bad as in bad

“hey gang wat is dis place”

“oh i kno let’s ask dat old lady over there”

“she looks safe ‘n’ perfectly normal an’ not at all like da widards from–

– dat game Magicka.”

“dis is totally unsuspicious, an’… wat?”

“why old lady do dat”



I was always really put off by the way my school talked about Ryan White. It was cool in that we had a week where we learned about AIDS, but by fifth grade I knew enough about enough to notice that the only reason we were supposed to feel empathy for him was because he was a good, blameless white boy who hadn’t engaged in drug use or sinful sex acts - “proof” that even good people could get the disease. 


“nah man, I WINGED it!”

this might be the last one for a while you guys hahahah my hand is hurting from drawing all the cherubs 

im just so SAD about vex being depressed when percy lost his memory of the feywild because the rest of the party didn’t just not notice - they did notice, but they assumed she was upset about percy not remembering he titled her (as opposed to her actually being upset over him forgetting the connection they made when she was at one of her lowest and most emotionally vulnerable times that he stuck up for her and stood by her side during) and even made jokes about how she didn’t need to be upset anymore because she was still getting titled anyways

and nobody asked her if she was okay after she continued to be upset after percy confirmed he’d still title her :c only trinket noticed and was concerned

Ok but we have to be missing something regarding this storyline like…

Rebecca being pregnant, Robert being the dad, Aaron forgiving him and wanting to support him, like it’s all too easy?? like where’s the drama in that???

I’m sure we’re still missing something / some twist will occur at some point.

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