Oh, sorry. You were mating. It seems that everyone do that very often. 

Maggie: What you mean with everyone? 

Alex: Mags, please don’t… 

Astra: I tried to share my discovery with my Little One, but when I walked through her window I scared them, because she was mating with Morgana Pendragon in the kitchen and … 

Alex: Oh my God, Astra, yuck!! Don’t put those images in my mind! They are my little sister and Lena Fuckin Luthor!! 

Maggie: Alex, don’t be so rude to Astra! 

Alex: You’re getting on her side? But she is … arggg, you know what? Does not matter. What you discover, Astra? 

Astra: A human that can flex her body incredibly. I never saw anything like it. We must recruit her. She is called Shakira, will you help me find her?

anonymous asked:

Shoulder rubs with Lexstra, please

“If you would stop trying to fight everything that moves, you wouldn’t have this problem.” 

Alex only groans, dropping her head onto her desk and clasping her hands behind her neck. Astra had never been in Alex’s office before; in fact, she hadn’t really known that Alex had one until about a week ago. But she could see why the other woman didn’t use it often, it was dark and small. Similar to a closet. The lamp on Alex’s desk didn’t do much to light the space; there was more light coming from the open door. 

“I’m in pain and you make jokes,” Alex muttered, using an excessive amount of pressure to rub her own neck. “ If you would have shown up on time, I wouldn’t have had to fight the dumb land-octopus thing by myself.” 

“You should not rely on my assistance to-”

“Yeah. Got it. Handle it myself. Clearly, this just was not my day. I think I dislocated my shoulder,” Alex finished in clipped tones. Astra closed the door to the office, completing the dark closet effect. 

“Let me see,” Astra said quietly, walking to stand behind Alex’s chair. She gently rested her hands on Alex’s shoulders and applied a bit of pressure. Alex gasped at the touch. “Does that hurt?” 

“No. It feels good,” Alex said, dropping her own hands out of the way and allowing Astra to run hers up her neck. 

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Bad Days

Astra’s first indication that it’s a Bad Day is when she wakes up to the sound of Alex’s alarm going off and witnesses the phone being thrown across the room. Alex usually sets her alarm for 4:30 AM; 5:00 on days she’s feeling lazy, but she never fails to get up and throw on a T-shirt before heading to the kitchen to make coffee. Astra lazes in bed while Alex gets ready, and she only gets up when her human brings in a cup of coffee for her (the caffeine doesn’t affect her Kryptonian metabolism, of course; she just likes the smell and the taste), and then they’ll eat breakfast together before Alex leaves for the DEO and Astra can get started on her own day. Alex only ever throws her phone when….. 

Well, it looks like she’ll be needing to call the Martian and tell him that Alex won’t be arriving at work today.

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